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Carrying a winch while travelling off-roads can be a lifesaver as it can help you with a variety of tasks. From assisting you in getting over tough conditions, like mud, snow, or other obstacles to lifting, hauling, pulling, and positioning heavy materials to towing and boating to raise sails or anchor the vessel, a winch can also be used for various other applications.

Traveller is a US-based brand that offers lightweight and versatile winches available in various pulling capacities. From 2,500 lb to over 12,000 lbs, you can choose the one suitable to your needs. But who makes Traveller winches? Tractor Supply Co, a US-based retail chain mainly produces and supplies Traveller winches.

This blog aims to provide comprehensive details about who makes Traveller winches, top 3 Traveller winches reviews, where Traveller winches are made, and much more. So let’s get started.

Who Makes Traveller Winches?

Traveller winches are manufactured by a variety of brands, including Tractor Supply, White, Loomis, and Lewiston. Although Traveller winches may not be widely available everywhere, you can easily purchase them from Tractor Supply.

Tractor Supply Company, also known as Tractor Supply Co is a US-based retail chain that makes and provides rural and agricultural products, including tools and mechanical devices, farming supplies, lawn and gardening equipment, and more.

Traveller winches come in a variety of colors, sizes, and features designed to suit different needs. For example, if you want a lightweight winch for using it on mid-sized vehicles, you can purchase the 2500 or 3500 lb Traveller winch. It is designed for boats, ATVs, and snow plows for general use and intermittent duties.

On the other hand, if you want a highly powerful or heavy-duty winch for pulling or towing trucks, jeeps, or snow plows, you can purchase Traveller winches that are weighted or have pulling capacities ranging from 9000 to 12000 lbs.

Where Are Traveller Winches Made?

Traveller winches are primarily manufactured in the USA by different brands. Traveller winches are not made or owned by any specific company. Instead, it is a brand that refers to winches made by other companies, like Tractor Supply, Loomis, White, Lewiston, or others.

They are manufactured with high-quality durable materials and powder-coated finish, making them corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, and visually appealing.

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Top 3 Traveller Winches Reviews

Let’s review the different sizes of Traveller winches with their features and uses.

Top 3 Traveller Winches Reviews
Traveller Winches Reviews

1.    Traveller Winch 3500 lb

Are you looking for an easy-to-use and control winch featuring moderate pulling capacity? Then you can consider purchasing this device which is capable of pulling anything that weighs up to 3500 lbs. It is designed to be used on boats, ATVs, and snowplows.

This model is made of a handlebar-mounted remote switch and automatic braking system, offering safety, ease of use, precise load control, and reduced strain on the winch. Moreover, its 42-ft aircraft cable is galvanized, which prevents it from getting rusty, hence requiring less maintenance.

The 3500 lb winch uses a specific type of motor called 12V DC 1.3 HP permanent magnet motor which is known for its high efficiency, compact size, durability, and rapid response that allows precise and quick control over the winch.

2.    Traveller Winch 9000 lb

This winch is a heavy-duty performer as it boasts a 12V DC 2.8 HP series wound motor. It is designed for jeeps, trucks, and snowplows and can handle up to 9000 lbs of weight. It also features an automatic braking system, making it easier and convenient to control or handle the winch.

In addition, the 9000 lb Traveller winch comes with a 95-ft steel cable rope that is capable of withstanding heavy loads, resisting wear and tear, and allowing you to access and pull objects from a far distance. The steel-crafted cable boasts numerous advantages as it is abrasion resistant, reliable, versatile, and safe to use.

Moreover, its heavy-duty rubberized remote switch offers enhanced grip and comfort, making it easy to hold and operate, even in tough environments, like wet and muddy conditions. The rubberized construction provides protection against shock, vibrations, and moisture, making it useful for all types of outdoor and all-purpose winching tasks.

3.    Traveller Winch 12000 lb

If you are looking for the most powerful winch that can handle up to 12000 lb load with a 3 HP series wound motor and is sturdy enough for towing trucks, jeeps, snowplows, or other tough pickups, then take a look at this model.

The winch is constructed with an 83.7.ft steel cable, providing substantial reach, so you can pull and access objects from a considerable distance. Moreover, steel construction requires low maintenance and is resistant to environmental factors, like moisture, temperature variations, and UV exposure.

Like other models, this winch also boasts an automatic braking system and rubberized remote switch and is made of a powder-coated finish, making it corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, and aesthetically appealing.


Below are some important FAQs regarding Traveller winches:

Q. Who makes Traveller winches for Tractor Supply?

Traveller winches are manufactured in the USA by different brands and supplied by Tractor Supply. They are produced by Loomis, White, and Lewiston, as well as Tractor Supply. However, there is no fixed or specific manufacturer or owner of Traveller winches as it is not revealed by the brand. But these are the winches that refer to other companies that manufacture them, like Tractor Supply.

Q. Are Traveller winches any good?

Overall, Traveller winches work well and come in various sizes and models. Whether, you want winches for towing jeeps, trucks, ATVs, boats, or other pick-ups, the brand offers winches that cater to different needs. They are corrosion-resistant, easy to control and handle, and safe to use. Most models of Traveller winches come with a 1-year warranty, giving you peace of mind. These winches let you handle heavier loads and pull longer cables than a standard or typical winch.

Q. How is a Traveller winch helpful?

A traveller winch is a perfect go-to mechanical device for people who frequently travel off-roads or drive and handle heavy-duty vehicles, like trucks, jeeps, ATVs, dirt bikes, UTVs, or ATVs, or require lifting and positioning heavyweights. Winches are also used for emergency and rescue purposes, like pulling vehicles or people out of challenging situations


We hope that you have got the answer to the question of who makes Traveller winches. To conclude, Traveller winches are manufactured in the USA and are mainly produced and supplied by Tractor Supply Co. Before purchasing a Traveller winch, make sure that the size of the winch suits your vehicle and read the installation instructions carefully before using the winch or getting started on your work.

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