Who Makes Milestar Tires

Whether you are looking for all-season, highway, sports, or all-terrain tires for your car, truck, SUV, or CUV, Milestar has them all. But do you know who makes Milestar tires? Milestar tires are manufactured by a company in Taiwan known as Nankang Rubber Tire Corp., Ltd.

The company manufactures and produces various types of automobile and locomotive tires and other synthetic rubber products. But are Milestar tires any good, and are they worth buying? Do they provide any warranty?

In this blog, we will discuss all about who makes Milestar tires, their manufacturers, the 3 best Milestar tire reviews, are they any good, and much more. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Who Makes Milestar Tires?

Milestar Tires is a small-scale American tire brand, but its tires are made by Nankang Rubber Tire Corp., Ltd, a company headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. Nankang doesn’t only manufacture the tires of their own brand, but also engineers or markets other brand’s tire like Milestar, Geostar, Nanco, Westlake, Geotrac, Sendel, and Forte.

Nankang was founded in 1959 and operated with over 1220 employees to manufacture tires and other rubber products. Milestar Tires are owned by a small US-based company, Tireco, Inc, headquartered in Gardena, California, USA. Tireco has its warehouse in Fontana, where they distribute their products all over the USA.

Where Are Milestar Tires Made?

Milestar tires are made in Taiwan and the USA. The company that manufactures Milestar tires, Nankang Rubber Tire Corp, Ltd, has manufacturing facilities in two Taiwanese plants, Nankang and Hsinfung. Hence, they produce their tires in their plant situated in Taiwan. However, since 2021, Milestar has gradually started producing tires that are made in the USA.

Types Of Milestar Tires

Milestar produces the following types of tires:

  • Commercial tires
  • High and Ultra-high performance tires
  • Tires for light trucks and passenger cars
  • All-season tires or year-round tires

What Type Of Tires Is Milestar Patagonia?

Milestar Patagonia is basically a model or a series of the Milestar tire brand that specializes in off-road driving applications. It can work for light trucks, SUVs, side-by-sides, and UTVs.

Milestar provides a wide range of Patagonia tires, having numerous features that make them capable of functioning excellently on off-road, for example, optimal mud traction.

Who Sells Milestar Tires?

Some people think that Milestar tires are sold by Nankang Rubber Tire Corp, Ltd, but that’s not true. Though Milestar tires are manufactured by a Taiwanese company, they are sold and distributed by the owner of the Milestar brand, ie., Tireco, in North America.

Are Milestar Tires Any Good? Top 4 Features Of Milestar Tires

According to many customer reviews and ratings, it is safe to say that Milestar tires are reliable, durable, and a great choice for drivers, light trucks, or car owners as they offer the best value for money.

Below we have compiled the top 4 features of Milestar tires, indicating why you should go for the Milestar tire brand.

1)   Affordable

Before moving to any other feature, let’s not forget that Milestar tires are affordable compared to the top-quality features they offer.

You will find Milestar tires at prices ranging from $60-$100. And if you want to purchase premium category tires from Milestar, like the Terrain radial tires or higher quality all-season tires, the prices may exceed around $300.

2)   Durability

No matter what tire you purchase, it must have the quality to resist wear and tear and last up to thousands of miles. Milestar tires are crafted with a variety of features that make them durable and capable of resisting wear and overcoming uneven surfaces or harsh roads.

It is designed with step-down grooves that keep the tire rigid as it counteracts tough or extreme surfaces. Additionally, the tread compound in the tires is infused with silica gel, enhancing overall tread life and resisting chip damage.

3)   Handling

Milestar tires provide enhanced handling and optimum tire control with their wide circumferential ribs, which improve traction and overall road grip, allowing a stable drive. The siping integrated into the tire tread resists hydroplaning effects, providing exceptional braking ability on wet roads.

4)   Tread-wear Warranty

Milestar tires come with the most well-known type of tire warranty, i.e., treadwear or mileage warranty. It offers a mileage warranty of up to 50,000 miles.

This means that your tire won’t wear out before riding or working for 50,000 miles, and if the tire’s tread wears out before this time period, the manufacturer will replace it at a prorated value.

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3 Best Milestar Tires Reviews 

So, let’s discuss the 3 best Milestar tires review.

