Who Makes Mopar Oil Filters

If you are a car or motorcycle enthusiast, you must have heard about Mopar oil filters. But have you ever wondered who makes Mopar oil filters? In this article, we have got everything covered about Mopar oil filters, their manufacturers, features, and the best Mopar oil filter reviews. You will also get to know why oil filters are important for vehicles.

The interesting part is the Mopar brand doesn’t manufacture its oil filters but is more focused on selling oil filters. Other high-end automotive companies, such as Wix, Purolator, and Champion Labs manufacture Mopar oil filters.

Who Makes Mopar Oil Filters

Who Is Mopar?

In case you don’t know about Mopar, let’s discuss what the brand is all about. Mopar originated from the combination of two words; motor and parts.

Mopar is an automotive industry that sells and delivers auto parts, customer care division, and services of the former Chrysler Corporation.

The Chrysler Corporation is now owned by a Netherland-based manufacturer known as Stellantis, which is a multinational automotive manufacturing corporation.

Mopar was founded in 1937 and is headquartered in the United States. The main products of the Mopar brand are automotive parts. Their owner is Stellantis Corporation.

Who Makes Mopar Oil Filters? – All You Need To Know About Their Manufacturers:

The oil filters of the Mopar brand are produced by three different manufacturing companies, namely Purolator, Champion Labs, and Wix, then the oil filters are sold under the brand Mopar. These three manufacturing companies are located in the USA; hence Mopar Oil Filters are manufactured in the USA.

The manufacturers of Mopar Oil Filters

About The Purolator

The most significant quantity of Mopar oil filters is produced by Purolator, and they are the leading manufacturer of the Mopar brand. They manufacture oil filters that protect engines up to 10,000 miles and are constructed with multi-fiber high-density media that offer 96.5% dirt removal power, keeping engines smoothly on-track.

Purolator manufactures oil filters for Mopar in Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA.

About The Champion Labs

The second largest suppliers of the oil filters for Mopar are Champion Labs, one of the top brands in the USA that produce automobile accessories. Champion Labs are responsible for making filters that are smaller in size, ranging from 75 mm to 65 mm for Mopar.

Along with producing oil filters, they are renowned for manufacturing other accessories for various car industries and are recognized as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

About Wix

The smallest quantity of the Mopar Oil Filters is manufactured by Wix, yet their production quality is noteworthy and top-notch. Wix comprises two oil filter plants in the USA. One is located in South Carolina, and the other is in North Carolina.

They manufacture a wide range of oil filters for a variety of vehicles, including motorcycles, trucks, cars, and SUVs. The production of Wix products, i.e. cotton, was started in 1939. Later, they switched their manufacturing products to oil filters as it generated better profit.

Until now it has been over 60 years since they are manufacturing high-quality oil filters for various automotive industries.

What Are Oil Filters? Why Are They Important?

Oil filters are mechanical devices that filter dirt, debris, contaminants, and unburned fuels from the engines of vehicles. This allows fresh and dirt-free oil circulation in the engines, allowing the maximum performance of vehicles throughout the travel.

If the oil in your engines is left unfiltered, it will result in an accumulation of tiny, hard particles and contaminants which will wear the surfaces of your engines, decreasing the performance of your vehicle, and ultimately damaging the engines.

Here are the major functions of oil filters and how they are essential for engines:

  • Filters remove dirt particles and combustion residues, such as metal debris, dust, and oil carbons from engine oils. These contaminants are collected from the oil prior to entering the vehicle engines.
  • With the help of oil filters, all moving parts in the vehicles, such as the valvetrain, camshaft, and connecting rods, are protected from wear and tear and damage.
  • Oil filters prevent thick oils from blocking the engine or interrupting the flow by boosting several thinning holes within the filters.

Are Mopar Filters Any Good? 5 Reasons You Should Buy Mopar Oil Filters

Here are the top reasons to help you decide whether Mopar oil filters are worth buying.

1.    Up to 10,000 Miles Of Engine Protection

With Mopar oil filters, you can easily drive up to 10,000 miles or above without worrying about wear and tear on your engines. Mopar oil filters offer outstanding engine protection during your travel.

