Where Are Merrell Shoes Made

If you are a hiking enthusiast, you might have heard about the Merrell shoe brand. But have you ever wondered where are Merrell shoes made? Merrell is an American footwear brand that manufactures its shoes throughout the USA, Vietnam, China, and some other Asian countries, like Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Cambodia.

As Merrell shoes are particularly designed for hikers and outdoor wear, they are crafted with waterproof membranes and outsoles that offer exceptional breathability, comfort, optimal traction, and outstanding performance on any rough, dry, muddy, or rainy weather condition or terrain.

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However, some people find difficulty in searching for USA-made Merrell shoes, so are Merrell shoes really made in the USA? If yes, where can you find them? In this blog, we will discuss everything about where Merrell shoes are made, who makes Merrell shoes, whether is Merrell a good brand of shoes, who owns Merrell shoes, Merrell shoe reviews, and much more. So let’s get started on answering all your queries.

Who Makes Merrell Shoes? (And A Brief History Of The Brand)

Merrell is an outdoor footwear manufacturing company based in the USA that was founded in 1981 by Lou-Ann Merrell, Randy Merrell, John Schweizer, and Clark Matis. Back in 1981, they were the manufacturers of Merrell shoes.

Clark Matis is an American retired cross-country skier who co-founded the outdoor shoe company, Merrell. He was an expert craftsman who manufactured various shoes and boots for Merrell and received multiple authorities and patents for designing outdoor hiking shoes and boots.

Lou-Ann and Randy Merrell were the main founders of the Merrell brand. Over three decades from now, they begin designing handmade custom boots and shoes for a small group of outdoor hikers, runners, and walking or jogging enthusiasts.

As these shoes were outstandingly designed, they used to call them “The best hiking boots ever made”. Backpacker, the American lifestyle Magazine publisher, named these shoes “Merrell Boots” and called them “the most functional and comfortable boots in North America”.

However, in 1997, Merrell sold its shoe company to Wolverine World Wide, a publicly traded US-based footwear manufacturer. Since then, the Merrell shoe brand is fully owned and manufactured by Wolverine World Wide.

Who Owns Merrell Shoes?

As discussed, since 1997 Merrell Shoes has been owned by a separate American footwear, sportswear, and apparel manufacturing company, Wolverine World Wide. This shoe company headquarters in Rockford, Michigan, and was founded in 1883. 

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Apart from Merrell, Wolverine World Wide also owns other renowned footwear brands, like Hush Puppies, Chaco, Harley-Davidson, Wolverine Boots and Shoes, Cat Footwear, and many others. Wolverine manufactures different types of shoes and apparel for Merrell, including slip-ons, sneakers, winter boots, hiking shoes, trail running shoes, casual-style shoes, and more. Their footwear and clothing are designed for everyone, including men, women, and kids.

Where Are Merrell Shoes Made In 2023?

In 1981 when the Merrell shoe brand was founded, Randy Merrell and other co-founders used to manufacture their custom-made shoes solely in the USA.

However as the company progressed and gained global presence, Merrell shoes extended its manufacturing locations worldwide in other Asian countries due to economic reasons and low production costs.

Now, in 2023, most Merrell shoes are being manufactured in China and Vietnam, that’s why you will find very few Merrell footwear and other products that are made in the USA.

Around 21-20% of Merrell shoes are manufactured in China and 31-40% of Merrell footwear production is being done in Vietnam. Other Asian countries, like Bangladesh, India, Burma, Indonesia, and Cambodia account for 1-2% of Merrell’s shoe manufacturing.

Regardless of where Merrell shoes are made, Wolverine, the current owner and manufacturer of Merrell, follows a rigorous inspection process and maintains strict quality standards, so that each product matches the same specifications set by the brand.

Some of the key features of their shoes include Gore-tex waterproof and Vibram outsoles technology for enhanced grip on versatile surfaces, making them ideal for various trail running, hiking, and outdoor activities.

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Is Merrell A Good Brand? (The Honest Answer)

It can be difficult to make your purchase decision without knowing any brand deeply. That’s why I have personally reviewed and tested the brand’s products, particularly footwear.

After testing its shoes and going through multiple customer reviews, we came up with an honest answer that undoubtedly, Merrell is among the best hiking and trail shoes for men and women.