3 Best Milestar Tire Reviews
3 Best Milestar Tires

1)   Milestar MS932 Sport All-Season Radial Tire

This Milestar sport all-season tire is designed for various vehicles used today, including CUV applications and touring. Moreover, the tires are made of circumferential grooves, which improve driving stability, lateral grip, and handling and aid in evacuating water to reduce hydroplaning.

Its tread design improves car handling in dry conditions. It has the highest speed rating, including H, V, and T-rated speed performance, and comes with a prolonged tread life. These tires are all-around dependable, with channels for precise responsiveness that ensure a safe and secure ride on the road.

2)   Milestar MS932 All-Season Radial Tire

If you are looking for a Milestar tire made in the USA, then you are at the right place. This all-season radial tire from Milestar comes with a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty and is manufactured in the USA. It offers ultra-high performance and works well on off-road, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and light trucks.

This all-season Milestar tire is engineered with the highest standard in reliability and durability. Additionally, it offers a T-rated speed performance. One con about this tire is that it may be noisy. But if you want a year-round tire at an affordable price made in the USA, you can consider purchasing this type.

3)   Milestar Street Steel Classic Performance

The Milestar street steel tire is ideal for classic cars, muscle cars, custom street rods, and hot rods that require a period-correct rretro-inspiredtire with advanced performance abilities.

Like many other Milestar tires, this tire also features circumferential grooves that quickly clear out water from the tire’s tread, enhancing the durability and handling of the tire on wet surfaces or rainy weather.

Moreover, the tire consists of a notched center rib and angled siping that improves grip and stability on dry and wet roads. It offers a mileage warranty of 40,000 miles and an S and T speed rating with a UTQG rating of 440 AB. The tire is crafted with an angled shoulder design for better handling and responsive steering.

Who Makes Milestar Tires

Milestar Tires Vs. Michelin – Key Differences

Michelin has been manufacturing tires for many years. Undoubtedly, it is an older and more renowned tire brand compared to Milestar. Here are some of the key differences between both brands.

  1. As discussed, Milestar started making their tires in Taiwan. On the contrary, Michelin manufactures their tires in France.
  2. The parent company or owner of Michelin is Stand-alone, while the owner of Milestar is Tireco, Inc.
  3. Milestar tires are relatively more affordable than Michelin tires.
  4. Milestar offers a mileage warranty of 40,000-50,000 miles, while Michelin offers a mileage warranty of 45,000-85000 miles, depending on the type of tire you purchase.
  5. Milestar tire works on limited types of vehicles compared to Michelin. They are compatible on:
    1. Passenger cars
    1. Light trucks
    1. Commercial vehicles
    1. Provides performance and high-performance tires.

6) Michelin tires are compatible with the following vehicle types:

  • Passenger cars
  • Off-road
  • Civil and military vehicles
  • Heavy trucks
  • Aircraft
  • Trailers
  • Trains
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Motorcycles and bicycles


Q. Is Milestar a good tire?

Yes, overall, Milestar tires are good. Customers report that these tires offer excellent quality and value for the price point. However, a few users have complained that Milestar tires are noisy. All in all, if we compile the feedback of customers for Milestar tires in one sentence, it would be: “Great tires for the cost.”

Q. What country makes Milestar tires?

In the beginning, Milestar tires were made in Taiwan in two of their manufacturing plants, Nankang and Hsinfung. But in 2021, Tireco, the owner of the Milestar brand, announced that they now make their tires in the USA. So, the chances are that Milestar tires might be made in both countries, the USA and Taiwan.

Q. Where can I buy Milestar tires?

You can purchase Milestar tires from Walmart or your local tire store. You can also buy Milestar online from Amazon, eBay, or tiremart.

Q. Who makes Milestar tires for Walmart?

Milestar tires for Walmart are manufactured by the Taiwanese company Nankang Rubber Tire Corp., Ltd and sold or distributed by Tireco in North America.


We hope that you have got your answer to the question of who makes Milestar tires. Milestar tires come with all the useful features a car owner or a driver could want for their tires. For example, good mileage warranty and speed rating, prolonged tread life, circumferential-grooved, durable, and year-round tires. Milestar tires are owned by a US company Tireco, and most of their tires are also made in the USA. Above all, they are affordable compared to other high-end tire brands. 

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