Who Makes Kayo ATV

If you are a bike rider or enthusiast, you might have heard about Kayo ATV, but have you wondered who makes Kayo ATV?

A Chinese company, Kayo Motor, also known as Kayo Global, makes Kayo ATVs. They are known for producing reasonably-priced, well-built ATVs, off-road motorcycles, and pit, and dirt bikes.

In this blog, we will discuss all about who makes Kayo ATVs, their manufacturers, types of Kayo vehicles, Kayo ATV reviews, and much more. So, let’s get started.

Who Makes Kayo ATV?

Kayo ATV is manufactured by Kayo Motor, sometimes called Kayo Moto or Kayo Group, the first Chinese company to design off-road motorcycles. It was established in 2002, and since then, they started exporting its bikes and vehicles to the European market.

Additionally, the organization has been working for Honda’s China division for 10 years. In 2021, Kayo Moto manufactured 170,000 ATVs and pit and dirt bikes. It is the most renowned off-road motorcycle brand in China. Kayo dirt bikes come in different models tailored to meet the diverse needs of bike riders, offering various features.

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Who Makes Kayo ATV

Kayo Motor produces the following types of vehicles and automobiles:

  • ATVs
  • UTVs
  • Pit bike
  • Dirt bike
  • Quad
  • Watercraft
  • Scooters

Where Are Kayo ATVs Manufactured?

Commonly, Kayo vehicles, including dirt bikes and ATVs, are manufactured in China. They are exported to other countries after manufacturing, including the USA, Italy, Chile, Russia, and Europe for operation. The engines and some parts of Kayo ATV are manufactured outside of China.

Kayo ATV Models

Kayo ATV comes with a range of different models designed to suit people’s preferences and riding skills. They include:

  • Kayo Fox 70 ATV
  • Kayo ATV 125cc
  • Kayo Bull 150 ATV
  • Kayo K6 250cc ATV
  • Kayo T2B 250cc ATV

Are Kayo ATVs Good?

Generally speaking, Kayo ATVs are quite good quality-wise and meet the standards of the Honda brand, while exempting the high price. Kayo ATV prices start from $1,799 to $3,699 and above, depending on the model you purchase.

Customers who find Kayo ATV slightly high-priced compared to bargain brands report that it was worth the cost. The quality, affordability, and performance of Kayo ATVs make them a popular choice for sports and recreational use. However, you might face difficulty in finding replacement parts for Kayo ATV.

Features Of Kayo ATV

Some of the key features of Kayo ATV are:

1)   Powerful Engines

Kayo ATVs come with powerful, high-quality engines that increase reliability and performance and accelerate quickly at higher speeds.

2)   Braking Systems

With Kayo ATVs, you will get hydraulic disc brakes that provide efficient and immediate stopping power at all riding speeds and conditions.

3)   Rugged Frames

Kayo ATV features high-quality steel frames that are strong and reliable.

4)   Storage Racks

Many models of Kayo ATVs come with rear storage racks making it convenient for riders to carry gear and riding supplies as they drive.

5)   Suspension Systems

Whether you are riding on smooth or rough terrains, the advanced suspension systems of Kayo ATVs provide a comfortable and obstacle-free ride.

6) Ideal For First-time And Young Riders

The stand-out feature of the Kayo ATV is that it comes with a variety of safety features and easy-to-operate functionality, making it ideal for beginners, young riders, and even children. Whether you are a learner or an expert, Kayo ATV is for all.

Kayo ATV Problems

Before we proceed, it is important to note that these problems are based on customer reviews, and some riders may have, while some may not face any issues with their ATVs. It also depends on proper usage and regular maintenance from the user’s side, and it can prevent problems from occurring.

Some of the commonly reported issues with Kayo ATV are:

  • Replacement parts availability
  • Transmission issues
  • Problems with electrical components
  • Carburetor issues

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Kayo ATV Reviews 

Let’s check out the reviews of some of the best models of Kayo ATVs.

1)   Kayo Fox 70

This Kayo Fox four-wheeler 70 ATV is specially designed for youth, first-time riders, and adults too. It is crafted with special precautionary features to give parents peace of mind while they hand over this ATV to their children for riding alone. With the ATV, young riders can enjoy a fully automatic transmission, eliminating the need for shifting gears and making it easier to focus on riding the vehicle.

