Who Manufactures Arroyo Tires (Manufacturer, Warranty, Product Reviews,& More)

You must be here to discover who manufactures Arroyo tires, so let’s find out. Arroyo is a private-label brand that manufactures, distributes, and markets their tires themselves. They produce passenger tires, off-road tires, and performance tires for SUVs, sedans, and sports riders.

Arroyo is an innovative and new brand that offers tires with superior performance, braking grip, precise handling, low noise level, and maximum comfort and durability. So, are Arroyo Tires worth buying? Do they come with any warranty?

In this blog, we will discuss all the details about who makes Arroyo tires, their manufacturers, where are Arroyo tires made, Arroyo Tires reviews, and much more. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Who Manufactures Arroyo Tires? (Updated)

Arroyo is a private-label American tire brand headquartered in Vernon, California, CA, USA. Unlike other high-end tire brands, Arroyo Tires, also known as Arroyo Tire Co. Inc, are not manufactured by other tire companies.

Instead, they are a private-label and individual tire brand that manufactures and markets their tires themselves, without any association or links with other automotive organizations. The brand was founded in 2012 and first appeared in American tire shops in around 2016.

Arroyo is a small brand of tires that is still growing. But they provide a full suite of tires for SUVs, cars, crossovers, trucks, and off-roaders, offering all-season and high-performance.

Where Are Arroyo Tires Made?

Where Are Arroyo Tires Made
Where Are Arroyo Tires Made?

Some people think that Arroyo tires may be manufactured in the USA. But the brand handles its business matters and dealings in its American headquarters located in Vernon, California, CA, while the manufacturing of Arroyo Tires is done in other countries, like Turkey, China, and Thailand. So, Arroyo Tires are mainly manufactured in countries other than the USA, including Thailand, China, and Turkey.

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Are Arroyo Tires Good? (Answer Explained)

Although Arroyo is a small tire manufacturing and selling company that is still in the process of making its name among top tire brands, it offers all-season, high-performance tires that deliver a smooth ride with an acceptable level of noise. The most famous types of Arroyo tires include Grand Sport A/Ss and Arroyo Tamarock A/T.

Arroyo Tires also offer various services, like tire repair or installation and aftermarket parts services. Additionally, these tires are affordable compared to other higher-end brands, like Yokohama, Ohtsu, Vredestein, Fullway, and Sentury. You will find a variety of shapes and sizes of Arroyo Tires, featuring driving comfort, stability, and good handling.

Hence, overall, Arroyo Tires is an affordable, good-performing, and mid-quality tire brand. All in all, if you are looking for highly renowned, pricier, or extraordinary top-quality tires, you can consider purchasing other brands.

Arroyo Tires Warranty

Yes, Arroyo Tires come with a warranty. The duration of the warranty depends on the type of model you purchase and can vary. For example, the Arroyo Tires Grand Sport 2 offers a warranty of 50,000 to 55,000 miles, depending on the tire type, and the Arroyo Grand Sports A/S comes with a 55,000-mile warranty. Most Arroyo Tires come with a 45,000-50,000 mileage warranty. This means that the Tires can last somewhere between 4 to 5 years on average.

Arroyo Tires Models

There are 4 categories of Arroyo Tires.

1)   Passenger Tires

Most passenger tires offer a 55,000-mile treadwear warranty. Common types of Arroyo passenger tires include:

●      Eco Pro A/S 

They are designed for SUVs and come in various sizes that fit subcompact and compact models. It delivers optimum stability, road noise reduction, and fuel efficiency.

●      Eco Pro H/T

The Exo Pro H/T passenger tires are designed for highway driving. It is an ideal type of tire for people looking for a highway terrain tire. The model comes with 4 large grooves to remove water, dirt, and debris from tire surfaces and provide long-lasting stability at high speeds on highways.

2)   Off-Road Tires

Arroyo off-road tires are designed for challenging, uneven terrains. They are ideal for trucks or loaders who frequently drive off-road and encounter muddy, snowy, slippery, or rocky bumpy roads. Common types of Arroyo off-road tires include:

●      Tamarock A/T

If you are looking for an affordable, all-terrain tire that delivers exceptional stability over challenging road surfaces, including rocks, snow, mud, or dirt, the Tamarock A/T tire can do the job well. Whether you own an SUV or truck, this tire is built to provide high durability, stability, and grip while riding on rough terrains.

●      Tamarock M/T

The Tamarock M/T is another type of Arroyo off-road tire designed with extra deep treads and the highest level of grips that allow stability and control over uneven, slick terrains. You can use these tires to confidently drive off-road on any trail or weather condition.

3)   Performance Tires 

The performance Arroyo Tires are particularly designed for sports drivers. They are one of the top models of Arroyo Tires.

●      Grand Sport 2 

This Grand Sport 2 tire is designed for sports cars, performance sedans, and sports coupes and comes with a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty.

●      Grand Sport A/S 

This long-lasting sports all-season model offers a 55,000-mile treadwear warranty and is available in various sizes. It can work on SUVs, minivans, CUVs, coupes, and sedans.

