Who Makes Magic Chef Refrigerators

You might know that Magic Chef is a home appliance brand owned by CNA International Inc, which does business by its parent company’s name MC or MCA appliance corporation, but have you ever wondered who makes Magic Chef refrigerators? Does MCA Corporation make Magic Chef refrigerators?

The Magic Chef brand was formerly owned by Whirlpool and it is believed that Whirlpool still makes Magic Chef products. But it is a dispute whether MCA Corporation or Whirlpool makes Magic Chef appliances and refrigerators. Let’s continue further to find out.

Magic Chef is a kitchen and home appliance brand that produces various household and kitchen equipment, including compact refrigerators, microwaves, washers and dryers, dishwashers, freezers, portable air conditioners, mini choppers, dehumidifiers, and more.

Magic Chef offers refrigerators that are affordable, come in various sizes and compact models, and are energy efficient. Overall, Magic Chef is renowned for producing mini-size refrigerators that are ideal for room and office use or small families.

In this blog, we will discuss all about who makes Magic Chef refrigerators, their manufacturers, whether Magic Chef is a good brand, and Magic Chef refrigerator reviews. So, let’s get started.

Who Makes Magic Chef Refrigerators?

Magic Chef, previously known as the American Stove Company is a home appliance brand that was founded in 1853. The brand went through several transformations over the years and eventually became known as Magic Chef Inc in 1951.

In 1986, an American home and commercial appliance company named Maytag Corporation purchased the Magic Chef company which manufactured their refrigerators and other household appliances under the Magic Chef brand name. Later, in 2006, Whirlpool acquired the brand and started making Magic Chef refrigerators.

In 2010, MCA Corporation bought the Magic Chef brand from Whirlpool. MCA Corporation is a subsidiary brand of CNA International Inc and an American home appliance company. Since then, some people say that MCA Corporation manufactures Magic Chef appliances, while some think that Whirlpool still makes the appliances of Magic Chef. We can’t find much information from Whirlpool that it still makes Magic Chef appliances, so the chance is that now MCA Corporation produces Magic Chef refrigerators and home appliances.

Where Are Magic Chef Refrigerators Made?

Magic Chef refrigerators are made in different countries worldwide, mainly the USA, Italy, and Germany. As Magic Chef is an American brand, the majority of its appliances and refrigerators are manufactured in Cleveland, Tenn, USA.

Is Magic Chef A Good Brand?

Whether Magic Chef is a good brand entirely depends on personal use and experiences, specific model, and product type. According to our research, some customers were satisfied with Magic Chef products and admired their decent performance and affordability. Similarly, as with any brand, a few customers also reported issues with the performance of Magic Chef products and stated that they did not meet their expectations.

However, this doesn’t mean that Magic Chef isn’t a good brand. It offers plenty of useful features with its appliances, including energy efficiency, compact designs, digital controls, and safety features, like heat-resistant handles, auto shut-off, child locks, adjustable shelves and racks, stainless steel construction, and others. Additionally, Magic Chef refrigerators come with adjustable temperature settings, so you can choose according to your storage needs.

Magic Chef Refrigerator Reviews

Here are the top 3 Magic Chef refrigerator reviews.

Magic Chef Refrigerator Reviews 2
Top 3 Magic Chef Refrigerators Reviews

1.    Magic Chef MCAR240SE2 2.4 Cu. Ft. Mini Silver Refrigerator

If you are looking for some extra space to easily access and store your personal items in your room, hostel, or office, like snacks, drinks, creams, inhalers, or others, here is a compact mini refrigerator to fulfill your needs. The refrigerator is equipped with 2.4 Cu. Ft space and two removable wire shelves that can accommodate a variety of foods and keep your refrigerator items organized. It also features an energy star efficiency rating and a power wattage of 241 kWh, reducing and being light on your electricity bills. The adjustable thermostat control enables customized cooling, keeping your items fresh and safe for extended durations.

Who Makes Magic Chef Refrigerators

2.    Magic Chef MCBR350B2 3.5 Cu. Ft Refrigerator

This is a slightly larger refrigerator with a manual defrost full-width freezer compartment that provides additional space to store your personal belongings or items that hardly fits in your daily-use refrigerator. It also has a 12-oz can dispenser, so you can store your beverages conveniently, saving the shelf space of your fridge.

Its three adjustable and removable glass shelves allow you to store and organize your food items, and the interior lights enable easy access to the food even when the environment is dark. In addition to providing adequate 3.5 Cu. Ft space for storing personal items, the refrigerator boasts a sleek appearance and compact design, providing a wonderful addition to any limited space areas. Whether you prefer right-hand or left-hand fridge opening, its reversible door and flush back design allow both.

3.    Magic Chef HMDR450SE 4.5 Cu. Ft Double Door Mini Refrigerator  

Here is another refrigerator from Magic Chef which is ideal for small families. It comes with a separate top freezer compartment that gives sufficient space to store frozen foods. The refrigerator boasts glass shelves and can rack allowing you to organize and access your items and beverages conveniently.

We received both negative and positive reviews about this refrigerator. Some customers report that this is an excellent snack and beverage refrigerator with perfect space, while some also experienced moisture build-up and claim that it is noisy. Overall, it is a nice refrigerator to store additional less-frequent-use items.

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Q. Who makes Magic Chef refrigerators?

Previously, Magic Chef refrigerators were made by Whirlpool, an American multinational manufacturer and owner of home appliances of several household brands. But now, the Magic Chef brand is owned by MCA Corporation which sources, distributes, and markets products under private-label brands, like Magic Chef and Norpole.

Q. Is Magic Chef made in China?

 Magic Chef refrigerators and appliances are primarily manufactured in Cleveland, Tenn, USA. They are not made in China, but for economic purposes, some components of Magic Chef refrigerators may be imported or assembled in China. However, the majority of Magic Chef products are made in the USA, Italy, and Germany.

Q. Are Magic Chef appliances still made?

Magic Chef refrigerators and appliances are still being made, and you can purchase them online from Amazon or in-store from Walmart or other renowned home appliance stores. From microwaves, ovens, cooktops, refrigerators, heating elements, and ranges to aftermarket products, you can buy any Magic Chef home and kitchen appliance products you want.

Q. Is Magic Chef American-made?

Yes, Magic Chef is an American brand of home and kitchen appliances. It is owned and marketed by an American private home appliance company, MCA Corporation.


We hope that you have got your answer to the question of who makes Magic Chef refrigerators. Magic Chef is renowned for producing compact mini-refrigerators and other home and kitchen appliances. Their products are affordable and come in simple designs. If you are looking for go-to budget-friendly products for personal use, Magic Chef refrigerators may be ideal.

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