Where Is Made In Cookware Made (Manufacturer, Reviews, & More)

As the name indicates, Made In Cookware (also known as “Made In“), is a kitchen appliance brand that produces a wide range of cookware, kitchen accessories, and equipment, including frying pans, grill pans, ovens, cooktops, tabletops, knives, bakeware, and much more. But where is Made In Cookware made?

As Made In Cookware is a brand that produces various kitchen equipment and accessories, their products are manufactured in various countries worldwide as per their specialties, including the USA, Italy, the UK, France, Europe, and others.

In this blog, we will discuss everything about where is Made In Cookware made, who makes Made In Cookware, their manufacturers, made in cookware reviews, is the brand is any good, and much more. So, let’s get started.

Who Makes Made In Cookware?

Made In, also known as Made In Cookware is a US-based cookware brand that was founded in 2017 by two childhood friends, Chip Malt and Jake Kalick. They entered the kitchen appliance industry as a result of their passion for food and cooking which led them to establish the “Made In Cookware” brand. This was mainly because they felt the need for high-quality cookware products for home kitchens. In addition, they also produce cookware for professional kitchen and restaurant use.

You will find the products of Made In by names, like “Made In Pans”, “Made In Bakewares“, “Made In Cookwares”, or “Made In Tabletops”, etc. Made In is not a large kitchen appliance company or manufacturer, it is simply a brand or a business that provides and sells various cookwares and kitchen equipment, and their products are manufactured from various countries worldwide, depending on the category of product. So, the brand has no specific manufacturer or company to produce its appliances.

Where Is Made In Cookware Made?

Made In Cookware’s products are manufactured in different countries, like the USA, France, the UK, and Italy.

  • Made In’s glassware is manufactured in the UK.
  • Made In’s Cookwares, including pots and pans are made in the USA and Italy.
  • Their knives, bakeware, and carbon steel components are made in France.
  • The stainless steel products of Main In are commonly manufactured in the USA.

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Made In Cookware Reviews

Let’s take a detailed look at the top 3 Made In Cookware reviews.

Made In Cookware Reviews
Where Is Made In Cookware Made

1)   10 Piece Stainless Steel Pot and Pan Set

If you want to add a whole new set of stainless steel cookware to your kitchen, then this 10-piece kitchenware comes with everything. With its non-stick frying pans, stainless steel pots, pan set, stock pot, and saucepans, you can take your cooking experience to the next level, and cook numerous types of dishes simultaneously.

The stainless steel cookware set is manufactured in Italy to assure high-quality and is constructed with 5 layers of four different metals that cook food with consistency. Its handles are made of stainless steel rivets that keep them cool during the entire cooking process, making it easy to prepare your meals.

In addition, these cookware offer versatile usability. Whether you want to toss the pans or pots on your stovetop or place them in the oven for 800-degree roasting, you can use them for all.

2)   12-Inch Stainless Steel Frying Pan

Frying pans are a part of every kitchen. But owning a 12-inch stainless steel pan offers multiple benefits. Firstly, it provides adequate space to cook or fry large quantities of food that is sufficient for more than one person and secondly, it is safe to use, non-toxic, highly durable, and easy to clean and maintain.

This frying pan is made of five layers of premium metal, offering even heat distribution with maximum responsiveness and heat control. The handle of the pan stays cool during cooking and is made of stainless steel rivets, offering lifetime usability. It consists of a top layer of 430 stainless steel and boasts versatile compatibility with all cooktops, including induction stoves. So, no matter which type of cooktop you have, the frying pan works for all.

3)   Made In 8″ Chef Knife

Whether you want to slice, chop, mince, or dice your food, this fully-forged single-rod knife is made of a nitrogen-treated stainless steel blade that is durable enough to handle daily cutting tasks or professional chef cooking. Its blades extend fully through the handle, assuring adequate balance and control while cutting, chopping, and slicing. This knife is made in France.

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Q. Is Made In Cookware manufactured in China?

Made In Cookware is not made in China. It is an American brand and most of its appliances, like pots, frying pans, and knives are primarily manufactured in the USA, while some of its products are also made in the UK, France, and Italy.

Q. Who owns Made In Cookware?

Made In Cookware is owned by two childhood friends Jake Kalick and Chip Malt. They were passionate about cooking and realized loopholes in the quality of cookware produced, which led them to establish a kitchenware brand that produces stainless steel, non-toxic, and professional-grade kitchen appliances, cookware, and accessories for home and professional kitchen use.

Q. What is the country of origin of Made In Cookware?

Made In Cookware originated and established in the USA, but gradually became known worldwide. Made In Cookware’s products are imported and manufactured from various countries globally, including the USA, Italy, France, and the UK.

Q. What is Made In Cookware made of?

Made In Cookware’s equipment is made of various materials. For example, some of their products are made of stainless steel, some are made of non-stick components, while some Made In appliances are also made of carbon steel materials. The top features of Made In Cookware appliances are that they are non-toxic and can tolerate high temperatures without releasing any harmful chemicals.


We hope that you have found your answer to the question of where is Made In Cookware made and who makes Made In Cookware. Made In Cookware is a kitchen appliance brand that manufactures its products from various countries globally, including the USA, the UK, France, and Italy. They mainly specialize in manufacturing stainless steel equipment to provide consistent distribution of heat throughout the pans and pots with non-toxic cooking.

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