Who Makes Harley Davidson Helmets

Are you willing to purchase Harley Davidson Helmets but first want to know about their manufacturers, brand, and product features? This article includes details about who makes Harley Davidson Helmets and the helmet details. The manufacturers of Harley Davidson Helmets are HJC and KBC.

About Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson, also known as Harley or H-D, is an American motorcycle manufacturer. It was founded in 1903 in Milwaukee, WI, and became official in 1907. The company was established by Arthur Davidson and William Harley. Now, the organization manufactures motorcycles, helmets, and other vehicles.

Who Makes Harley Davidson Helmets?

Motorcycle leading industries manufacture Harley helmets for men, such as HJC and Bell. The founder of Harley Helmets is an American Harley Davidson Motor Group Company, Inc.

The parts of the H-D products, like motorcycles or helmets, are manufactured in various factories around the world, such as in Taiwan, Germany, Japan, Italy, China, Australia, and Mexico, and imported to the desired factories in the USA. The products are then assembled and sent to the Harley Davidson dealers.

Features Of Harley Davidson Helmets

The specialty about Harley Davidson Helmets that makes them stand out is that it is specially designed for motorcyclists and incorporates special features which make them unique.

The Features Of Harley-Davidson Helmets

Here are all the features of the Harley Davidson Helmets:

  • Harley helmets come with a visor. This enables protection from the sun or wind by lowering the visor.
  • The ventilation space allows air to pass through the helmet freely, so you can stay relaxed and comfortable while riding during hot temperatures. It also helps remove debris and sweat from your head.
  • The helmet comes with a built-in airbag so that you will remain safe in any bike accident or crash.
  • You can enjoy music and navigation while riding with the helmet’s audio system.
  • The Harley helmet comes with an adjustable strap.
  • Last but not least, Harley’s helmet is made of premium materials to ensure durability and safety, such as steel and ABS plastic.

The Top 3 Best Harley Davidson Helmets In 2022

Regarding helmets, every rider wishes to wear the most comfortable, durable, and high-quality helmet that offers maximum protection and is comfortable on your head. In this section, we have gathered the top 3 Harley Davidson Helmets, along with their features.

1)   Harley-Davidson Pilot 3-in-1 X04

The Harley Davidson Pilot helmet can be worn in three different ways for additional comfort. You can wear it as a half helmet and add the face mask for full comfort or add the rear comfort sleeves for partial comfort. Its interior lining is moisture-absorbing and removable; thus, you can easily wash it as needed. The helmet costs around $275.


  • It comes with a retractable sun shield with anti-fog and anti-scratch coating that gives 95% protection from UV light.
  • It consists of a rear comfort sleeve and face mask, which is removable to make the helmet half design. They are made for comfort and not for safety.
  • The weight of the helmet is 3 lbs and 6 oz or 1,531 grams.
  • It is constructed with a thermoplastic shell and consists of a double D ring chin strap.
  • The front went on the top of the helmet lets air flow freely and enables breathing perforation with the face mask.
  • The product also incorporates a helmet-carrying bag.

2)   Harley-Davidson Audio NO2 Full Face Helmet

This Harley Davidson helmet is a bit costly, around $550, but if you want digital technology along with a helmet, buying this one will be worth your money and needs. It comes with one mesh and Bluetooth, allowing you to enjoy multiple things as you ride. You will get a Bluetooth headset having an excellent audio system. In addition, you will receive storage and a carrying bag with the helmet.

The weight of the helmet is 3 lbs and 12 ounces, and its shell is made of fiberglass composite material. It also has reflective piping by which people on the road will be able to see you even in low light conditions.

  • With its FM radio built in the battery, you can listen to your favorite music. Not just this, you can share the music with around 8 riders through the telecom.
  • Mesh intercom technology of the helmet lets you connect with 16 riders in private mode.

3)   Harley Davidson Killian MO5 Full Face Helmet

The Harley Davidson Killian full-face helmet is another best option at an affordable price ($135) for people who are extra cautious about safe bike riding and preventing accidents. As the name suggests, it is a full-face helmet that offers entire facial protection without overheating your neck or face. You don’t need to worry about getting sweaty as it is specifically designed with built-in channel vents for airflow.

Features And Benefits:

  • Its shell is stable and durable and is made of thermoplastic material.
  • The weight of the helmet is 3 lbs and 14 ounces.
  • For security and easy removal, the helmet is attached to a double D-ring Chin strap.
  • The face shield of the helmet offers protection from 95% UV rays.
  • The lining of the helmet is removable and washable, plus it absorbs moisture from your skin and hair.
  • The sun shield prevents glare from the bright sunlight and is retractable for times when you want to see outside through a brighter lens.
A Deep Dive into the World of Harley-Davidson Helmets


Q. Who makes Harley Davidson Helmets?

Some leading motorcycle industries manufacture Harley Davidson Helmets, such as HJC, KBC, and Bell. Harley Davidson is an American motorcycle manufacturing company that was founded in 1907.

The parts of their products are manufactured in various parts of the world and are sent to the USA for assembling and distribution.

Q. What does Harley Davidson manufacture and where?

Harley Davidson manufactures heavyweight motorcycles, motorcycle parts, apparel, helmets, accessories, and general merchandise. The company manufactures its motorcycles at factories in Pennsylvania, York, Brazil, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, India, and Thailand.

Q. How much do Harley-Davidson Helmets cost?

The cost depends on which model and style you choose to buy. But on average, you will get the helmet in the range of $300-$500.

Q. Are Harley Davidson Helmets good?

Yes. Harley motorcycle helmets are designed with high-quality materials that offer premium protection. They come in full-face and half-face designs, so you can choose according to your comfort and needs. Harley helmet reviews by the users are also outstanding.

Q. Where can I buy a Harley-Davidson helmet?

You can purchase a Harley-Davidson helmet online on Amazon, e-bay, or on the official website of H-D.

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Harley Davidson is a leading motorcycle manufacturing company. The company has partnered with various industry-leading helmet manufacturers, such as HJC, Bell, J-tech, Sena, MHR, and Ara, to manufacture and bring out the latest tech helmets for users. Harley is known to produce heavyweight motorcycles and safety helmets, offering maximum protection to riders.

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