Who Makes Castrol Oil

You might be here to find the answer to who makes Castrol oil, so here it is. Castrol oil is owned and manufactured by BP, the British Multinational Petroleum Company. It is one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies.

They produce a wide range of oils, including fully-synthetic oils, synthetic blends, and conventional oils for high-performance engines, motorcycles, and racing cars.

In this blog, we will discuss everything about who makes Castrol oil, their manufacturers, where Castrol oil is made, Castrol oil reviews, and much more. So, let’s get started.

Who Makes Castrol Oil?

Castrol was founded in the UK in 1899 and was known as the “CC Wakefield Company” and was renamed Castrol in 1909. In 1966, the Castrol oil brand was purchased by Burmah Oil and became known as Burmah Castrol. Burmah Oil is the leading British Oil and petroleum Company that was founded in 1886.

Later in 2000, Burmah Castrol was back as an

individual brand, Castrol, and it was acquired by BP. BP, the owner of Castrol, markets and produces automotive and industrial lubricants, greases, a wide range of oils, and other products for lubrication purposes.

Where Are Castrol Oil Made?

Castrol oil is made all around the world. The brand has manufacturing facilities in various countries globally, including the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Germany, and India. Castrol produces different motor oils, lubricants, and transmission fluids for a wide range of machinery and vehicles.

Is Castrol A Good Brand Of Oil?

Overall, Castrol is a trusted and reputed brand that provides a wide range of oils for SUVs, trucks, and cars, including conventional, synthetic blend, and fully-synthetic oils designed to meet new, old, and advanced vehicle needs.

Users of Castrol oil report that they felt a major difference in the performance and quality of this oil compared to other brands as it made their engine last longer and reduced engine noise. The high mileage fully-synthetic Castrol oil has been tested to run up to 127,000 miles without oil changes. However, the answer to whether Castrol is a good oil brand may vary depending on the user’s experience and individual needs.

Who Makes Castrol Oil

Features Of Castrol Oil

With Castrol oil, you can enjoy the following benefits and features for your engine:

1)   Multigrade Viscosity

Castrol oil comes in multigrade viscosities, making it capable of functioning in any condition or temperature.

2)   Low Volatility

The low volatility properties of Castrol oil prevent it from evaporating quickly, ensuring long-lasting oil with consistent lubrication and protection.

3)   Maximum Protection And Performance

Whether you are driving at high speed, in extreme temperatures, or with heavy loads, Castrol oil offers maximum protection and performance. It is formulated with advanced additives, ensuring extended engine life, superior protection, and smooth running.

4)   Engine Cleanliness

Without engine cleanliness, your vehicle won’t work well, no matter how good your oil is. Castrol provides dispersants and detergents in their oils that prevent the buildup of deposits and sludge, ensuring engine cleanliness and utmost performance.

Features of Castrol Oil
Who Makes Castrol Oil

5)   Compatibility 

Whether you own diesel, gasoline, or hybrid engines, Castrol provide various types of oils that are compatible with a wide range of engines.

6)   Low Engine Wear

Castrol oil reduces engine wear, enhancing performance and engine life.

7)   Exceed Industry Standards

You can use Castrol oil without any hesitation, as they are safe and effective for use, meeting and exceeding industry standards set by engine manufacturers and automakers.

8)   Synthetic And Conventional Oil Types

With Castrol, you will get versatile oil types designed to meet different engine needs, including conventional, synthetic, and fully-synthetic oil blends.

9)   Easy Availability

Availability is one of the most significant aspects of any product. A very high-quality product may be of no use if people face difficulty finding it, and a lack of availability may cause them to switch to another brand for fulfilling their needs.

The Castrol brand makes sure that its oils are widely available at online retailers, dealerships, and automotive supply stores.

