Who Makes Deka Batteries

The Deka battery brand is renowned for producing various batteries for marine, automotive, and industrial uses. But do you know who makes Deka batteries?

East Penn Manufacturing, a US-based company and also the largest single-unit battery manufacturer, owns and manufactures Deka batteries.

Deka is one of the leading brands that produce high-end AGM batteries for recreational vehicles, power sports, and marine applications. Additionally, their batteries come with a 2-year warranty and many other user-friendly features.

In this blog, we will discuss all about who makes Deka batteries, their manufacturers, the top features of Deka batteries, and the best Deka batteries reviews. So, let’s get started.

Who Makes Deka Batteries?

Deka batteries are manufactured by a US-based ISO-certified company called East Penn manufacturing, headquartered in Lyon Station, PA. The company has around 520 acres of manufacturing facilities in the USA and other countries around the world.

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Who Makes Deka Batteries

Deka batteries are owned by East Penn Manufacturing company, and the founder of this brand is Kurt H. Smith. East Penn is one of the leading battery manufacturers of the world and has over 515 product designs in various industries, 10,500 full-time employees, and hundreds of awards for manufacturing excellence around the globe.

Where Are Deka Batteries Made?

Although Deka batteries is a US-based company, it has manufacturing facilities and operates in various countries around the world. So, the market for Deka batteries is global.

East Penn, the manufacturer of Deka batteries, has multiple facilities in numerous countries, including Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and China.

But each unit of Deka batteries is made solely in the USA. So, this is good news for people who want to purchase US-made batteries, as Deka batteries are manufactured in the USA.

Are Deka Batteries Any Good?

Deka batteries are high-quality batteries. Customers review that it provides plenty of starting power, no matter how cold the weather gets. Moreover, according to user experiences, the battery has lasted for more than 7 years, which assures that it is durable, long-lasting, and a one-time investment for many years on your vehicle.

Another quality that makes Deka a renowned battery is its brand value. It is made in the USA by the world’s largest lead acid battery manufacturing company which assures that they provide the best quality products.

We all admit that performance is the main and most important aspect of any battery. If the performance is good and reliable, the battery will be useful or else it will be useless after a few months. Deka batteries are highly trustworthy in terms of performance. They are designed for marine, land, and outdoor uses that demand maximum power.

Who Makes Deka Batteries

Top 5 Features Of Deka Batteries

Here are the 5 top features of Deka batteries, showing why you should choose them.

1)   Designed For Extreme Applications

Deka batteries are crafted with high-quality materials, which makes the batteries suitable for extreme outdoor use. You can use Deka batteries on a wide range of outdoor equipment, including on water and land. Deka batteries are particularly made for sports vehicles; hence, it maximizes power and delivers the utmost performance.

2)   USA-Made Batteries

Another top quality of Deka batteries is that they are USA-made, and all units of Deka batteries are made in the USA, guaranteeing product quality and ensuring durable performance.

3)   AGM Technology

Deka batteries are built with AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology. The benefits of batteries with AGM technology include:

  • They feature about 2 times longer life than a standard flooded battery.
  • They are maintenance-free, vibration resistant, and non-spillable.
  • Batteries with AGM technology recharge quickly and have extended life cycles.
  • They are capable of handling high electrical loads.
  • AGM technology batteries are designed to withstand harsh climates and are suitable for all-season.

4) Durable

Deka batteries are durable, leak-proof, and cold-resistant to withstand extreme conditions and requirements of sports power vehicles. They are high-powered batteries that work well for solar-powered rigs, boats, and RVs.

4)   Warranty

The warranty of Deka batteries depends on the model and type of battery you purchase. Commonly, they come with a warranty of 18 months to 2 years.

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The Best Deka Batteries Reviews

Let’s take a look at the reviews of the Deka batteries.

1)   Deka MAZDA Miata Battery East Penn 8AMU1R AGM

If you own a sports car or a Mazda Miata, this battery might be your ideal choice. It is crafted with top-quality absorbed glass mat technology (AGM) and features high performance, ideal for sports drivers and enthusiasts. The AGM technology allows drivers to boost power and provides premium starting power while assuring environment and driver safety simultaneously.

This Deka 8AMU1R AGM battery finishes the need for frequent maintenance and replacement with its leakproof and spill-proof features. Its highly porous microfiber separators trap and absorb the electrolytes, increasing the durability, strength, and performance of the battery and your vehicle.

2)   Deka Power Sports ETX30L Battery

Here is another sports battery from Deka designed for motorcyclists, sports riders, personal watercraft, ATVs, and snowmobiles. It allows all-season performance with its spill-proof features, eliminating the need for high maintenance and frequent replacement. Moreover, it doesn’t require any filling or activation and eliminates low water levels.

The Deka battery also features an absorbed glass mate (AGM) technology, maximizing power and performance and providing driver and environmental safety. Its porous microfiber separators trap electrolytes, increasing the durability and reliability of the product. The battery can withstand the effects of vibrations without damage and delivers extreme temperature performance.

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 Q. Who makes Deka batteries?

Deka batteries are manufactured by a US company East Penn Manufacturing, headquartered in Lyon Station, PA. It is the largest manufacturer of single-unit batteries for marine, sports, and recreational vehicles.

Q. How much do Deka batteries cost?

The cost of Deka batteries depends on various factors, like the place and location you purchase the battery and the model and type of Deka battery you choose. On average, the cost of Deka batteries ranges from $100-$200.

Q. Where can I purchase Deka batteries?

You can purchase Deka batteries online from Amazon or Walmart, or other retail markets. You can also buy Deka batteries from local automotive stores near your area.


So, that was all about who makes Deka batteries. Deka batteries are designed for marine, industrial, and sports vehicles. They are high-powered and boast AGM technology, which is ideal for sports drivers and enthusiasts. They are designed for functioning on both; land and water. The top feature of Deka batteries is that they are US-made, but they are marketed and have their manufacturing facilities globally.

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