Who Makes Traveller Oil

If you are wondering about who makes Traveller oil, we have got you covered. Traveller oil is manufactured by a leading US-based producer and supplier of automotive, industrial, and agricultural oil, Warren Distribution Inc.

Warren Distribution manufactures, promotes, and provides automotive aftermarket services and products, like gear oil, packaging and distribution services, automotive chemical products, and other related motor supplies.

Traveller oil works for a wide range of vehicle engines, including tractors, cars, or trucks. The manufacturer of Traveller oil, Warren distribution, is an ISO 9001-certified company and has been producing lubricants, automotive products, and oil for various industries since the 1970s.

In this blog, we will discuss everything about who makes Traveller oil, their manufacturers, top features and reviews of Traveller oil, and the most frequently asked questions. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into more details of who makes Traveller oil.

Who Makes Traveller Oil?

Warren oil company, also known as Warren Distribution Inc, manufactures Traveller oil. It was founded in 1976 in Dunn, North Carolina, and operated in a small building during their startup. The company started as one semi-automatic packaging line with only two employees working for the brand.

Now, Warren Oil Distribution operates with over 500 people and 6 manufacturing and packaging facilities throughout the Northeast, Southeast, West Coast, and Midwest USA. Additionally, Warren products are exported to more than 50 countries worldwide. They bought 3 of its 5 plants from Pennzoil.

Warren produces various automotive motor oils and charcoal fluids and has the highest number of American Petroleum Institute Engine Oil licenses and certifications. Hence, you might agree that Traveller oil is manufactured by one of the top-notch US-based companies with over 50 years of experience in the automotive lubricant industry.

Where Is Traveller Oil Made?

The good news for most people out there is that Traveller oil is made in the USA. Warren oil distribution, the prominent manufacturer, distributor, and producer of Traveller oil, is headquartered and operates in various states of the USA, mainly North Carolina; hence, Traveller oil is made in the USA.

Who Makes Traveller Oil

Is Traveller Oil Any Good? Top Features Of Traveller Oil

Is Traveller Oil Any Good
Who Makes Traveller Oil

Yes, overall, we can say that Traveller oil is a budget-friendly and reasonable oil brand that offers satisfactory or above-average performance for various vehicles. It works well for cars, light trucks, and tractors. However, a negative feature of Traveller oil is that they do not offer any warranty.

Traveller provides different categories of oil, including conventional, multigrade, high mileage, diesel, and a mixture of synthetic and conventional oil with different viscosities. The standard viscosity grades of Traveller oil are 0W, 5W, 10W, or 15W.

Some of the top benefits of Traveller oil are that they deliver premium engine protection, resistance to engine wear, cold start, and low fuel emissions, optimizing fuel economy and maximizing performance. With that, if you are looking for an oil that can perform smoothly in hot and cold weather, you can purchase the multigrade SAE traveller oil. Lastly, Traveller oil is manufactured by a reputable USA-based company, which ensures the quality of its products.

How Much Does Traveller Oil Cost?

Luckily, Traveller oil is a budget-friendly brand, offering oil at a reasonable rate and providing good value. You will find the price of Traveller oil in the range of $15-20 or less for a 1 QT bottle. The rates can vary slightly depending on where you purchase the oil. And if you buy them online, you may need to pay delivery charges according to your area, but otherwise, Traveller oil is commonly sold for around $20.

The 3 Best Traveller Oil Reviews

Here are the 3 best Traveller oil reviews.

1)   Traveller 15-W 40 All Fleet Engine Oil

This Traveller All Fleet engine oil offers the following features and benefits:

  • It provides outstanding protection against engine wear by reducing friction.
  • It complies with the requirements of late-model low-emission engines by emitting less fuel and optimizing engine economy.
  • The Traveller All Fleet engine oil provides lubricity for low-sulfur EPA and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels, making the oil compatible with your vehicle powered by gasoline or diesel engines.

2) Traveller Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil

If you are looking for purely synthetic oil for your vehicle’s engine, you should consider purchasing this Traveller Synthetic 5W-30 Motor oil. They are used as a substitute for petroleum-based oils to operate in extreme temperatures. It is designed to provide the highest engine protection even in severe conditions.

This Traveller synthetic oil can work on all Honda, Toyota, Chrysler, and Ford 5W-20 vehicles. It is recommended for naturally aspirated gasoline-powered, turbo-charged, and flex-fuel passenger light trucks, cars, hybrid vehicles, and SUVs.

The oil provides exceptional functioning and resistance to cold start wear, varnish deposits, and sludge formation while maintaining wear protection under critical driving situations. This synthetic Traveller oil is formulated with a state-of-the-art additive system and synthetic-based lubricants to deliver maximum vehicle performance and resistance to high-temperature oxidation thickening.

3) Traveller Conventional 10W-40 Motor Oil

The Traveller conventional motor oil 10W-40 is formulated with a blend of synthetic and conventional-based oils and a state-of-the-art additive system meeting US manufacturing standards to provide maximum vehicle performance and engine protection. It can be used for all foreign and domestic automotive gasoline-fueled light trucks, cars, and turbocharged and fuel-injected engines.

The Traveller conventional oil delivers reduced friction against wear and a wide range of temperature protection for engines in all seasons. Additionally, it provides high resistance to thermal breakdown and viscosity, sludge formation, and varnish deposits.

So, if you are looking for the highest quality, hydrotreated, and a mixture of conventional and synthetic lubricating oils with a technologically advanced additive system, providing maximum engine protection and vehicle performance, this oil can be your perfect choice.

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Q. Which oil brands are made by Warren?

Warren manufactures and markets oil and lubricants of various brands, including Warren, Autoguard, Saxon, Lubriguard, Coastal, Itasca, and Lubrigold. 

Q. Is Traveller oil made in China?

No, Traveller oil is not made in China. A US company, Warren Distribution Inc, makes Traveller oil in the USA. However, some ingredients or components of Traveller oil may be sourced from China, but they are made in the USA.

Q. Is Traveller oil synthetic?

The oils of Traveller are available in various formulas, including synthetic, diesel, multigrade, regular, or conventional, and high mileage with different viscosities. So, Traveller provides synthetic motor oils along with other types of lubricants, which you can purchase according to your automotive needs.

Q. Who makes Traveller oil for Tractor supply? Does Traveller make them?

Traveller is not the manufacturer of Traveller oil; it is the sub-brand of a tractor supply company in the USA. Traveller’s oil is manufactured by a US-based automotive lubricant company headquartered in North Carolina and is the largest manufacturer of private-label lubricants. It is known as Warren Distribution, Inc or Warren oil company.


So, that was all about who makes Traveller oil. Traveller oil is manufactured by Warren Oil Company which produces a broad range of greases, lubricants, oil, automotive chemicals, and packaging and distribution services to various industries. You can purchase Traveller oil from Amazon, Walmart, Tractor Supply, or other online merchants.

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