Who Makes Craftsman Generators

Have you ever wondered who makes Craftsman generators? Craftsman generators are manufactured by two companies, Generac and Stanley and Black & Decker, Inc. They are the American manufacturers of industrial tools, power generation products, and household hardware.

Craftsman produces generators of different watts and types. You will find portable and inverter generators with various user-friendly features. They provide portable generators, ranging from 3500 to 8000 watts, and inverter generators, ranging from 2500-3300 watts.

In this article, we will discuss everything about who makes Craftsman generators, their manufacturers, features, are Craftsman generators any good, the best Craftsman generators reviews, and much more. So, continue reading to discover all details about who makes Craftsman generators.

Who Makes Craftsman Generators? All You Need To Know

Previously, the Craftsman brand was owned by Sears. Back in 1927, Sears launched a new line of hand tools and named it Craftsman. But in March 2017, Stanley Black & Decker purchased the Craftsman brand from Sears for $900 million.

Stanley Black and Decker was founded in 1843. It manufactures various power tools, hardware products, security medical equipment, and generators. It is an American manufacturer of household hardware and industrial tools headquartered in New Britain, USA.

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Who Makes Craftsman Generators

The other manufacturer of Craftsman portable generators is Generac Holdings Inc, the American manufacturer of power generation equipment for light commercial, residential, and industrial markets. The Generac company was founded in 1959 by Robert Kern. They manufacture portable generators under the Craftsman brand. The engines of Craftsman generators are made by Briggs & Stratton.

Where Are Craftsman Generators Made?

Craftsman generators are manufactured in northern Fort Worth, Texas, USA, in the Stanley factory. Both Craftsman and Generac tools and equipment are made in the USA. However, some lower-end generators of the Generac brand may be designed in the USA but manufactured in China.

Are Craftsman Generators Any Good?

Craftsman generators are among the best generators. They come with a wide range of user-friendly features and allow easy and quiet operation. Craftsman generators provides a two to three years warranty, which ensures quality of the product. Below, we have discussed all the top features of Craftsman generators which proves why Craftsman generators are good.

Top 7 Features Of Craftsman Generators

Here are the top 7 features of Craftsman generators.

1)   Built-In Handle

No matter which model or type of Craftsman generator you purchase, you will enjoy a built-in handle with the generator. This makes the transportation of the generators easy, quick, and convenient.

2)   Automatic RPM Controls

Most Craftsman generators feature an automatic RPM control, which adjusts the engine speed and reduces fuel consumption.

3)   Quiet Operation

Another top benefit of Craftsman generators is that they allow quiet operation. The generators function without any loud noise that could be difficult to tolerate in your busy and hectic work schedule.

4)   Portable

Craftsman generators are portable and easy to carry. You can conveniently carry them from one place to another without hassle or additional effort.

5)   Easy To Start

Craftsman generators provide easy-to-operate options, including a start, stop, and choke dial button that allows easy generator start-up, running, and closing in the shortest time possible.

6)   CO Detection

Craftsman generators are safe to use and come with CO-detection features. This means when the generators emit carbon monoxide, the CO detection technology automatically switches off the generators when levels of the gas become dangerous.

7)   Parallel Power

The generators of Craftsman provide parallel power, which allows you to connect the single generator inverter to another inverter generator for parallel power. This feature is particularly useful if you need more electricity than is provided by the single inverter generator.

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The 3 Best Craftsman Generators

Let’s take a look at the 3 best Craftsman generators reviews.

1)   CRAFTSMAN C0010030 3,000-Watt Gas-Powered Portable Generator

This Craftsman’s gas-powered portable generator comes with a built-in handle, so you can easily carry it with one hand wherever you wish. It boasts a high-performance and ultra-quiet design, giving you the perfect go-to solution for carrying it to any outdoor activity, like tailgating, picnic, or camping.

Another top feature of this generator is that its start-up is hassle-free. It features a start, stops, and choke dial button, which allows you to start and stop the generator quickly and easily. Above all, it uses 3000-watt power, which is very economical and portable to keep all your essentials running.

2)   Craftsman 8000 Watt Portable Generator with Push Button

If you experience frequent electricity outages or power breakdowns in your area or want a generator to handle various electricity-consuming appliances, you can purchase this generator. It uses 11500 starting watts of power and 8000 running watts, which allow you to operate multiple electrical equipment during an outage or power shortage.

Moreover, using this generator is safe as it is featured with co-detection technology, which automatically shuts down the generator if any issue arises. For example, when harmful levels of CO are detected. It is also equipped with a 420cc engine manufactured by Briggs & Stratton for easy and reliable starting. The generator comes with a 2-year warranty on the engine and equipment and a 3-year warranty on the chassis.

3)   CRAFTSMAN C0010250 2,500-Watt Gas Portable Generator

This 2500i inverter generator provides sufficient power to operate a variety of electronic equipment, tools, and appliances. It features a compact, fully-closed, and lightweight design which makes the generator easy to carry. It has an automatic RPM control feature, which adjusts engine speeds, and reduces noise emissions and fuel consumption rates. The generator comes with a built-in handle, making it portable and easily movable with one hand. Whether you want a generator for tailgating, handling a project at home, or require it for camping, this 2500i inverter generator can be the right choice for you.

Who Makes Craftsman Generators


Q. Who manufactures Craftsman generators?

Craftsman generators are made by two individual American manufacturers of power tools and equipment, including Generac and Stanley and Black & Decker, Inc.
Generac makes Craftsman portable generators, while Stanley Black and Decker manufactures other generators and equipment of the Craftsman brand. On the other hand, Craftsman engines are manufactured by Briggs & Stratton

 Q. Does Craftsman make a good generator?

 Craftsman makes top-quality products and generators. Their generators are quiet, energy-efficient, portable, and can operate several sensitive power appliances. They provide consistent power to devices and are easy to operate.

Q. Who owns Craftsman generators?

 The Craftsman generator brand was launched and owned by Sears. But in March 2017, Stanley Black & Decker acquired the Craftsman brand from Sears Holdings. Now, the owner of Craftsman generators is Stanley Black and Decker.


We hope that you have got your answer to the question of who makes Craftsman generators. Craftsman generators are reliable, easy to use, and manufactured in the USA by top power equipment manufacturing brands. Their generators can be utilized for household use, camping, trips, or any other outdoor activities. They provide sufficient power to handle and operate all sensitive power appliances.

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