Where Are True Classic Tees Made

Looking good and feeling good are the two best emotions in the world, and that’s what we all strive for. True Classic aims to fulfill both these purposes simultaneously, but where are True Classic Tees made? Of course, we cannot analyze the quality of any product without knowing where it is being made and who makes it.

True Classic Tees is a retail apparel and fashion company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Its apparel is made throughout China, Egypt, and Vietnam. Their top-selling product is denim-crafted ultra-comfortable t-shirts that are not only soft and relaxing to wear, but also stylish and elegant that make you look and feel cool.

True Classic manufactures different types and styles of t-shirts, including long sleeves and short sleeves shirts, crew neck, V-neck shirts, button ups, and polos. Apart from t-shirts and hoodies, True Classic also makes undergarments, socks, joggers, hats, and bottoms, including straight-fit jeans, and slim fit, staple slim, and staple straight-fit jeans.

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So should you buy True Classic Tees apparel? Does the company also manufacture its products in the USA? In this blog, we will discuss everything about where True Classic Tees are made, True Classic Tees reviews, features, pros, cons, and alternatives, and its manufacturing history and details. So let’s get started.

Where Are True Classic Tees Made – (A Complete Guide)

As we discussed, True Classic Tees is a renowned clothing brand that is famous for its high-quality, stylish, and comfortable t-shirts. True Classic Tees is an American company that manufactures most of its products in China. Some of their apparel are also made in Vietnam and Egypt. There are various reasons why True Classic chooses to manufacture its products in China.

As we all know, China offers low production and labor costs, making it a cost-effective option for the brand owner and manufacturer. In addition, China has the most modern technology and machinery, which results in the production of innovative designs and high-quality shirts and apparel.

Classic Tees are crafted with denim fabric and come in various shades and colors with a modern athletic fit, making it ideal for casual plus formal clothing. Some customers claim that True Classic shirts have an incredible fit. Hence, Classic Tees is ideal for everyone regardless of body type.

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Many people say I’m not going to purchase this product as it’s made in China. It may not be of good quality. I want a shirt that is USA-made. However, this isn’t true. Shirts and apparel that are manufactured in China are more affordable compared to a shirt that is USA-made. Moreover, you will get a variety of choices, designs, and styles to choose from with options for customization.

All in all, if you want a balance between quality and price, Classic Tees, which are mostly made in China, are the best option to consider. The core value of True Classic Tees is to make you feel and look good, and we all prefer to wear shirts that not only provide comfort but are stylish and cool-looking, making Classic Tees the ideal choice.

Who Makes True Classic Tees? All You Need To Know

True Classic Tees is a retail clothing and apparel company headquartered in California, USA which was founded in 2019 by Ryan Barlette and other co-founders. Its manufacturing facilities are branched in China, Vietnam, and Egypt. True Classic is owned, founded, and manufactured by Ryan Bartlett Nick and co-founded by Ventura and Matthew Winnick.

The founder and CEO of True Classic Tees, Ryan Bartlett, had a mission to help people look good and feel good with a t-shirt that has the most incredible fitting and is available to everyone at accessible prices. Keeping his idea and mission in mind to serve people in a way they prefer, he founded True Classic Tees apparel brand.

Ryan’s idea flourished and by 2022, the brand went global across 192 countries. Moreover, Classic Tees expanded its business from t-shirts to men’s bottoms and other clothing as a result of the business’s success.

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True Classic Tees Review (2023)

Now let’s dive into our True Classic Tees reviews section. Below we have discussed the best True Classic shirts in 2023:

True Classic Tees Review
True Classic Tees Review

True Classic Crew Neck 6-Pack Shirt

This crew neck 6-pack tee is made of a blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, offering a perfect combination of comfort, breathability, durability, and color retention, making it soft, resistant to wear and washing, preventing fading, and enhancing the longevity of the shirt.

The 6-pack shirt is available in versatile colors, including military green, black, heather navy, white, heather indigo, and navy, giving you multiple options to choose from and wear new colors every day.

No matter what your body type either skinny or overweight, these t-shirts are a perfect fit for all as it gives enough room to your body for breathability. Above all, no matter how much you wash your shirt, it won’t shrink or minimally shrink to only 5%, but maintain its original look.


  • Ultra-soft
  • No-stretch collar, providing a more secure fit.
  • Made of premium-quality durable cotton and polyester materials.
  • Breathable and lightweight fabric allows all-day comfort.


  • Some customers reported fitting issues.

