Who Makes Farm Pro Tractors

If you are in the agriculture or farm-related industry or involved in any construction tasks and want to know all the details about who makes Farm Pro Tractors, you are at the right place.

Farm Pro Tractors is a tractor sales and importing company headquartered in Huntington, Indiana, USA. Homier Distribution, one of the largest household and tool importer organizations, is the parent company of Farm Pro Tractors.

Both Farm Pro and Homier Distribution with some other brands, like Foron and Jinma make the automotive and agricultural products of Farm Pro tractors. They make several automotive, utility, and farm-related products, like motors, mowers, tractors, and others. Their tractors are powerful and sturdy enough to handle the requirements of any farmer.

So do you want to know more about Farm Pro Tractors? Let’s continue! In this blog, we will discuss everything about who makes Farm Pro Tractors, their manufacturers, and product reviews. So, let’s get started.

Who Makes Farm Pro Tractors? – About The Manufacturers

Farm Pro themselves with their parent company, Homier Distribution makes Farm Pro tractors. Homier Company Inc. sells its products through traveling tent sales and website.

Farm Pro tractors and its automotive products are sold under different names, like Foron, Jinma, Nortrac, FarmPro, and a few others.

This means some of the tractors and products supplied by Farm Pro are also manufactured by other companies like Foron, which is a Chinese tractor-making company.

The parent company of Farm Pro, Homier Distribution, is related to the building material and supplies deals industry. In 2002, they began to sell and import tractors and implements. Later in 2011, the implements of Homier Company Inc. started being imported under the Minneapolis-Moline brand and colors.

Minneapolis-Moline brand and colors are a steel, tractor, and machinery producer twin city tractors brand located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA that was founded in 1924.

Where Are Farm Pro Tractors Made?

Due to economic reasons, Farm Pro tractors are commonly manufactured in China. Their tractors are available in a variety of models that come with different horsepower designed to suit individual needs.

From 20 hp to 25, 30, 40, 50, and 55 hp to 70 and 82 hp, you will find several models and horsepower offered by Farm Pro tractors. Some engines of their tractors are from Perkins, a diesel engine manufacturer based in the UK.

The common models (but not limited to) of Farm Pro tractors include:

  • Farm Pro 2010
  • Farm Pro 2025
  • Farm Pro 554
  • Farm Pro 2420
  • Farm Pro 2450
  • Farm Pro 2425

Farm Pro Tractor Reviews

Although Farm Pro is not a very famous brand, if you are looking for reasonably-priced compact tractors, then you can consider purchasing their products. Let’s discuss the reviews of Farm Pro Tractors and their features in detail.

Farm Pro 2425 Review

Farm Pro 2425 is a 4WD (four-wheel drive) compact utility tractor, which makes it ideal for versatile purposes, including usage in small to medium-sized farms, landscaping, lawn care, hauling and transportation, forestry, livestock operations, fieldwork, and other applications.

They provide excellent traction so you can easily use them in various terrains, from rough or wet to muddy conditions. In addition, this tractor is compact and hence fuel-efficient compared to larger models, saving your overall transport costs.

Who Makes Farm Pro Tractors

This model is manufactured in China by Jinma and distributed and supplied by Farm Pro. The tractor boasts a 1.5-litre three-cylinder diesel engine with 12 forward and 4 reverse gears, making it a versatile, lightweight durable, and cost-effective choice for various utility and agricultural applications. Moreover, the tractor is constructed with a 20.8-liter fuel tank, two-post ROPS with canopy, and power steering.

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Farm Pro Tractor Problems And Their Solution

Overall, Farm Pro tractors are efficient, compact, and durable, but some customers have experienced a few problems while using these tractors. These issues commonly arise due to improper maintenance and cleaning of inner components, like fuel filters. In this section, we will discuss some of the most common problems of Farm Pro 2425, and how you can resolve them.

Farm Pro Tractor Problems
Farm Pro Tractor Problems

1.    Engine Issues 

There can be various reasons that your tractor engine is having issues. For example, if there is some faulty wiring or not enough fuel inside the injector pump, it can lead to engine problems.

Another issue that can result in engine problems is low coolant levels which cause the engines to overheat. As a result, your tractor engine does not function properly.

To troubleshoot engine problems, it is crucial that you should check your radiators and fuel filters. They often get dirty after using them for an extended period. Hence, thoroughly clean all the components of your radiators and fuel filters periodically to ensure that nothing is clogged inside.

2.    Starting Issues

If your tractor turns over but doesn’t start, check the:

  • Fuel injectors
  • If there is insufficient fuel
  • Whether the glow plugs are in full working condition.

3. Engine Misfire

An engine misfire may be caused due to a variety of reasons, including:

  • Worn spark plugs
  • Wrong ignition timing
  • Clogged air filter
  • Faulty fuel pump
  • Low charged battery

To prevent engine misfires, regular tune-ups, and proper maintenance are required. If your tractor is facing any of these problems that are leading to engine misfire, a qualified mechanic would be the best to resolve and troubleshoot the problem.

4. Fuel Filter Clogging

The fuel filter in your tractor traps dirt and debris in the filter so that it doesn’t reach the engine. Excessive or too much dirt and debris in the fuel filter may cause a build-up of waste, ultimately clogging the entire system.

Hence, you should regularly check and change the fuel filter to ensure that it stays free of contaminants. In addition, the chance of clogging may increase with low-quality fuel filters. Keeping high-quality fuel prevents the accumulation of dirt and debris and stops it from entering the system.


Here are some important FAQs related to Farm Pro Tractors:

Q. Who makes Farm Pro Tractors?

Farm Pro Tractors are manufactured by its own company, Farm Pro Tractor, and its parent organization, Homier Distribution Inc. In addition, some other brands, like Foron also manufacture the tractors supplied by Farm Pro. The engines of some Farm Pro tractor models are made by Perkins.

Q. Are Farm Pro Tractors made in China?

Yes, Farm Pro tractors are based in the USA, but manufactured in China. You will find almost all models of Farm Pro made in China and sold under different names, like Jinma, Foron, or Farm Pro. These tractors are cost-effective, fuel-efficient, compact, and durable.


We hope that you have got your answer to the question of who makes Farm Pro Tractors. All in all, Farm Pro tractors are affordable and useful for a variety of conditions.

From agricultural use to transportation and lawn care to small-scale farming or utility use, you can utilize it for multiple applications or purposes. But to keep the tractor in running condition at all times, proper maintenance is mandatory.

For example, you should keep the engine, blades, and fuel system clean and regularly change the engine oil to allow smooth functioning. Moreover, lubricating the moving parts of Farm Pro engines may also help reduce wearing issues.

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