●      Ultra Sport A/S

Arroyo ultra sports A/S is also a high-performance, all-season tire for sports drivers that comes with a 45,000-mile treadwear warranty. It delivers the highest levels of stability.

4)   TBR Tires

Arroyo TBR tires are designed for buses and radials. They come in two types, AR1000 and AR2000, which are also called commercial tires, as they can be installed on commercial vehicles. TBR tires boast puncture protection and a flat tread radius that delivers longer road life, tread protection, and enhanced pressure distribution.

Arroyo Tires Vs. Michelin

As we all know, Arroyo and Michelin are tire brands offering high-quality tires and aftermarket services. So, which brand’s tire has a better warranty, performance, with long-lasting life? Let’s continue to find out.

1)   Manufacturer

Michelin is a French tire brand, and Arroyo is a US-based tire manufacturing company. Arroyo manufactures their tires themselves, without the association of other tire brands, and Michelin Tires are also manufactured by its French multinational company, Michelin Group.

Michelin is one of the largest tire manufacturers globally that produces tires for various vehicles, including motorcycles, aircraft, trucks, and bicycles.

Arroyo tires are primarily manufactured in China, Turkey, and Thailand, while Michelin tires are manufactured worldwide, including the USA, France, Canada, Thailand, the UK, India, Italy, Japan, Germany, Poland, Spain, and several other countries.

2)   Warranty

Michelin offers a mileage warranty ranging from 40,000 to 80,000 miles (6 to 10 years), varying according to the type of model and tire size. In contrast, Arroyo Tires come with a warranty of 40,000 to 55,000 miles (4 to 5 years), depending on the model and tire size. This means that Michelin offers a better warranty than Arroyo.

3)   Performance   

Michelin comes in 40+ sizes and types to suit different driving conditions and vehicle needs. If you need a tire for regular and extensive use that offers exceptional traction and long-lasting performance in extreme conditions, Michelin is the right choice that offers better performance.

4)   Construction

Compared to Arroyo, Michelin is made of cutting-edge technologies and high-quality construction materials with long tread life and exceptional wet performance.

5)   Cost

Arroyo tires are more affordable compared to Michelin tires, which are an expensive brand. Michelin tires may cost you around $100-$400 per tire, depending on the model and size, while the average price of Arroyo tires may be up to $200.

Final Verdict 

Michelin tires are better than Arroyo if you can pay their demanding prices. However, Arroyo is a good option for people looking for affordable yet good-quality tires.

3 Best Arroyo Tires Reviews

Let’s take a look at the 3 best Arroyo Tires reviews.

1)   Arroyo GRAND SPORT A-S All-Season Radial Tire

This Arroyo Grand sports A-S tire comes with a 55,000-mile warranty and is made of four wide circumferential grooves and fine sipes that aid in water drainage and resist hydroplaning, boosting performance on wet roads.

The closed-slanted groove design helps to provide stability during cornering with reduced noise and vibration, delivering a quieter and more comfortable ride.

The tires are designed for use on SUVs, sedans, coupes, and minivans. It boasts anti-eccentric wear belts on the outer shoulder of the tires that enhance braking performance and even wear.

2)   Arroyo Tamarock M/T LT33/12.50R22 114 All-Season Tire 

Arroyo Tamarock M/T is an innovative tire crafted with the most advanced technology, featuring precision handling, superior performance, comfort, and durability with braking grip and low noise level while riding. They are all-season off-road tires and are a perfect fit for any vehicle.

3)   Arroyo Grand Sport 2 235/45R18 94V

The Arroyo Grand Sport 2 tires come with a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty. It is an all-season tire suitable for SUVs and passenger vehicles. Its asymmetric tread design delivers exceptional grip on dry, wet, and snowy surfaces.

The tire consists of four circumferential grooves that prevent hydroplaning and promote water drainage from the tire, resulting in secure year-round performance. Its wear-resistant compound increases premature wear and ensures a long-lasting tread life.

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Q. Who manufactures Arroyo tires?

Arroyo or Arroyo Tire Co. Inc. is a small, private-label, USA-based tire brand that manufactures, markets, and distributes their tires themselves. So, Arroyo Tire Co. Inc. makes Arroyo Tires. They haven’t partnered with any other tire-manufacturing organizations to make their tires.

Q. How much are Arroyo sport tires worth?

The exact price of Arroyo sports Tires depends on the model type, size, and place where you purchase the tires. On average, the cost of Arroyo sports tires may vary from $67-$205 per tire, depending on your chosen size and model.

Q. What are the types of Arroyo Tires?

Arroyo generally offers 4 categories of tires. These include passenger tires, off-road tires, performance tires, and TBR (for buses, trucks, and radials) tires.

Q. Where can I purchase Arroyo tires? 

You can purchase Arroyo tires online from Amazon. You can also buy them in-store or online from Walmart or your local tire market.


We hope that you have got your answer to the question of who manufactures Arroyo tires. Arroyo is an affordable tire brand that manufactures tires for a wide range of vehicles, delivering superior all-season performance, optimum mileage warranty, low noise level, and long tread life. They provide ideal tires for people looking for an affordable option with good performance.

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