True Classic Tees Alternative

Are you looking for some True Classic Tees alternatives? I have personally tested and reviewed some alternatives of Classic Tees that offer similar features. They include:

  1. Mott and Bow: If you are looking for an incredibly comfortable and effortlessly stylish alternative to Classic Tees based in the USA, Mott and Bow is the brand. Their apparel is made of premium denim that is comfortable, soft, stylish, stretchy, and perfectly fitted. Mott and Bow manufactures premium tees, jeans, polos, sweaters, chinos, sweats, undergarments, slim jeans, and straight, and skinny jeans separately for both men and women.
  • Abercrombie: Abercrombie is a US-based lifestyle retailer brand that focuses on producing clothing and shirts for casual wear. They offer the coziest men’s t-shirts that come in numerous colors and are made of the brand’s signature soft material.
  • Carhartt: Carhartt is another American clothing company that produces durable and comfortable workwear, vests, t-shirts, jackets, outdoor apparel, hoodies, shirts, coats, jeans, pants, and heavy-duty work clothes, like fire-resistant and hunting clothes. The brand is mainly known for its heavy-duty clothes. Carhartt manufactures its clothing mainly in the USA and Mexico.
  • Fresh Clean Tees: Another renowned and closely similar alternative of True Classic tees is Fresh Clean Tees, also known as Fresh Clean Threads or Fresh Threads. Like True Classic, it is an American retail clothing brand headquartered in California. They make high-quality, fitted, and soft t-shirts for men that are crafted with a premium blend of cotton and polyester.

True Classic Vs. Fresh Clean Tees – Which Is Better?

Both True Classic Tee and Fresh Clean Tees, formerly known as Fresh Clean Threads are renowned and top-quality t-shirts and apparel brands, so which one of them is better? After personally reviewing and testing both brand’s t-shirts, we have compiled their differences and similarities below:

1.    Owner And Manufacturer: 

Fresh Clean Threads is an American apparel brand launched by a couple named Matthew and Melissa Parvis. They are the co-founders and CEO who established Fresh Clean Threads in 2015 with the purpose of crafting comfortable, soft, stylish, and affordable men’s basic tees, t-shirts, and hoodies so they can look and feel good and live to their fullest.

True Classic Tees is also an American apparel brand that was launched after Fresh Clean in 2019. Their co-founders and CEO are Ryan Bartlett, Ventura, and Matthew Winnick. The mission of True Classic was the same as Fresh Clean tees: people should feel and look good with the most stylish, premium-fitted, and comfortable tees. Fresh Clean Tees are made in the USA, while True Classic Tees are manufactured in China, Egypt, and Vietnam.

2.    Fabric:

The fabric of both Fresh Clean and True Classic Tees are made of similar material, i.e, cotton and polyester blend (60% cotton and 40% polyester), which means both tees are breathable, comfortable, lightweight, and flexible. We couldn’t find any major differences in the quality of their fabric material.

3.    Fitting:

Without a second thought, Fresh Clean tees win if we compare the two brands by considering which of them offers better fitting. Customers have claimed that Fresh Clean fits perfectly well and is loose and tight on the right spots. On the flip side, we have received some fitting issues about the Fresh Clean Tees brand.

4.    Price:

Comparing the prices, Fresh Clean Tees are slightly more affordable than True Classic. They cost around $3 less than True Classic. However, the cost can vary depending on the type, style, and design of the shirt.


Both True Classic and Fresh Clean Tees offer similar designs and types of shirts that are made of cotton/polyester blend. Only the fitting and price of both brands slightly vary.

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Let’s discuss some of the most important FAQs related to True Classic Tee shirts.

Q. Where is True Classic made?

True Classic Tees and Clothing is an American retail apparel brand that headquarters in California and has manufacturing facilities in China and Vietnam. Although True Classic Tees is an American brand, it manufactures most of its products and t-shirts in China.

Q. When was True Classic made?

True Classic was founded in 2019 by American founders, CEO, and co-founders of the brand, including Ryan Bartlett, Nick Ventura, and Matthew Winnick. They worked on the mission that people should look good and feel good without compromising on quality and price. Until 2022, they expanded their business to 5 retail stores and 192 countries globally.

Q. Where can I buy True Classic t-shirts?

There are numerous places you can buy True Classic Tees either online or directly from going to their shop. For example, you can purchase True Classic t-shirts online or in-store from their original website, Walmart, or online from Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or other local clothing stores near your area.

Q. Who sells True Classic t-shirts?

The clothing brand, True Classic Tees, sells its t-shirts and apparel through its official website. They also sell their products by collaborating with other e-commerce stores and online marketplaces or retailers, like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or other clothing shops.

Q. Are True Classic Tees made in China?

Due to low labor and production costs, skilled craftsmen, and the availability of modern machinery and technology at low cost, True Classic manufactures most of its t-shirts and apparel in China. Some of their products are also made in Vietnam.


We hope that you have got your answer to the question of where True Classic Tees are made. True Classic Tee is an apparel brand founded in 2019 and the early 2020s and mainly specializes and focuses on making simple t-shirts with solid colors and different varieties, like v-necks, long sleeves, crew-necks, polos, and Henley shirts.

They manufacture their products throughout China, Egypt, and Vietnam. Overall, True Classic Tee shirts are good quality but some customers reported fitting issues. So, it is best to try the size before purchasing.

If you found the post useful and enjoyed learning about where True Classic Tees are made, why not spread the knowledge to others? Feel free to share the post on your social media platforms, and if you have any further questions, you can comment below.

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