Castrol Oil Reviews 

Here are the 3 best Castrol oil reviews:

1)   Castrol Edge 0W-20 Full Synthetic Advanced Motor Oil

Here is the number 1 oil from Castrol on our list. If you are looking for a fully-synthetic motor oil with maximum performance that can function up to 10,000 miles before requiring an oil change, this Castrol edge 0W-20 motor oil is for you.

It provides 6 times better wear protection, 3 times stronger resistance against viscosity breakdown, and 10 times greater high-temperature performance than other leading fully-synthetic motor oils.

The Castrol edge oil is formulated with a unique advanced proprietary formula that delivers superior protection of critical or demanding engine parts and reduces volatility, increasing vehicle efficiency and helping it to perform at its maximum.

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2)   Castrol GTX High Mileage Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

This Castrol GTX oil is a mixture of synthetic and conventional blends for added resistance to oxidation and is formulated with advanced additives that prevent engine wear. It is a high-mileage oil that is particularly engineered for modern vehicles operating over 75,000 miles.

The Castrol GTX oil is made with less phosphorus than other high-mileage oils, eliminating the need for frequent, costly repairs or replacement. Moreover, this low-phosphorus formulation protects the vehicle against wear, sludge, and oil burn-off, along with its emission system.

In this oil, you will get a special seal conditioner that helps prevent leaks and oil consumption. The high mileage design is engineered to improve fuel efficiency to help you save money on gas. Overall, this synthetic blend from Castrol is a trusted quality motor oil that keeps your engine functioning smoothly, even as it ages.

3)   Castrol 03095 GTX 20W-50 Conventional Motor Oil

For people requiring conventional oils for their vehicle, this Castrol GTX is a premium conventional motor oil that is engineered to extend your vehicle’s engine life for up to 50 years to keep it running smoothly in the long run.

It prevents the harmful build-up of sludge and is made of an advanced additive system and premium quality base oils that deliver superior protection against oil breakdown, deposit formation, and engine wear.

The viscosity grade of this oil makes it ideal for using it in a variety of engines, including high-performance vehicles needing thicker oils and old engines. It can be used on SUVs, cars, and trucks whose engines require a viscosity grade of 20W-50.


Q. Who makes Castrol oil filters?

Castrol does not make its own oil filters. Instead, other companies in the USA manufacture Castrol oil filters under the license from Castrol. The commonly known companies that produce Castrol oil filters include Bosch, Fram, and Mann+Hummel.
The specific manufacturer of Castrol oil filters may vary according to the region and product line. Castrol has partnered with these companies to ensure that their oil filters are according to the quality and performance standards demanded and set by Castrol.

Q. Which oil is best, Castrol or Mobil?

Both Mobil 1 and Castrol Edge are high-quality oils. Castrol edge works great for older and high-performance engines that require thicker oils as it is enriched with magnetic additives and fully-synthetic oils that deliver superior protection against sludge formation and deposits.
On the other hand, Mobil 1 is a better option for SUVs, trucks, and modern vehicles as it offers greater protection against cold weather compared to Castrol edge oils.
Also, according to customer reviews, people claimed that Castrol does not work well in cold weather. In contrast, a customer reported that they switched from Mobil 1 oil to Castrol Edge fully synthetic and noticed a big difference in performance.

Q. Is Castrol oil German?

Castrol is not a German oil; it is a British brand that produces and markets various types of automotive and industrial oils, lubricants, greases, and a wide range of products for lubrication applications under BP.

Q. Who produced Castrol oil?

BP, the owner of Castrol, produces Castrol oil. In 2000, BP acquired Burmah-Castrol, now known as Castrol or Castrol Limited, from The Burmah Oil Company.


So, that was the complete information about who makes Castrol oil. Castrol is a British brand owned by BP. So, BP, a multinational British Petroleum Company, produces and markets Castrol oil. Castrol oil works for SUVs, cars, and light trucks and is designed to meet different engines need, whether they are old or advanced. If you want a fully-synthetic, conventional, or synthetic blend of motor oil, Castrol can provide them all.

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