Who Makes AutoCraft Battery

Did you know more than half of the batteries used in America are supplied by Johnson Controls, the manufacturer of AutoCraft batteries? AutoCraft is a brand of automotive batteries manufactured by Clarios, formerly known as Johnson Controls, and sold by Advance Auto Parts.

AutoCraft batteries are engineered to provide reliable electrical performance and power for various vehicles, including cars, SUVs, trucks, and boats. You will find a wide range of AutoCraft batteries, from silver, gold, and platinum categories, designed to fulfill various needs.

In this blog, we will discuss everything related to the manufacturers and sellers of AutoCraft batteries, who makes AutoCraft battery, product reviews, types, and are the batteries any good. So, let’s dive into the details.

Who Makes AutoCraft Battery

AutoCraft batteries are manufactured by Johnson Controls International, now rebranded as Clarios. It is headquartered in Cork, Ireland, Europe.

Johnson Controls is an American multinational organization that was founded in 1885 as an Electric Service Company. Gradually it became the world’s largest supplier of automotive batteries.

The automotive company has around 15,000 employers globally who manufacture, distribute, and recycle automatic batteries. In mid-2019, Johnson Controls employed 105,000 people from across 2000 locations on six different continents.

Johnson Controls also produces other tools and equipment, like HVAC, fire, and security equipment for buildings.

Where Are AutoCraft Batteries Made?

As AutoCraft batteries are produced by a multinational brand with over 105,000 employees worldwide, it isn’t easy to spot one manufacturing location. Moreover, the company hasn’t revealed where they manufacture their batteries. But we can guess that AutoCraft tools and batteries are imported from China or manufactured in different countries worldwide.

AutoCraft Batteries Warranty

The warranty of AutoCraft batteries depends on the type. Different types feature different warranties.

  1. The AutoCraft Gold and Platinum battery comes with a 3-year warranty.
  2. The AutoCraft Silver battery comes with a 2-year warranty.

Are AutoCraft Batteries any Good?

If we talk about AutoCraft Gold and Platinium batteries, they are the best. You will get value for your money, high performance, battery life, and excellent durability.

On the other hand, the AutoCraft silver battery is a mid-tier. They are affordable, ideal for OEM battery replacement, and work well in mild climates. But they are not recommended for harsh weather.

However, AutoCraft batteries also have some drawbacks. First, they may have average reserve capacities, and some cheaper types, such as silver batteries, may not fit luxury vehicles that demand high power consumption. If you are looking for top-notch options, you will need to consider expensive ones, like gold or Platinum AutoCraft batteries.

Another notable feature of AutoCraft batteries is that they have good cold-cranking scores. This means the batteries are efficient in starting an engine at cold temperatures.

Categories Of AutoCraft Batteries

AutoCraft batteries come in three major types, designed with various capacities and prices. Let’s discuss them in detail.

  • AutoCraft silver battery
  • AutoCraft gold battery
  • AutoCraft Platinium battery
AutoCraft Batteries
Who Makes AutoCraft Battery

1) AutoCraft Silver Battery

If you are on a tighter budget and looking for a mid-level affordable battery, you can go for this type. Although it delivers a decent amount of power, it doesn’t feature Powerframe technology or high consistency. The purpose of these batteries is to replace the OEM batteries, and they are suitable for working in mild weather conditions.

2) AutoCraft Gold Battery

You can call AutoCraft gold batteries the higher or upper version of AutoCraft silver batteries. They work well in cold climates and come with Powerframe technology. Moreover, they are capable to resist corrosion and provide superior power and performance. AutoCraft gold batteries exceed CCA standards and work excellently well for large engines. However, they are a bit expensive compared to the silver battery type, but they are the most in-demand category of AutoCraft.

3) AutoCraft Platinium Battery

AutoCraft Platinium is the premium category of the AutoCraft brand. It is particularly designed for modern power-consuming vehicles, and its battery lasts up to 2X times more than a standard battery. So, if you require higher electric demands for your vehicle, this type would work best.

AutoCraft Platinium battery is the most expensive type. They are designed to exceed CCA standards and can provide high performance constantly in all conditions.

The stand-out features of the AutoCraft Platinium battery include:

  • They work well in extremely high or extremely low temperature environments.
  • They recharge fast.
  • They are made with a non-spillable design for mounting in vehicle cabins.
  • They are equipped with vibration-resistant features.

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3 Best AutoCraft Battery Reviews

Let’s discuss the 3 best AutoCraft battery reviews.

1)   AutoCraft Silver Series Battery, 700 CA

The best AutoCraft battery on our list for people searching for a budget-friendly battery providing an adequate power supply is the AutoCraft silver series battery. It comes with a 2-year warranty and offers 110 minutes of reserve capacity. Additionally, as we discussed before, the silver AutoCraft battery works for replacing OEM batteries. Another top feature of this battery is that it has a cold-cranking amp of 700 CCA. This means that the battery will work well in cold temperatures.

2)   AutoCraft Gold Battery, Group Size 94R, 800 CCA

This AutoCraft gold battery can provide maximum power in any climate. It boasts PowerFrame positive grid technology that resists corrosion and eliminates premature failure. The battery is designed to meet and exceed CCA requirements, providing maximum performance for a quick vehicle start. It uses 20% less energy and emits 20% less gas than other batteries.

3)   AutoCraft Platinum AGM

AutoCraft Platinium AGM battery comes with a 3-year warranty and can operate at low temperatures. Moreover, it can provide extended life even when the temperature is high or extremely hot. The battery is crafted with PowerFrame positive and negative grid technology that gives longer battery life and high performance. Its non-spillable design is exceptional for mounting in trunks and vehicle cabins. However, the battery may cost you higher compared to other traditional batteries.

Who Makes AutoCraft Battery


Q. Who makes AutoCraft battery?

AutoCraft batteries are manufactured by an American multinational electronic and Automotive company, Johnson Controls International, headquartered in Cork, Ireland, Europe. The company is now rebranded by the name Clarios.

Q. Is AutoCraft a good battery?

AutoCraft provides both cheap and expensive options. If you go for the affordable option, you may not get additional features or a higher power supply. On the other hand, the premium types of AutoCraft batteries are excellent and give various valuable features, like more warranty period, superior power and performance, and meeting CCA standards. Moreover, they also work well for larger engines and in all weather conditions.

 Q. Where can I purchase an Auto Craft battery?

You can purchase AutoCraft batteries online from retailers, or in-store from Walmart, Canadian Tires, and various Advanced Auto Parts stores.


We hope that you have got your answer to the question of who makes AutoCraft battery. AutoCraft is manufactured by a high-quality brand that gives you multiple options. You can make your purchase decision according to your needs and budget.

If you have a vehicle that requires high power consumption, it is good to purchase the Platinium battery type. And if you need a battery for OEM replacement that can function in mild weather, the silver AutoCraft battery can be ideal.

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