Who Makes Powerhorse Engines

A gas engine can be your lifesaver when immediate power generation is required, and the only fuel or power available is gas. Whether you need to restore an interrupted power supply, wash your car, handle an uncertain power shutdown, or operate your generator, a gas engine can help out. In this blog, we will discuss a high-end gas engine brand called Powerhorse engines in detail.

Powerhorse Engines

But before diving into further details, do you know who makes Powerhorse engines? Powerhorse engines are manufactured by Northern Tool + Equipment, mainly known as the Northern Tool. This tool company is located in the USA.

Powerhorse equipment, generators, and engines are designed in the USA but manufactured in China. To know more about Powerhorse machines, their manufacturers, features, and the best Powerhorse engines, continue reading our article.

Who Makes Powerhorse Engines?

The manufacturer of Powerhorse engines is the retailer and producer of light-duty industrial equipment and DIY supplies, referred to as the Northern tool, also known as Northern Tool + Equipment. The Northern Tool was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in Burnsville, Minnesota, USA.

Apart from gas engines, Northern Tool produces a variety of full-line of high-quality equipment, such as:

  • Generators
  • Pressure washers
  • Log splitters
  • Water pumps
  • Air compressors
  • Sprayers

Are Powerhorse Engines Any Good? 

Powerhorse engines are excellent performers as they are equipped with a variety of high-quality features that assure the engine’s strength, reliability, safety, robustness, and the ability to handle higher loads and heavy-duty operations – for example, they boast high-quality dual ball bearings and industry-strength cast iron sleeves for added protection and reduction of wear or friction.

Top 6 Features Of Powerhorse Engines

Powerhorse engines offer plenty of useful features, which makes them high-quality engine equipment. In this section, we have compiled all the exceptional features of Powerhorse engines.

1)   Operates On A Wide Range Of Equipment

Powerhorse engines provide sufficient power to operate a wide range of equipment, including generators, pressure washers, and log splitters.

Powerhorse engines

2)   Dual Ball Bearings

Another exceptional feature of Powerhorse engines is that they are equipped with dual ball bearings; hence, are more robust and can handle higher loads compared to single ball bearings.

They can also take radial and axial loads in both directions, and reduce friction and wear for prolonged life and smooth operation. Additionally, because of the double ball bearings, these engines can efficiently handle heavy-duty applications.

3)   Low Oil Shutdown Function

Engines may damage when no oil leads to a shutdown. You may not notice that the oil is finished until your engine shuts down automatically, gradually damaging your engine.

Luckily, Powerhorse engines boast a low oil shutdown feature, so you will receive a signal and the engines will turn off when the oil is about to finish, keeping your engines safe from damage.

4)   Copper-wound Generator Head

The copper-wound generator head in Powerhorse engines prevents overheating of the machine followed by continuous operation.

5)   Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeves

Cast iron is commonly the main component used in the manufacturing of engine liners. It contains graphite which is an ideal natural lubricant for the pistons passing across it.

Moreover, cast iron has porous surfaces which act as a natural damper as the engines pass through vibrations. Powerhorse engines are constructed with the highest quality industry-strength cast iron sleeves.

6)   High-performance Forged Crankshafts

Another feature we loved about Powerhorse engines is that they are made with high-performance forged crankshafts.

Forged crankshafts, also known as forged cranks, are used to provide reliability and strength that excel any turned bar stock or cast.

This makes them an ideal material for use wherever strength, quality, or consistency is required.

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The Best Powerhorse Engine Reviews

Now, do you want to know which Powerhorse engines offer the top features we mentioned above? Check out our list below.

1)   Powerhorse 420cc OHV Horizontal Engine

Here is the first best Powerhorse engine on our list. In one package, you will receive excellent power and dependability from this horizontal OHV 420cc engine. It is equipped with an electric start that quickly turns on the engine as you twist the key. Its cast iron sleeves provide added protection to keep the engine in top functioning condition.

With the dual ball bearing, the engine reduces the chances of wear and tear, tolerates friction, and prolongs the engine life, delivering smooth operation. The features don’t end here. You will also get to enjoy superior strength and high torque PTO applications with its Forged crankshafts.

Its internal oil splash and the delivery system give extra lubrication and the low oil shutdown feature protects the engine from low oil damage. Above all, the engine remains protected from dirt and debris at all times from the air filter and pre-cleaner boasted in the engine.

2)   Powerhorse 212cc OHV Horizontal Engine

The second best 212cc engine from Powerhorse is ideal to fulfill small engine needs. It provides sufficient power to operate various equipment, including pressure washers and log splitters. Just like the 420cc engine from Powerhorse, it is equipped with dual ball bearing for enhanced life and protection from wear, and a forged-steel crankshaft for providing superior strength.

Its cast iron cylinder sleeves reduce oil consumption, emissions, and bore wear. The low-oil feature will turn off the engine as the oil reaches an ending point, preventing engine damage or failure. As the name indicates, the only difference that distinguishes this engine from Powerhorse 420cc is its size which is 212cc, while the first engine has a size of 420cc. So, if you are looking for an engine to fulfil small operation needs, this one will be ideal to purchase.

Powerhorse Engine’s Comparision Table

Features Powerhorse 420cc OHV Horizontal EnginePowerhorse 212cc OHV Horizontal Engine
Forged Crankshafts✔️✔️
Dual ball bearings✔️✔️
Low oil shutdown function✔️✔️
Copper-wound generator head✔️✔️
Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeves✔️✔️
Engine Size420cc212cc

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Q. Who makes Powerhorse equipment?

Powerhorse equipment and engines are made by Northern Tool + Equipment, commonly known as the Northern tool, a USA-based manufacturer and retailer of DIY supplies and light industrial tools. Powerhorse equipment is designed and quality-controlled in the USA and manufactured in China.

Q. Are Powerhorse and predator generators the same?

Powerhorse and predator are two different generator brands, but they offer the same functions. Both predator 3500 and Powerhorse 3500 generators are manufactured in China. Predator is sold under the brand name Harbor Freight, and Powerhorse is sold under Northern Tool + Equipment Company.
However, they have some other notable differences, which are as follows:
● Powerhorse 3500 produces 4500 peak watts power output, while predator 3500 produces 3500 peak watts power output.
● Powerhorse weighs 99.2 lbs and predator generator weighs 100 lbs.
●Powerhorse can operate for 10 hours at 2.6 gallons of gas, while predator 3500 operates for 11 hours at 2.6 gallons of gas.

Q. What kind of motor is in a Powerhorse generator?

The type of motor a Powerhorse generator has is a Dual Ball Bearing, Overhead Valve Engine (OHV), and High-Performance Forged Crankshafts.


We hope that you have found your answer to the question of who makes Powerhorse engines. Powerhorse engines are made by a US-based manufacturer and retailer of industrial supplies called the Northern Tool. The Powerhorse engines are designed in the USA but manufactured in China.

There is no compromise in the equipment quality as they come with a wide range of features an ideal engine should have, including dual ball bearings, high-performance Forged Crankshafts, cast iron cylinder sleeves, and low oil shutdown function.

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