Who Makes Viper Forklifts

Viper Forklifts is a brand that produces the most essential equipment and forklifts for construction, manufacturing, and material handling tasks. But do you know who makes Viper Forklifts? Viper forklifts are manufactured by Viper Lift Trucks, an American equipment dealer company that specializes in manufacturing various material handling equipment and warehouse forklifts.

Whether you handle the manufacturing or transport of raw materials, work on construction sites that require lifting and transporting heavy materials, or are involved in warehouse operation tasks, Viper Lift Trucks offers forklifts that help manage everything.

In this blog, we will discuss everything about who makes Viper forklifts, where Viper Forklifts are made, Viper Forklifts reviews, problems, and much more. So let’s get started.

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What Are Viper Forklifts And Its Uses?

Viper Forklifts mainly refers to forklifts that are produced by the Viper Lift Truck dealer. A forklift is an industrial motor-driven truck that is commonly used for lifting and moving materials within working premises, like warehouses, distribution centers, construction sites, storage facilities, or others.

Following are some of the common uses of Viper Forklifts:

1.    Heavy Lifting

Viper Forklifts are used to lift heavy loads at long heights, helping in tasks that require lifting heavy weights and placing them on high or hard-to-reach areas, like stacking goods on high shelves or lifting bulk materials.

2.    Manufacturing 

In the manufacturing and construction processes, Viper Forklifts helps lift and transport goods, equipment, and materials required during the entire production.

3.    Transportation

As we already discussed, the major use of forklifts is transporting goods from different places, inside or outside the working sites, helping to maximize workflow and production processes.

4.    Pallet Handling

As Viper Forklifts are constructed with specialized forks that directly hold and contact with the pallet loads, they help in holding, lifting, and transporting pallets. This makes forklifts ideal for tasks or places where goods are transported or stored on pallets.

5.    Warehouse Operations

Viper Forklifts are mostly used in warehouse operations for multiple applications, like assisting inventory management, moving and stalking palletized goods, and managing and fulfilling orders.

Who Makes Viper Forklifts?

Viper Forklifts are manufactured by an American equipment dealer, Viper Lift Trucks, Inc. which specializes in producing high-quality full-line forklifts and scissor lifts for multiple applications, varying from the smallest indoor to the largest outdoor work. Viper Lift Trucks are headquartered in West Chicago, USA.

They are a nationwide equipment dealer that manufactures over 15 different lift truck models, ranging in sizes from 3000 lb to 22000 lbs. Viper Lift Trucks specializes in motor vehicle manufacturing that helps in lifting and transporting equipment, like lift trucks, forklifts, heavy lift equipment, rough terrain equipment, and lift trucks that aid in sales warehouse management.

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Where Are Viper Forklifts Made?

Viper Forklifts are manufactured in the USA by Viper Lift Trucks. They have been providing the highest quality forklifts throughout North America since 2014.

Viper Lift Trucks are a US-based equipment dealer organization that makes its products, including lift trucks, forklifts, and other transportation and lifting equipment in the USA.

Viper Forklifts sources its components from various countries worldwide, including China, the USA, the UK, Mexico, and other countries, and assembles and manufactures its lift trucks and other tools in the USA.

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Is Viper A Good Forklift?

Viper Lift Trucks is one of the globally recognized forklift and material handling equipment manufacturers that offer electric, pneumatic, dual drive, and diesel-operated Viper forklifts. Their forklift’s load capacities range from 3000 lbs to 11,000 lbs, making it versatile for small indoor applications to large outdoor projects.

From transportation, lifting materials, loading, and unloading, and carrying out various warehouse operations, Viper forklifts is a useful American-made material handling vehicle that maximizes workflow and reduces labor costs.

Overall, Viper Lift Trucks is a good forklift brand that is useful for people involved in construction, industrial, or any other manufacturing businesses.

Viper Forklift Problems

No matter which forklift brand you choose, you may face common troubles while operating forklifts due to various reasons. Here we have discussed some of the typical Viper Forklift problems, and how you can resolve them.