Customers report that Merrell shoes are durable and comfortable, and have exceptional traction on dirt and uneven surfaces that keeps your feet and arch supported throughout your walking or hiking journey.

However, we have received mixed responses regarding the fitting of Merrell shoes. Some customers report size and fitting issues with Merrell shoes, while some claim that they fit perfectly well. Hence, it is advisable to check and try your size before purchasing any pair of shoes.

Overall, Merrell is a top-notch brand, especially for boots and hiking shoes. Below we have discussed the top 6 Features of Merrell shoes that make them stand out.

Top 6 Features Of Merrell Shoes

The top 6 features of Merrell shoes include:

1.     Comfortable And Supportive Footbeds

Merrell shoes are crafted with arch support and comfortable and supportive footbeds that reduce fatigue and enhance overall stability and comfort while walking on uneven surfaces.

2.     Exceptional Traction

The outsoles of Merrell shoes are made of advanced traction and Vibram technology that provides exceptional grip no matter how rough or muddy the terrain is.

3.     Waterproof Technology

Merrell shoes boast Gore-tex technology, a waterproof breathable fabric membrane that prevents water and cold winds from entering the shoes. Additionally, it allows the release of moisture vapor produced by the feet, making it ideal for rainy, windy, and snowy weather.

4.     Breathable Construction

Most Merrell shoes are made of breathable materials, like mesh uppers that enhance airflow from shoes, keeping your feet comfortable and cool during prolonged wear.

5.     Shock Absorption 

The midsoles of Merrell shoes are made of shock-absorbing technology, reducing the risk of injuries, fatigue, and pain during tiring long-hour activities, like hiking or running.

6.     Lightweight Design

Despite the mesh materials, durability, and Gore-tex technology of Merrell shoes, they are still lightweight and maintain their design and features, so prolonged hiking or running movements don’t hinder your performance.

Merrell Shoes Vs. Keen Shoes

Merrell Shoes Vs. Keen Shoes - Comparision Of Both Brands
Merrell Shoes Vs. Keen Shoes – Comparision Of Both Brands

Both Merrell and Keen are high-quality shoe brands, but which one of them is better? In this section, we have compiled the differences and similarities of Merrell vs. Keen shoes.

1.    Manufacturer

Keen: Keen footwear is younger compared to the Merrell shoe brand. Keen Footwear is an American shoe company headquartered in Portland that was founded in 2003 by Martin Keen. Martin was a sailor who used to wear sandals on the ship but was tired of uncomfortable footwear during his long-hour sailing.

So, later on, he decided and introduce his own footwear brand of high-quality, comfortable, and durable shoes, sandals, boots, socks, hats, and other outdoor accessories. Keen shoes are manufactured in Thailand, Portland, and the Dominican Republic.

Merrell: Merrell Shoes is also an American footwear company that was founded in 1981 by Randy Merrell, John Schweizer, and Clark Matis. They used to design custom handmade shoes and boots. Over the years, The brand gained enormous popularity due to which Wolverine World Wide, another American footwear manufacturer purchased the Merrell shoe brand. They are headquartered in Rockford, Michigan, USA. Merrell shoes are manufactured in the USA, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Bangladesh.

2.    Waterproof Technology

Both Merrell and Keen use waterproof technologies in their shoes. Merrell’s shoes are made of a lightweight water-resistant breathable material that prevents water from entering the shoes, releases moisture out of the shoes, and keeps the foot dry and warm during every season. Similarly, Keen also uses a water-resistant breathable membrane in their footwear that keeps the feet dry and releases vapor and moisture from inside the shoes.

3.    Outsoles

Merrell utilizes vibram soles, while Keen uses all-terrain traction outsoles in their footwear. Vibram are rubber-made soles manufactured by an Italian company, Vibram. Vibram soles are known for their durability, comfort, resistance to wear and tear, and exceptional traction on various terrains.

Keen’s all-terrain traction outsole technology is made of specialized multi-directional lug patterns that provide exceptional traction on uneven surfaces, like mud, rocks, and trails, making them ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, trail running, and more. Hence, both Merrell and Keen shoes are specifically designed for hiking purposes and other outdoor activities.

4.    Price

The price of both brands depends on the type, style, and design of shoes you are purchasing whether they are sandals, boots, slip-ons, hiking, or walking shoes. Overall, both footwear brands have the same cost range. You will find them ranging from $60-$120, depending on the shoe type and design.

