Where Is KUIU Manufactured – Facts Revealed

If you are a hunting enthusiast, wearing comfortable, flexible, and lightweight apparel becomes a need. So, why not try KUIU gear and clothing to uplift your hunting experience?

KUIU is an American hunting gear and apparel brand that manufactures the most comfortable, ultra-soft, and breathable fabric made of elastic and stylish polyester fibers. But where is KUIU manufactured?

KUIU is a US-based company that sources its products from Japan and manufactures them in China due to economic reasons and the availability of advanced technology at affordable prices. Hence, giving you quality products at budget-friendly rates. From hunting jackets, vests, and pants to backpacks, gloves, hats, and gear, you can find all types of hunting apparel and accessories at KUIU.

In this blog, we will discuss everything about where KUIU is made, who owns and makes KUIU, KUIU product reviews, KUIU alternatives, and much more. So, let’s get started.

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Who Makes KUIU?

KUIU is an American privately-owned company that was founded by Jason Hairston in 2011. Jason was an American businessman and football player. Soon after his football career, he and his friend started hunting and realized the necessity of comfortable outdoor clothing and hunting bags because of rough terrain and harsh weather. This led to the invention of the KUIU brand.

Hairston had the goal of creating durable, lightweight gear and comfortable outdoor apparel for hunting enthusiasts. They focused on inventing a brand that involved direct-to-consumer sales, investing more in craftsmanship and quality apparel manufacturing. Hence, various apparel-manufacturing industries or factories, mainly in China and Japan make KUIU products.

Where Is KUIU Manufactured? All You Need To Know

KUIU was founded in 2011-2012, and after its invention, the brand started manufacturing outdoor hunting clothing and gear in the USA and Canada. But over the years, as the company grew with massive production demand, it shifted its manufacturing to China for economic reasons.

KUIU has its manufacturing partners worldwide and features a constantly evolving Global supply chain. In 2017, Main Post Partners, a Private business investment firm based in San Francisco, California invested $50 million in KUIU which led to the massive growth of the company.

KUIU, the hunting apparel brand, sources its products from Japan whose stitching and cutting takes place in Vietnam. The further production is done in China, while the design and development of KUIU hunting gear and apparel commonly occurs in the USA.

Built for cold to cool weather conditions and featuring ample pocketing with pit zips for enhanced ventilation, KUIU makes sure that its apparel is comfortable, warm, lightweight, and works for both hunting and everyday use.

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Who Owns KUIU Now?

KUIU is still owned by its initial founder and CEO, Jason Hairston. However, unfortunately, Jason died in 2018, but his brand’s apparel is still being manufactured by hunting professionals and top-notch craftsmen. After his football career, he developed a lifelong passion for hunting and invented the KUIU brand with the mission of manufacturing durable outdoor clothing, including hunting gear and more that would be available to customers directly.

Jason was also the former owner of Sitka, another outdoor clothing brand. The history behind the invention of Sitka was Jason’s injury. Because of the injury, Jason had to end his NFL football journey and enter the world of commercial real estate.

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Growing up as a hunter and fisher, he found his real passion in hunting and invented the Sitka Gear apparel brand in 2005. Later in 2009, W. L. Gore & Associates acquired Sitka or Sitka gear and transferred its headquarters from California to Bozeman, Montana.

After the sales of Sitka, Hairston wished to establish another higher-end brand of hunting gear and apparel whose products would be sold to customers directly through the Internet, resulting in reduced consumer pricing and middleman cost in the sales process. To accomplish this goal, Hairston founded the KUIU apparel brand.

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Is KUIU Made In The USA?

Although KUIU is an American brand, its products are not made in the USA. Back in 2010 after the establishment of KUIU, its products were made in Canada and some in the USA. But after the massive sales of nearly $50 million, KUIU shifted its manufacturing to China. Now, KUIU apparel and gear are sourced from Japan and manufactured in China.

Some other Clothing brands made in China include:

Where Is KUIU Headquarters?

KUIU is a privately-held company that is headquartered in Dixon, California, USA. It is located in the Northern part of Dixon at 1920 N Lincoln Street Ste 101. The central location of KUIU not only enables convenient access to the team and clothing products but also allows the brand to remain connected with the outdoor community and other renowned apparel brands.

Are KUIU Products Any Good?

KUIU is basically an American clothing brand designed for cold to cool outdoor and hunting tasks. People involved in frequent hunting and other tiring outdoor activities throughout the day and night often encounter cold, windy, and rainy weather with other harsh activity changes, bringing the need for high-quality, warm, and comfortable apparel.

Keeping the above needs in mind, Jason Hairston invented durable clothing that keeps the body of hunters warm, ventilated, and cozy no matter what activities they are involved in and whatever weather changes they encounter. Hence, KUIU products are ideal for hunting enthusiasts who experience challenging situations every now and then.

KUIU Reviews – The Top 3 KUIU Products

Let’s take a look at the top 3 KUIU product reviews:

1.    KUIU Outlet Ultra Hooded Super Down Jacket

Hunting can be an exciting plus overwhelming task. But why worry if you have the most comfortable ultralight multilayer jacket weighing merely 7.9 oz that keeps you warm throughout the entire day and night?

KUIU outlet super down ultra hooded is the perfect jacket for cold to cool weather and is equipped with wind-resistant and water-resistant Quixdown technology, giving an ideal insulating layer that keeps your body dry during rainy, muddy, or wet conditions.