2.    Manufactured By Expert Car-Makers

Any product manufactured by their field specialist ensures high-quality performance. Mopar oil filters are produced by 3 leading car-making industries, eliminating any loopholes in the product or manufacturing process and offering guaranteed results.

3.    Advanced Technology

Mopar oil filters ensure that every feature of their filters meets advanced technology specifications to produce a high-end product.

For example:

  1. The media of their filters are a blend of three top-class materials, including fiberglass, polyester, and synthetic.
  2. They have incorporated an anti-drain back valve in their filters, which preserves oil in engines and prevents dry start-ups of vehicles.
  3. Mopar oil filters boost wire backing to maintain conformity of the media.

4. High Efficiency

Mopar oil filters have up to 98.7% efficiency and a micron rating of 35. This makes the oil filters ideal in terms of their filtering capacity, as they have high efficiency in filtering out large amounts of the smallest particles and impurities.

5. Cost-Effective

The Mopar oil filters are cost-effective as they use refined production technology without compromising on the quality of the filters. You can get a greater value at a lesser price by purchasing the Mopar oil filters.

The Best Mopar Oil Filters

Oil filters are a crucial part of any vehicle that is necessary to keep your engine clean, smooth, and running on the track. The oil filter you should purchase depends on the type of engine you have.

Mopar oil filters come in various shapes and sizes to suit a variety of needs. Let’s check some of the best Mopar oil filters available in the market. You can purchase these oil filters online easily on Amazon.

1)   Mopar 4726067AA Filter

Along with being cost-effective, Mopar 4726067AA is one of the best oil filters on the market. It includes an anti-drain system, which prevents the oil from leaking and thus inhibits auto starting hurdles and dry start-up of vehicles. It offers excellent performance throughout your travel and comes with OEM parts and accessories.

2)   Mopar 6806 1634AA Filter

Along with other Mopar filter features, this oil filter also comes with sufficient plentiful media, which ensures that the right amount of oil is filtered each time and guarantees 100% absolute performance of your engine.

3)   Mopar 6822 94022A Engine Oil Filter

This oil filter is ideal and offers great performance if you have any of the following eco-diesel engines:

  • RAM 3.0L 2014 diesel
  • RAM eco 2018 diesel
  • Eco diesel 2016
  • RAM eco 2020 diesel
  • 4×4 1500 2017 eco diesel


Q. Who are Mopar filters made by?

Mopar oil filters are made by three different oil manufacturing companies. These include Purolator, Champion Labs, and Wix. The largest quantity of oil comes from Purolator, and the second largest portion of oil for Mopar is supplied by Champion Labs, while the least quantity of oil for Mopar is produced by Wix. However, all these companies make high-quality oils under Chrysler’s specifications

Q. Where are Mopar filters manufactured?

Mopar oil filters are manufactured in different states of the USA by individual manufacturing companies. Purolator is located in North Carolina, USA where they produce oil for Mopar. Champion Labs are located in South Carolina and Illinois, USA while Wix is situated in both; South and North Carolina, USA.

Q. Is Mopar a good brand?

Mopar parts are manufactured by specialized car-producing companies that are automotive field experts. This makes them certified and experienced professionals for delivering automotive services, parts, and accessories, plus manufacturing specialized, high-quality, and top-class motor parts.

Q. How many miles is a Mopar oil filter good for?

Mopar oil filters are good for 10,000 miles, offering maximum protection with 96.5% dirt removal power for your engines during the entire period.

Q. Where can I purchase Mopar oil filters?

If you wish to get your Mopar oil filters delivered to your home through a reliable online purchase, you can buy Mopar oil filters on Amazon. Otherwise, you can also purchase it from your local car store, Walmart, or eBay.

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We hope that you have got the answer to your question of who makes Mopar oil filters. Mopar themselves does not manufacture Mopar oil filters; instead, they are produced by other leading car-making industries, including Purolator, Champion Labs, and Wix. Then these oil filters are sold under the brand Mopar.

The oil filters boost outstanding features to help your engine function up to 10,000 miles or more. They are equipped with an anti-drain back system and media, which retains the oil and prevents dry start-ups of vehicles. Additionally, Mopar oil filters offer up to 98.7% filter efficiency, which can filter large amounts of small particles and keep your engine oil fresh and clean throughout your travel.

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