Who Makes Mavis Tires In 2024 (Manufacturer & Product Reviews)

You must be here to find out about who makes Mavis tires. So, we have got you covered. Mavis Tires, also known as Mavis Discount Tires, is a tire retail chain in the USA whose products are manufactured by several different tire manufacturers.

Mavis Discount Tires delivers a range of tires, like all-season tires, winter, and off-road tires for various vehicles, including SUVs, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and light trucks.

Along with selling tires, Mavis offers other automotive services, like tire repair and installation, rotation, balancing, and brake and alignment services.

Let’s continue further to find more details about who makes Mavis tires, their manufacturers, Mavis tires reviews, and much more. So, let’s get started.

Who Makes Mavis Tires?

Mavis Tires does not manufacture its tires by itself. They are a retail tire supply Corporation based in the United States and are involved in selling a variety of tire brands. Various other tire manufacturers produce Mavis tires, which are then sold under the Mavis Discount Tire brand.

Moreover, Mavis Tires has not disclosed the manufacturers of their products. Mavis is a tire retailer and service provider that sells not only their own private label discount tires but tires of a variety of other brands.

Where Are Mavis Brand Tires Made? 

Mavis Tire Supply is located in the United States, New York, and Millwood. The brand has around 64 locations in the USA. As we discussed, Mavis Tires do not make its tires, but they are made by several other tire manufacturers, which may be located worldwide, and some in the USA.

So, the Mavis tire manufacturer can vary depending on the specific tire model, type of tire, and the countries making the most Mavis tire purchases. You can check the tire’s sidewall markings for information about the country of origin for a specific Mavis tire model.

Is Mavis A Good Tire Brand?

Overall, Mavis is a mid-range tire brand having both positive and negative features. Compared to other high-end brands, they have a limited selection of tires and come with a confined warranty. With that, Mavis tires are affordable and readily available, and you can find the type of tires according to your specific needs.

For example, if you frequently drive on rough terrain and need off-road tires, or if you live in a cold area and require tires that offer optimal winter performance, Mavis can serve specific needs with their customized off-road and winter tires. Here are some general features of Mavis tires:

1)   High-Quality Construction

Mavis tires are built with a high-quality construction that is designed to provide durability and stability, delivering a comfortable ride throughout your travel.

2)   Long-lasting Tread Compound

With these tires, you can enjoy good grip and handling of your car as you drive because they are built with long-lasting tread compound. A tread compound is the material of the tire’s tread. If the material is durable, you will enjoy comfortable handling and grip on your car.

3)   Various Price Range

Another feature of Mavis tires is that they are purchasable for all categories of people. Whether you are on a flexible, tighter, or mid-range budget, Mavis offers tires at a range of different price points. You will find tires from $50-$300 and above, depending on your needs, budget, and the type or model of tire you prefer.

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Who Makes Mavis Tires

4)   All-Season Performance

Whether you live in a hot, cold, or mixed-season country, Mavis Tires offers different tire types that can function well in rainy, dry, and snowy conditions.

5)   Reduced Noise And Vibration 

During your drive, nothing can be more irritating than noisy tires. It keeps you concerned about whether something might be wrong with your car. Luckily, the Mavis tire features noise reduction and vibration dampening, operating a comfortable ride.

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Mavis Brand Tires Review 

From Mavis, you will get a variety of tires from different brands. Mavis Tire is involved in selling various tire brands, including Goodyear, Bridgestone, Michelin, Continental, and others. Mavis Discount Tire may offer the following tire types:

1)   All-Season Tires

As the name suggests, All-season tires from Mavis are designed to function every season. They deliver good performance in both wet and dry weather conditions.

2)   Off-Road Tires

Mavis Off-road tires are built to provide maximum grip and handling on rough terrains and at high speeds.

3)   Touring Tires

Mavis touring tires are quiet, have longer tread life, and deliver good handling and a comfortable ride on city streets and highways compared to performance tires.

4)   Performance Tires

High-performance tires are aggressive forms of tire that are designed to maximize the vehicle’s responsiveness and handling. They are made with an aggressive tread pattern and a softer rubber compound for enhanced handling and traction.

5)   Winter Tires 

Mavis winter tires provide maximum grip in snowy and cold weather. They are ideal for people living in areas with cold or snowy climates. Winter tires are designed with a unique rubber compound and a tread pattern that are resistant to cold temperatures.

6)   SUV/Light Truck Tires

If you own a vehicle or a truck that you utilize for towing or handling heavy loads, the SUV tire type can be your right choice. They are designed mainly for towing and off-road applications with an aggressive tread pattern built to handle heavy loads.


Q. Who makes the Mavis brand tires?

Mavis is an independent discount tire dealer which was founded in 1972. Unlike other brands, they work independently without involving giants or leading brands in the tire market. That probably might be the reason they have not revealed the names of their tire manufacturers. Mavis tires are made by several different manufacturers in the USA and worldwide.

Q. Does Hankook make tires for Mavis?

Hankook does not manufacture Mavis tires. However, Mavis sells tires of different brands along with their own tires. And with other brands, Mavis also sells Hankook’s tires, but Mavis tires are not manufactured by Hankook. An example of Hankook tires sold by Mavis is Traction control.

Q. Does Mavis discount tires offer roadside assistance?

Yes, Mavis discount tire offers roadside assistance 24/7 for a low annual fee with three service calls per year. For example, they provide roadside services, such as fuel delivery, towing, flat tire changes, lockout service, and jump starts. Mavis also provides tire road hazard protection for unexpected tire damage during the first 12 months or the first 12,000 miles.

Q. Does the Mavis Discount tire offer any warranty?

Yes, Mavis also offers a warranty with their tires.
● Mavis offers a 30-day “buy and try” warranty. This allows you to exchange Mavis tires with any other model or type if you are not satisfied with the performance within 30 days.
●  Mavis Discount Tires provides a manufacturer’s warranty on all new tires, covering any defects in the materials of the tire.
● For some tires, Mavis also offers a 12-month or 12-mile warranty


So, that was all about who makes Mavis tires. Mavis has not disclosed the manufacturers of their tires, but as they are a small independent tire retailer brand, they may have collaborated with similar independent tire manufacturers in the USA for the production of their tires.

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