Moreover, the KUIU jacket comes with two zippered hand warmer pockets with stretch-binding finished cuffs, providing additional protection and comfort to your hands and wrists during harsh conditions.

Not only does the jacket assure ideal comfort and coziness on your body, hands, and wrist, but it also features a cinch hood that gives adjustable and customizable protection to your head.

In addition to delivering customized fit and enhanced protection, the cinch hood improves peripheral vision and enhances the overall style and design of the jacket.

2.    KUIU Kenai Packable Gloves

Looking for additional hand protection and warmth while hunting or carrying out other challenging outdoor tasks? Try KUIU Kenai Packable Gloves. Featuring all-weather protection with incredible hand warmth, the gloves deliver exceptional wind-proof and water-resistant insulation technology, making sure that your hands remain safe and comfortable at all times.

Weighing only 2.8 oz, the gloves are made of Stunner Stretch® outer shell that inhibits the entry of water, snow, and winds into your hands. Moreover, it also features Primaloft® Cross Core Aerogel insulation that preserves heat without accumulating any sweat.

Overall, if you are looking for hunting or outdoor gloves for harsh, rainy, snowy, or windy weather conditions that keep your hands warm, cozy, protected, and comfortable without sweat build-up, you can consider purchasing the KUIU – Kenai Packable Gloves.

3.    KUIU – Kenai Pant

You won’t be able to function properly while hunting if your legs aren’t comfortable and cozy enough. That’s why KUIU brings the most soft and flexible pants made of K-DWR-treated outer fabric that resists light rain and moisture, while simultaneously speeding up the pants’ dry time. These KUIU Kenai pants are made of 3DeFX+ active insulation with siliconized fibers that maintain insulation in wet and snowy conditions.

For easy wearing and removal, the pants come with full-length two-sided zippers, so you can conveniently zip up or unzip the pants without removing your shoes, socks, or other clothing. In addition, the best part of the zipper design is that you can also wear the pants by reconnecting the hook and loop side tabs, eliminating the need to step inside with your muddy shoes or boots.

Above all, the Kenai pants’ side zippers ensure that you get optimum ventilation by featuring hip vents. You can unzip the thigh section to allow the passage of cool air during high-level activities.

The pants are made of uncoated 30 denier Stunner Stretch fabric, making it ideal for cold weather archery hunting as it flexibly stretches with each move.

KUIU Vs. Sitka Gear – Updated Brand Comparison

By now, we all know that both KUIU and Sitka are hunting apparel brands founded by Jason Hairston. But the main question is what’s the difference between both brands? Which one is better? Let’s discuss this in detail to find out.

KUIU Vs Sitka Gear Updated Brand Comparision
KUIU Vs. Sitka Gear – Updated Brand Comparison

1)   Manufacturer

Sitka, also known as Sitka Gear, was founded in around 2004-2005. The brand’s initial owner, founder, and CEO was Jason Hairston. In 2009, an American multinational company, W.L. Gore & Associates Inc. acquired the Sitka hunting gear and apparel brand from Jason.

On the other hand, KUIU still belongs to Jason Hairston. It was established in 2012, and its current owner and CEO is Hairston as he didn’t sell the brand to any other organization.

2)   Products

As both Sitka and KUIU are hunting apparel brands, they offer similar types of products. Their product range covers everything from gloves, pants, hunting and everyday wear jackets, hats, sleeping bags, hunting bags to tents, hunting equipment and accessories, and more.

3)   Quality

Talking about the quality, both brands offer similar durability, comfort, and waterproof features. However, KUIU apparel is slightly warmer than Sitka hunting clothes. But if you are looking for noise-proof apparel for hunting, Sitka takes the place. Sitka hunting gear is made of ultra-quiet fabrics that are ideal for deer hunting.

4)   Price

Overall, the price range of both brands is almost similar. For example, you will find KUIU and Sitka jackets priced ranging from $160 to $700. However, KUIU hunting apparel and accessories are slightly cheaper than Sitka products.

5)   Availability

You can find Sitka products and apparel easily in any outdoor retail or apparel stores and online on Sitka’s official website, Amazon, and eBay.

However, the availability of KUIU products may be a bit tough as it is a direct owner-to-customer brand, so you will be able to purchase KUIU products from their official website rather than other retail or apparel stores.


Declaring a specific brand as the best can be challenging as one brand may have some best features, while the other may offer distinct top-notch features ideal for different purposes.

Similarly, KUIU hunting apparel is the best for people who hunt in extreme cold temperatures or rainy weather as some KUIU clothes are constructed with thick winter gear and waterproof materials.

In contrast, Sitka hunting clothes are designed with ultra-quiet fabrics great for whitetail hunting.

KUIU Alternatives

Looking for other high-quality brands like KUIU? Below we have personally reviewed and tested some other hunting apparel brands similar to KUIU. They include:

  1. Duck Commander
  2. Sitka Gear
  3. Badlands Gear
  4. BlackOvis
  5. Tidewe
  6. Primos Hunting
  7. Wing Supply Or Wing Supply Alternatives


We hope that by now you are clear about where KUIU is manufactured. KUIU is a hunting apparel brand manufactured in China and sourced from Japan. KUIU produces a wide range of jackets, pants, caps, and backpacks designed for every day and hunting wear.

You will find various categories of clothing varying from warm, cool, and cold to extreme temperature needs, so you can choose according to your preferences and requirements. To purchase KUIU apparel, simply visit the KUIU store or order online from its official website.

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