1)   Engine Starting Issues

One of the common problems in Viper Forklifts is that they don’t start or start but operate poorly. There can be various reasons for this issue.

For example, if your engine has overheated or its cover seems excessively warm, engine will show problems while starting. Hence, it is advised to check its coolant levels to identify and correct overheating problems.

Another reason due to which the engine doesn’t start is a malfunctioned or dead battery. If your battery is old and its warranty period has expired, you would need to charge, change, or replace the Viper Forklift battery. 

In addition, you should also clean the radiator ports with water to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris. If the radiator is blocked because of dirt build-up, your forklift may not start.

2)   Stiff Steering

If your Viper forklift becomes difficult to operate, the possible reasons might be poor handling of the equipment, a decrease in fluids, or wearing or bending of the components of Viper forklifts, like linkages or bushings, resulting in damaging the steering functions. Unfortunately, all these issues are serious and may require professional attention from your mechanic.

3)   Hydraulic Issues

If you face hydraulic issues with your Viper forklifts, a common reason may be low hydraulic fluid occurring due to leaks in the tubing. The forklift hoses handle extremely high pressure, and if you manage to fix them by yourself, any break, puncture, or abrasion may be hazardous. Hence, to solve hydraulic issues, refer to your mechanic. Moreover, make sure your truck’s mast chains are measured and replaced if needed.

Viper Forklift Reviews

Let’s check out the best Viper forklift reviews.

Viper Forklift Reviews
Viper Forklift Reviews

Viper FD50S Pneumatic Forklift

Viper FD50S Pneumatic 11000LB forklift is constructed with Cummins Turbo QSB4.5 engine, which is a turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine that is known for its fuel efficiency, durability, and performance.

Cummins diesel engines are particularly useful for heavy-duty applications, reducing downtimes, and boosting the overall operational efficiency of forklift fleets.

The forklift makes driving, carrying heavy loads, and reaching tighter places easy with its 4-way hydraulics, enabling you to move loads conveniently in all four directions, including forward, backward, left, or right, hence, improving maneuverability and flexibility.

Its side shifter allows easy shifting of the forks, whether you want to shift horizontally, to the left, or right, you can easily move without repositioning the entire forklift constantly, enhancing overall load handling.

Moreover, the forklift is equipped with a fork positioner that automatically regulates fork distance and adjusts various load sizes without manual operation. As a result, it helps in reducing work time, minimizing damage risks to goods, and enhancing load stability.

The minimum and maximum lift heights of this forklift are 91-inch lowered and 189-inch raised. Hence, with its versatile load-handling ability, you can stalk your goods on high-rack storage systems.

Overall, this Viper FD50S Pneumatic forklift enables precise load handling, boosts operational efficiency, automatically maintains fork positions, and enables maneuverability in various directions, making it a versatile tool for complex material handling warehouse tasks.

Viper Forklifts Alternatives (Best Viper Lift Truck Alternatives In 2024)

If you are looking for some other Forklift brands, apart from Viper Forklifts, then you can consider the following brands:

1)   Toyota Material Handling

Toyota Material Handling is an American forklift manufacturer that produces a wide range of forklifts and material handling equipment, including hand pallet jacks, electric forklifts, heavy-duty forklifts, electric pallet stackers, internal combustion forklifts, and more.

2)   Linde Material Handling

Linde Material Handling is a leading forklift manufacturer in the world based in Germany. They manufacture various material handling equipment and tools, and their product range includes over 77 equipment series with 382 variants. From forklift trucks, pallet trucks, and reach trucks, to E-trucks and order pickers, Linde produces a wide array of material handling and transportation equipment.

3)   Crown Equipment Corporation

Crown Equipment Corporation is another American material handling equipment manufacturing company based in Ohio that has its production facilities in the USA, Australia, China, Singapore, and Germany. They produce various equipment for transporting, lifting, and handling goods, including pallet trucks, electric counterbalance forklifts, reach trucks, pneumatic tire forklifts, and more.

