Is Expert Grill Made By Walmart?

If you love barbecue, and grilled food, and enjoy outdoor cooking, you might have heard about Expert Grills. It is a brand that produces a wide range of accessories and equipment for outdoor cooking, including portable grills, gas and charcoal grills, and other accessories to uplift your outdoor grilling experience. But have you wondered who makes the Expert Grills equipment? Is Expert Grill made by Walmart?

Expert Grills is basically an American brand whose grilling appliances and outdoor cooking accessories are sold solely by Walmart. But as Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation, it is particularly involved in storing and selling a wide range of products of various brands, including groceries, home goods, clothing, toys, electronics, beauty and health products, and much more. Hence, Walmart is not the manufacturer of any brand’s products, including Expert Grill’s cooking appliances, it is the retail corporation that sells and stores Expert Grills and other brand’s equipment and accessories.

So, the question arises who makes Expert Grills? In this blog, we will discuss everything about who manufactures Expert Grills, are Expert Grills any good, where are Expert Grills made, and much more. So, let’s get started.

Who Makes Expert Grills? Is Expert Grill Made By Walmart?

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Who Makes Expert Grills

As we discussed, Walmart is the exclusive seller of Expert Grill appliances in the USA. However, Walmart has not revealed who they choose for manufacturing Expert Grill equipment. But the chances are that these grills may be produced by different kitchen and household appliance manufacturers in the USA on behalf of Walmart, which may change over time.

Where Are Expert Grills Made?

Since Walmart has not disclosed the manufacturing details of Expert Grills, we can’t claim any specific country or location that makes the appliances and accessories of Expert Grills. But it is likely that Expert grills may be manufactured in the USA as it is an American brand.

Are Expert Grills Any Good?

As Expert Grills is an exclusive brand of outdoor grilling equipment, they produce top-class charcoal and gas grills especially designed for outdoor cooking. The features and quality of equipment may vary depending on the specific model, type, and price of the grill. But the brand offers both affordable and premium equipment options, so you can choose according to your needs and budget.

Some common user-friendly features of Expert Grill equipment include durable construction that assures long-lasting performance, portability, spacious cooking area, easy assembly, adjustable vents to control airflow and temperature, and other additional features, like storage shelves, side tables, and more.

However, a few challenges of Expert Grill products, like for any outdoor cooking equipment include weather dependence and regular cleaning and maintenance requirements. In addition, some of their grills are portable, while some may be difficult to move around depending on the size.

Expert Grill Vs. Char-Broil

Expert Grill and Char-Broil are two outdoor grill appliance brands that produce various outdoor cooking equipment, appliances, and accessories. So, what are the differences between both brands? Let’s continue to find out.

1.    Brand And Manufacturer

Expert Grill is an American Walmart brand and is made in the USA by different manufacturers on behalf of Walmart. Char-Broil is an American privately-held company that has been producing grills and related accessories since 1948. The manufacturer and parent company of Char-Broil is Bradley Co.

2.    Products

Char-Broil produces smokers, electric, gas, infrared, and charcoal outdoor grills, along with other related grilling and cooking products and accessories. Expert Grill also produces various gas and charcoal grills, and a few of them come in portable models.

3.    Price Range

Both Char-Broil and Expert Grill come with affordable and premium-priced options to suit the needs of different customers. Their average price ranges from $100-$800, depending on the model and features of the grill.

4.    Availability

Char-Broil grills are widely available and you can find them in various retail markets and online e-commerce stores. On the other hand, Expert Grills are commonly and easily found in Walmart. Sometimes they are also available on Amazon.

5.    Features

Compared to Char-Broil, Expert Grill offers less advanced features, while Char-Broil provides innovative grill technologies, like TRU-infrared cooking.

Expert Grill Reviews

Let’s take a look at the reviews of the best models of Expert Grill.

1.    Expert Grill XG17-096-034-00 Dome Charcoal Black Grill

Are you looking for a portable outdoor grill that takes your camping and tailgating cooking experience to the next level? This charcoal black grill comes with 138 square inches of cooking surface, which is sufficient to cook eight burgers simultaneously, making it an ideal appliance to grill food for your entire family.

Additionally, its cooking grid is coated with porcelain and crafted with high-quality steel, enabling the grill to hold heat for longer durations and ensuring deep and flavorful grilling. In addition to the delicious and fully tender food it grills, it also offers a unique black porcelain lid and attractive round appearance cooking surface which is convenient and enjoyable while storing, carrying, or cooking on the charcoal grill. 

This appliance from Expert Grill also boasts easy assembling and disassembling. When you are done grilling, simply bend its legs and lock the lid with the handles. To disassemble the grill, unfold the legs and unlock the lid, and it is ready to use.

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2.    Expert Grill 3 Burner Gas Grill

If you have a big family or want a grill that can cook a large quantity of food for party, camping, or picnic purposes, this 3-burner gas grill can be your ideal choice. It comes with a powerful 27000-BTU barbecue grill and a total of 450 square inches of cooking area, making it large enough to grill 17 burgers all at once!

Its cooking surface is made of porcelain-coated steel, which is easy to maintain and you won’t have to work hard or spend extra time on the cleaning of this grill. The gas grill also features two spacious side shelves, providing adequate space to cook and serve food to your family. Moreover, it comes with an integrated ignition for all three burners, making it easy and convenient for you to start the grill.


Q. Is Expert Grills a Walmart brand?

Yes, Expert Grills is a Walmart brand. They do not manufacture Expert Grill products, but they are the owner of the brand that stores and sells its products. You can also find Expert Grill appliances on Amazon

Q. Who is the manufacturer of Expert Grills?

Walmart has not provided much information on who manufactures its Expert Grill products. But it is likely that Walmart might be affiliated with some household equipment manufacturing companies in the USA to produce their products.


So, that was all about Expert Grills manufacturer. Expert Grills is a high-end brand of Walmart that produces various charcoal, gas, and portable grills for outdoor and camping use. Customers have claimed that these grills are durable, lightweight, easy to clean, and easy to store, making them ideal for outdoor or picnic cooking.

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