Who Makes Napa Floor Jacks

A floor jack is a vehicle lifting mechanical device that aids in car repair, auto parts replacing, and maintenance purposes, making weight lifting of vehicle or auto parts easier for you. Napa, a floor jack brand, efficiently handles all these car lifting operations. But did you know who makes Napa floor jacks?

Napa Floor Jacks

The National Automotive Parts Association (NAPA), or the NAPA Auto Parts along with other teams, such as Carlyle Fraser provides Napa floor jacks and automotive replacement parts. Napa floor jacks are manufactured in China but assembled and distributed in the USA.

In this article, we will discuss everything in detail about who makes Napa floor jacks, their manufacturers, floor jack purposes and benefits, and Napa floor jack reviews. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Who Makes Napa Floor Jacks?

Napa floor jacks are manufactured in China by various automotive factories. They are produced by NAPA itself, an American automotive replacement parts and accessories retailer and distributing brand. NAPA is known as Napa Auto Parts, which was founded in 1925 and has around 6000 NAPA auto parts stores in the USA.

Napa works with other firms too, for example, their parent organization is Genuine Parts Company whose founder is Carlyle Fraser. So, you may find various NAPA products under the name of Carlyle as well. Around 1,142 NAPA stores are owned by Genuine Parts Company, while NAPA independently owns the remaining automotive replacement and accessory stores.

Genuine Parts Company (GPC) is a US organization that has numerous subsidiaries. They distribute automotive and industrial replacement parts, electronic materials, and office products. It was founded in 1925 and has headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Benefits And Uses Of A Floor Jack Or Napa Floor Jacks

As discussed, floor jacks are great for car lifting or auto-replacing purposes. By using a floor jack, you can enjoy the following benefits.

1)   Lifts Heavier Loads

You will find various designs and types of jacks for car lifting, but the foremost benefit of floor jacks is that they can lift heavier loads as they work by applying force through a hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic jacks, also known as floor jacks, can lift the heaviest loads compared to others, such as bottle jacks.

2)   Small Amount Of Force Requirements

Commonly, lifting heavy loads even through any equipment or tool requires putting a lot of force by yourself, and what if it’s lifting a car?! Luckily, with hydraulic floor jacks, you don’t need to put excessive force.

Only a small amount of force would be enough to lift your car or auto parts through the floor jack. Continue reading to find out how a Napa floor jack works.

3)   Portable

Another great benefit of floor jacks or Napa floors jack is that they are portable. They are equipped with a horizontal stand and two wheels on the bottom, hence carrying them from one place to another is hassle-free and easy for all.

4)   Prevents Arm And Wrists Injuries

Lifting auto parts while repairing your car may lead to arm or wrist injuries. With floor jacks, you won’t need to lift any heavy parts while repairing your car, preventing arm and wrist injuries.

5)   Useful For Light Construction Projects

In addition to car repairing, floor jacks also aid in light construction projects by lifting components or construction equipment, helping in manufacturing operations.

How Does A Napa Floor Jack Work?

Napa floor jack is a hydraulic jack, hence works on hydraulic mechanism. Napa floor jack works by moving oil through two cylinders and creating pressure with a pump plunger. The pump plunger is taken backward which opens the suction valve and takes oil into the chamber. When the plunger is drawn downward, the oil is transferred into the cylinder chamber through an external discharge valve.

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Napa Floor Jack Review

This professional lifting equipment, Napa floor jack, is blue and yellow in color and weighs around 2 to 3 tons, depending on the model you purchase. It is equipped with a vertical movable rubber handle for the portability and lifting of vehicle or auto parts. Pushing and taking the handle up and down lifts the saddle to an extended height of 20 inches.

  • Long-lasting
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for car lifting, performing light construction projects, and auto parts lifting.
  • Made with top quality materials.
  • Well-built, smooth, and lifts components or vehicles effortlessly.
  • It can be slightly heavy.
  • It may overheat due to overuse.
  • It may be expensive, but it is still worth the price.


Q. Who makes Napa floor jacks?

Napa floor jacks are manufactured in China and are assembled in the USA. Napa Auto Parts and their parent organization Genuine Parts Company (GPC) produces Napa floor jacks. The founder of GPC is Carlyle, so you may find various NAPA products under the name Carlyle.

Q. Who makes Carlyle jack?

Carlyle jacks are made by Grizzly Industrial, Inc, a machinery industry company, headquartered in Washington, USA. They provide metalworking and woodworking accessories and machinery.

Q. Are Napa floor jacks any good?

Napa floor jacks are ideal for car lifting and auto parts lifting purposes. They are portable, easy to use, smooth, and well-built. Customers have found them long-lasting and outstanding compared to other floor jack brands.

Q. Where can I buy Napa floor jacks?

You can purchase Napa floor jacks and accessories online from eBay and Amazon or your local automotive equipment tool stores.


We hope that we have answered your query about who makes Napa floor jacks. Napa floor jacks are produced by Napa Auto Parts and Genuine Parts Company, their parent organization. They are manufactured in China for economical purposes and assembled and distributed in the USA. Napa floor jacks are top performers and easy to handle when it comes to lifting.

There are some drawbacks of hydraulic floor jacks that they overheat quickly on overuse and can damage if oil seals are worn out. But taking care of the mechanical device can increase its performance and prevent damage. The oil leak should be prevented to avoid soil and water pollution.

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