4)   Jungheinrich

Jungheinrich is a German-based company that produces innovative and reliable material handling equipment and different categories of forklifts globally, like narrow aisle trucks, forklift trucks, order pickers, pallet trucks, and more.

5)   Hyster-Yale Material Handling

Here is another American-based forklift brand that produces over 45 models of material handling equipment, from forklifts, and pallet stackers to narrow aisle trucks and reach trucks, and others.

Hyster-Yale is a globally recognized forklift manufacturing company whose markets extend worldwide throughout China, Eastern Europe, India, Japan, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific.

6)   Cat Lift Trucks

Car Lift Trucks is an American company whose products are manufactured by Caterpillar, a renowned material handling and construction equipment company based in Illinois, US.

Caterpillar manufactures a wide range of forklifts and other industrial and commercial products, including platform stackers, manual and electrical forklifts, reach trucks, diesel forklifts, turret trucks, and others.

Forklift Vs. Reach Truck (Differences Explained)

The major difference between forklifts and reach trucks is that forklifts are used to lift heavier loads as they have forks attached to the front of the vehicle. Moreover, some counterbalance forklifts have counterweights at the back of the truck to balance the loads.

On the other hand, reach trucks are a type of lifting equipment used to lift materials at a greater height than forklifts and reach deep racks.

1.    Load Capacity

The load capacities of forklifts are greater than reach trucks as they can lift weights above 158,000 lbs. Whereas the maximum load capacities of reach trucks are around 4,500lbs.

2.    Size

Reach trucks are typically smaller in size than forklifts. The size of standard forklifts is around 4 and 7 feet wide and 8 to 10 feet long or even longer. The overall width of reach trucks is approximately 42.5-49.5 inches and the mast lowered height is around 113 inches.

3.    Lift Height 

The lift height capacity of reach trucks is higher than forklifts. The approximate lift height of reach trucks is up to 46 feet, while the average lift height of forklifts is around 26 feet.

4.    Uses

The use of forklifts is limited to loading, unloading, and transporting outdoor or indoor goods. However, the fork attachment on the forklifts makes it useful for specialized weight-holding and lifting tasks.

On the flip side, the uses of reach trucks range from lifting, reaching, and moving materials and warehouse pallets to narrow and high or hard-to-reach places.

5.    Power Source

Reach trucks are usually battery-powered, while forklifts can be gas, diesel, or battery-operated.


Let’s discuss some of the important FAQs related to who makes Viper forklifts.

Q. Who makes Viper Forklifts for sale?

Viper forklifts are manufactured by Viper Lift Trucks, an American equipment dealer that specializes in manufacturing various types and sizes of forklifts used for different construction and warehouse applications. For selling purposes, Viper forklifts are distributed by various local equipment and tool dealers online and in-store. You can search for ‘Viper forklift dealer near me’ to find local Viper forklift dealers close to your area. Some Viper forklift sellers include:

  • Liftstoday.com
  • Equipmenttrader.com
  • Machinerytrader.com
  • Forklift International (for used Viper forklifts).

Q. What is the price range of Viper Forklifts?

The prices of Viper forklifts can vary depending on the forklift dealer or seller and the type or size of forklift you purchase. In general, the average price of Viper forklifts is somewhere between $22,950-$48,950.

Q. Where can I purchase Viper Forklifts or Viper Forklifts parts?

You can purchase Viper forklifts or Viper Forklifts parts on Amazon or your local equipment retail stores. As mentioned earlier, the common Viper forklift sellers are Lifts Today, Equipment Dealer, Machinery Trader, and Forklift International. You can order Viper Forklifts online from Amazon or purchase it from the store by these Forklift dealers.


We hope that you have got your answer to the question of who makes Viper forklifts. It is an American brand manufactured by Viper Lift Trucks in the USA. From construction, manufacturing, and transporting to performing various warehouse operations, Viper forklifts help in a variety of material handling tasks. They have a load capacity of nearly 11000 lb and reach a height of up to 26 feet, helping carry heavy loads to indoor and outdoor working premises.

So help me spread the knowledge to others. If you found the blog informative, don’t forget to share it on social media with your friends and families!

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