Who Manufactures Supermax Tires For Walmart

Before purchasing anything, knowing about the manufacturers is crucial to identify the brand quality and product functionality, especially while buying a product that requires long-lasting performance, like automotive accessories and products. You might be aware that Supermax is a tire brand that produces passenger tires, light trucks, crossover, and SUV tires. But the main question is who makes Supermax tires for Walmart?

Walmart, a multinational retail corporation sells Supermax tires that are manufactured by a USA-based Chinese company, Horizon Tire Inc. They are committed to providing tires that maintain quality, consistency, and high performance. The renowned models of Supermax tires include Supermax UHP-1 and Supermax HT-1. They feature responsive handling, and stability, and deliver a comfortable and noise-free ride.

In this blog, we will discuss everything about who manufactures Supermax tires, their makers, Supermax tires reviews, and whether Supermax tires are worth buying. So, let’s get started.

Who Manufactures Supermax Tires For Walmart?

Supermax Tires are manufactured by Horizon Tire, Inc., a Chinese automotive private distribution company and brand marketer based in Southern California. Horizon Tire Inc. was founded in 2005 and is a trusted company that produces commercial and consumer products. It is a large automotive organization of wholesale distributors and national dealers across the USA.

Horizon Tire Inc. owns and manufactures various tire brands, including Supermax, Crossmax, Waterfall, and Sotera. Horizon produces a wide range of Supermax tires that are available in various sizes to suit the needs of different vehicles. Their tires include high-performance tires, passenger tires, and commercial medium radial and light truck tires.

Where Are Supermax Tires Made?

Supermax Tires is based in the USA, but its manufacturing plants and branch offices are located in China, including Qingdao and Beijing. It is also said that Supermax is a Chinese company that is situated in the USA.

Supermax tires are manufactured in China and imported from various parts of the world, like Thailand, but distributed and sold across the USA. However, some of their tires are also made in the USA.

Supermax Tires Review

Let’s look at the reviews of some of the best models of Supermax tires.

Supermax Tires Reviews
Supermax Tires Review

1)   SUPERMAX TM-1 All-Season Radial Tire

Are you looking for a tire that offers minimal driving noise and lets you enjoy a quiet ride throughout your journey with safety and precise handling? This all-season radial non-directional tire from Supermax comes with high mileage and a reinforced rib pattern to give you a better driving experience than before.

Its all-season performance makes it ideal for both dry and wet roads with enhanced rigidity that boosts braking, acceleration, and stability. This tire is designed for crossovers, SUVs, and passenger cars, making it compatible with a variety of vehicles. Additionally, it boasts wide circumferential grooves and zigzag slots with central ribs, decreasing the risks of aquaplaning.

2)   Supermax UHP-1 Tires

The Supermax UHP-1 tire also features a tread design and rubber compound that increases steering responsiveness, controllability, and driving stability, and reduces tread and road noise. It is designed for all-season performance and works well on wet and dry roads plus winters.

The tire also features circumferential grooves that prevent hydroplaning and protect the tire against wet roads, eliminating water and slush accumulation on its surfaces. It is designed for SUVs and passenger vehicles.

Moreover, its asymmetric tread design helps to maintain close contact with the road surface in all conditions and boosts fuel efficiency. The silica compound keeps the rubber of the tires flexible during summers and winters and prevents heat build-up. Above all, the tires are built up of strong and durable construction, eliminating any deformation under the pressure of high speed.

3)   Supermax HT-1 All-Season Highway Terrain Tire

Here is another tire from Supermax that offers enhanced traction, and shorter braking distance with better and longer tread life in both wet and dry weather. It comes with a mileage warranty of about 50,000 miles with precise handling that enables longer and safer rides. You can also enjoy optimal fuel economy as the tire features low rolling resistance.

Supermax Tires Alternatives

In case you didn’t find Supermax tires suit your requirements, and want to know some other brands that offer high-performance and durable tires, here are a few other alternatives to Supermax tires:


Q. What are Supermax tires?

Supermax is a tire brand that produces tires for various vehicles, including passengers, trucks, crossovers, and SUVs. Supermax designs tires that offer quiet, comfortable, and safe rides with high mileage, unique tread design, and circumferential grooves that deliver all-season performance.

Q. Are Supermax tires made in China?

The components of Supermax tires are imported from various parts of the world as per the need, like Thailand, then they are made in China, and distributed and sold in the USA. As Supermax tires are headquartered in the USA, some tires may also be made in America. However, since its manufacturing plants are located in China, the majority of Supermax tires are made in China and sometimes Thailand.

Q. Who makes Supermax RT tires?

Supermax RT tires are manufactured by a US-based Chinese company, Horizon Tire Inc., which is the sub-brand and owner of Supermax tires.

Q. Is Supermax a good tire brand?

Overall, Supermax is a good tire brand that offers great value for your money. Customers have reported outstanding quality, noise-free performance, comfort, and impressive road handling of these tires. Moreover, its tread gear design works well on light snow and rain, making it ideal to function on slippery roads.


We hope that now you have found out who makes Supermax tires for Walmart. Supermax is a tire brand owned and manufactured by Horizon Tire Inc. They produce tires for passenger cars, light trucks, crossovers, and SUVs, which are manufactured mainly in China and Thailand, and distributed and sold in the USA.

Overall, Supermax tires are affordable and come with various useful features, like circumferential grooves that prevent hydroplaning, high mileage, fuel efficiency, longer tread life, all-season performance, and stability. You can purchase Supermax tires online from Amazon, Walmart, or other local tire stores.

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