Where Are TRQ Parts Made

Can you drive your car peacefully if it has any missing, damaged, or low-quality auto parts that may carry the risk of accidents? Exactly. That’s how important it is to have reliable, authentic, and high-quality auto parts in your car.

Whether it is car lights, mirrors, steering and suspension, shock absorbers, or door handles, a car is incomplete if any of its parts are missing, poor quality, or damaged.

You might agree that along with the features and warranty, knowing about the manufacturer details and the location of where the products are made can reveal much about their quality.

In this article, we have brought details about a US-based aftermarket auto parts company, TRQ Parts. The company specializes in producing auto tools and accessories, repair kits, and other aftermarket auto parts at budget-friendly rates. In addition, we will also discuss who makes TRQ parts, where TRQ parts are made, its reviews, features, warranty, and much more. So, let’s get started.

Who Makes TRQ Parts?

TRQ is a global auto parts manufacturing private organization whose products are made by different distributors and automotive companies worldwide. TRQ Auto Parts is an American retail company headquartered in Pepperell, Massachusetts, USA. The company doesn’t manufacture its products by itself but sources them from different worldwide manufacturers.

TRQ has designed and fixed its specifications and standards regarding the quality of its products. Hence, before TRQ products are distributed and sold by other manufacturers, they have to ensure that the auto parts meet industry standards and have passed all quality assurance processes and manufacturing criteria designed by TRQ.

TRQ specializes in producing the highest quality rigorously tested aftermarket auto parts using top-class materials to ensure the longevity of their products at affordable prices. They produce various auto parts for a variety of vehicles, including mirrors, lights, steering and suspension, gas tanks, hubs, door handles, stocks and struts, and other automotive tools and accessories.


Where Are TRQ Parts Made?

As TRQ sources its products from various countries around the globe, it means its auto parts are manufactured in different countries worldwide. However, China is the major country where most TRQ parts are manufactured.

This is because China has the lowest labor cost, access to quality resources, and meets the highest quality standards within the given timelines. Other countries or areas where TRQ parts are manufactured include Australia, Europe, South America, and North America.

By sourcing auto parts from different countries and collaborating with multiple suppliers, TRQ has access to specialized equipment and processes that are found only in certain countries.

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TRQ Parts Reviews

Wondering about the features and products of TRQ parts? In this section, we have brought some best TRQ parts reviews.

TRQ Auto Parts Reviews

1.    TRQ Brake Kits – Made In China

Are you looking to replace your damaged or worn-out rear components? TRQ brake kits are a complete set of replacement components for the rear brake system designed for certain Nissan and Infiniti vehicles.

The kit comes with G-coated rotors and ceramic brake pads crafted with anti-corrosion coating and a multi-layer baking plate, maintaining their effectiveness and extending life by preventing the accumulation of rust and corrosion and reducing the need for frequent replacement. Its G-coated rotors are perfect for cars that have wheels with large openings whose rotor and rotor hat are frequently exposed during daily drives.

In addition, with the ceramic brake pads, you can enjoy a quieter ride as it produces less dust and noise, resulting in cleaner and noise-free wheels. Many times we don’t realize that our vehicle’s brake components may wear out with time and replacing them is essential for maintaining our car’s safety and braking performance.

2.    TRQ Iridium 4 Piece Spark Plugs Engine Tune-Up Ignition Kit Set – Made In Europe

Tuning up your vehicle’s ignition system restores the engine to its peak performance, helps improve fuel efficiency, and results in a smoother-running vehicle with better acceleration.

This 4 piece spark plugs ignition kit set from TRQ auto parts helps tune up your vehicle’s ignition system by replacing components that can degrade over time like spark plugs. This results in improved engine performance, and enhanced fuel efficiency, and ensures that your engine starts up and runs smoothly.

The ignition kit spark plug set is made of Iridium which is known for its durability, longer service life, efficient spark generation, and 25% better ignition performance compared to platinum or other standard plugs.

3.    TRQ Shock Absorber Front And Rear LH RH Pair Set – Made In China

Are you willing to enjoy a more smoother and comfortable ride on your vehicle? Replacing shocks is a part of your car maintenance which deteriorates over time as shocks are wear and tear components of the car. So, its wearing can lead to excessive bouncing and affect vehicle control.

This kit includes both front and rear shock absorbers for the right and left side of your vehicle, which helps control and dampen the movement of your vehicle’s suspension by replacing damaged or worn shock, delivering a comfortable and smoother ride. It is designed for specific vehicle models, like Amigo, Passport, Axiom, and Rodeo.

By replacing old shock absorbers with new ones, you can enjoy:

  • Enhanced ride quality
  • Less wear and tear
  • Extended tire life
  • Safer driving
  • Less bouncing
  • Comfortable and smooth ride


Let’s discuss some of the important FAQs related to TRQ parts.

Q. Where are TRQ parts made?

TRQ parts are made and produced worldwide by different distributors, retailers and suppliers, and automotive manufacturers. Countries like China, North and South America, Australia, and Europe commonly manufacture TRQ parts.

Q. Does TRQ make quality auto parts?

TRQ manufactures automotive parts and accessories that are designed to meet OEM (original equipment manufacturer) standards and criteria. This means no matter where TRQ parts are made they are engineered with similar standards set by TRQ.

Hence, overall TRQ makes quality auto parts in state-of-the-art facilities with the highest quality materials and at pocket-friendly rates. But compatibility issues with some vehicle models and limited availability are seen with TRQ parts. Hence, it is recommended to always check its compatibility with your car before purchasing.

Q. What company is TRQ?

TRQ is an American auto parts retailer headquartered in Pepperell, Massachusetts, USA. It produces auto aftermarket products, like headlights, door handles, stocks and struts, gas tanks, and hubs, and other vehicle accessories and repair parts.

Q. Does TRQ have a warranty?

TRQ comes with a limited lifetime warranty but it varies on the specific product and where you purchase it. The warranties of TRQ parts do not cover damage caused by misuse, improper installation, or usual wear and tear. You might need to register the warranty online to activate it depending on the type of product.


So, that was all about where TRQ parts are made and who makes TRQ parts. Whether you are a car owner, a driver, or an automotive DIYer or enthusiast, you might know the importance of auto parts repair and replacement.

For the proper functioning of your car and to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride, it is crucial to replace its wear and tear component at least once or twice every 4 to 5 years.

TRQ Auto Parts manufactures its products from various automotive manufacturers and countries worldwide, including China, Europe, and the USA to assure that the auto parts meet the highest quality standards and manufacturing processes.

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