5.    Warranty

Both Keen and Merrell shoes commonly offer a 1-year warranty from the official date of purchase. For boots and shoes, Merrell offers a 12-month limited warranty, while for sandals, Merrell gives a 6-month warranty. Keen offers a 1-year warranty on almost all of their shoes.

Merrell Shoes Reviews – Top 3 Merrell Shoes

Let’s take a look at the top 3 Merrell shoe models in 2023.

Merrell Shoes Reviews
Merrell Shoes Reviews

1.    Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe

If you are a frequent hiker and looking for shoes that keep your foot protected and comfortable with durable leather and mesh upper, this model is designed for you. With its waterproof membrane, bellows tongue, and protective toe cap, the hiking shoe prevents water and other debris from entering inside and releases moisture out of the shoes.

Merrell men’s Moab 2 hiking shoes boast traditional lace closure and a supportive footbed, so your foot remains protected and enclosed during prolonged and tiring hiking or trail running tours.

Additionally, it is made of Vibram outsoles, hence, no matter how rough or uneven surfaces you hike or run on, these shoes will always make your journey smooth, comfortable, and easy.

2.    Merrell Men’s Jungle Leather Slip-On Shoe

Are you looking for simple yet comfy footwear for casual plus formal wear? Then take a look at this model. It is made of 100% leather and rubber sole material that keeps your foot comfortable and protected during casual indoor or outdoor wear.

It is constructed with air cushioning midsole and breathable mesh lining that adds stability and absorbs shock as you walk over uneven surfaces.

The Merrell jungle leather slip-on is perfect for people looking for shoes with additional comfort as it is equipped with a compression molded EVA foot frame that gives added cushioning and comfort on the foot, especially ankles. Moreover, its sticky rubber outsoles provide exceptional grip on rough terrains.

3.    Merrell Men’s Moab 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot – Made In USA

Here is one of the best boot-style waterproof shoes from Merrell which is ideal for hikers and runners who go on frequent trips, outdoor stayovers, and hiking tours. This model is made in the USA and is constructed with a waterproof membrane that seals water entry and escapes moisture.

Merrell Moab 3 Mid shoe is equipped with Vibram rubber outsole, EVA foam midsole, and lightweight air-cushioned heels, which add stability, and comfort, and absorb shock during prolonged wear or movement. Its protective toe cap and webbing Bellows tongue prevent the entry of debris and water, keeping your foot protected at all times.


Below are some of the most important FAQs related to where Merrell shoes are made.

Q. Where Are Merrell Hiking Shoes Made?

Some Merrell hiking shoes are made in the USA, like Merrell Women’s Siren Edge 3 Shoe is one of the hiking shoes that is USA-made. On the other hand, some Merrell hiking shoe production is also done in China, Vietnam, and other Asian countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, and Turkey. You can purchase Merrell shoes online from Amazon, eBay, or Walmart, and in-store from your local footwear shop.

Q. Are Merrell Shoes Made In China?

Yes, you will find a variety of Merrell shoe models which are made in China. For example, the Merrell Moab 3 tactical shoe and Merrell Moab Edge 2 for men are made in China. The company manufactures most of its Merrell shoe models, including sneakers, sandals, and hiking boots in China due to low labor and production costs and the availability of advanced technology.

Q. Where Is Merrell Headquarters?

Merrell shoes are now owned by Wolverine World Wide. Merrell Shoes along with its parent company is headquartered in Rockford, Michigan, USA.

Q. Where Are Merrell Boots Made?

The good news is that most Merrell boots are made in the USA. Some Merrell boots are also made in Vietnam. If you are looking for USA-made Merrell boots, you can purchase Merrell Moab 3 waterproof hiking boots for men, Merrell Moab 3 Tactical Waterproof Military Boot, or Merrell Moab 3 mid hiking boots from Amazon. They all are made in the USA.


So, by now I hope that you are clear about where Merrell shoes are made. Merrell is a renowned footwear brand that has been manufacturing comfortable, durable, and breathable apparel and footwear for the last 3 decades. They make their shoes in the USA, China, and other Asian countries with the same standards and specifications. Hence, if you are looking for top-quality footwear that keeps your foot cozy and protected, don’t hesitate to give Merrell shoes a try. Let’s spread the knowledge with others! If you found the blog informative, don’t forget to share it with your friends on

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