The Kayo Fox 70 is equipped with an air-cooled 70 cc single-cylinder engine that delivers superior speed and power while riding. It works at a maximum speed of 25 mph.

While riding the four-wheeler at higher speeds, the steering is stable, with a minimal jump to the handlebars upon hitting holes or bumps.

Moreover, the suspension of Kayo Fox 70 is designed keeping young riders in mind with a swingarm suspension in the rear and a single A-arm suspension in the front with hydraulic disc brakes, offering plenty of comfort and stability. Young riders can also limit their speed with the ATVs speed limiter based on their riding abilities.

Overall, the Kayo Fox 70 ATV is ideal for youngsters, beginners, or experienced riders looking for an all-terrain vehicle that is safe, easy to operate, and reliable, giving them a mixture of fun and secure traveling experiences.

2)   Kayo K6 250cc ATV

Kayo K6 250cc is another ATV model designed by Kayo Moto. It has a liquid-cooled engine powered by an electric start and a backup kick starter, delivering reliable and consistent performance and ensuring ready-to-go functioning. Its manual 5-speed transmission allows smooth and easy gear shifts. Moreover, the ATV can function at a top speed of 50 miles per hour, which is ideal for off-road applications.

You can ride this ATV without any hesitation on uneven terrain, as its suspension system is designed to absorb shocks and bumps. Like most of the other ATVs, it is also equipped with a hydraulic disc brake system on both the front and rear wheels, providing efficient stopping and braking capabilities while you are riding at any speed.

On ATV’s comfortable seats and footrests, you can easily travel for long hours without getting exhausted. The kill switch and tether cord on the all-terrain vehicle ensure rider safety in case of any emergency. So, if you are a thrill-seeker or adventurer and wish to enjoy a powerful and versatile off-road vehicle, this ATV can be a perfect choice.

Whether you are riding through uneven terrain, rocks, mud, water, or sand, its large, aggressive tires provide outstanding grip and excellent traction on all types of surfaces.

Who Makes Kayo ATV

3)   Kayo Bull 150 ATV

Kayo Bull 150 ATV is designed for beginners and seasoned riders which provides robust and versatile off-road applications. It boasts a four-stroke, 149cc single-cylinder engine that works at a maximum speed of up to 37 mph. Like the Kayo K6 250cc, it features an electric start, making it capable of operating the vehicle’s engine quickly.

The tires of the ATV are 23 inches in diameter, which delivers stability and ample traction while riding on all types of terrains. It has a durable construction, and its frame is made of high-strength steel, while the bodywork is crafted with high-quality plastic that is durable and lightweight.

The ATV also features an advanced suspension system with adjustable shocks and preload. The front suspension is a dual A-arm design, and the rear suspension is a single-shock design, which provides a smooth ride on uneven terrain.

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Q. What company makes Kayo?

Kayo is a brand of all-terrain vehicles that are manufactured by a company based in China, the Kayo Motor or Kayo group. They specialize in manufacturing, developing, and designing off-road vehicles, including side-by-sides, ATVs, and pit and dirt bikes.

Q. Does SSR own Kayo?

No, SSR (Special Broadcasting Service) does not own Kayo. SSR is a sub-brand of Kayo, and Kayo Motor is owned by a Chinese manufacturer of ATVs, Powersports products, and motorcycles, known as Kayo Motor Machinery Co, Ltd. It was founded in 2006 and produces a range of ATVs, including beginners and youth ATVs, utility, and sports ATVs, which are distributed globally

Q. Is the Kayo group the same as Kayo Sports?

 No, Kayo Group or Kayo Motor is not the same as Kayo Sports. Kayo Motor is a Chinese manufacturer of bikes and ATVs, while Kayo Sports is a subsidiary of News Corp Australia that offers sports streaming services.

Q. What country is Kayo’s motorcycle from?

Kayo Motorcycle is from a Chinese company, Kayo Motor, based in the city of Yongkang in Zhejiang Province, China. They manufacture various types of motorcycles, including dirt bikes, pit bikes, off-road, street, motocross, and adventure bikes.


So, that was all about who makes Kayo ATV and its reviews. It is an all-terrain vehicle designed for off-road riding. They come with many models, from youngster designs to powerful adult-sized ATV models.

You will find various user-friendly features in Kayo ATVs, including automatic transmission, electric start, advanced suspension systems, safety features, hydraulic disc brakes, and more. However, whether Kayo ATV is good for you will ultimately depend on your specific preferences and needs. 

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