Who Makes Flex Power Tools

Flex, a German professional tool manufacturing organization founded in 1922, produces innovative, precise, and flexible power tools for skilled craftsmen and DIY users. But do you know who makes Flex power tools?

In 2013, Flex collaborated with another Chinese organization, Chervon, to combine two manufacturing expertise’s strengths, capabilities, and experience for producing stellar-performing power tools and equipment.

Chervon manufactures Flex power tools and equipment. So, you must be wondering if Flex tools are made in China. In this blog, we will discuss all about who makes Flex power tools, their manufacturers, the 3 best Flex tools reviews, and much more. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Who Makes Flex Power Tools?

Flex power tools are manufactured by Chervon, a Hong Kong-based Chinese firm having numerous manufacturing facilities in Nanjing, China. Flex operates as an independent company and brand under Chervon, so you may not find both; Flex and Chervon manufacturing the tools of Flex separately.

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Who Makes Flex Power Tools

Chervon is a leading Global manufacturer and provider of outdoor power equipment, power tools, and related products. Chervon owns various tool brands, including Flex, Skilsaw, Skil, and EGO. Flex produces multiple power tools, including angle grinders, cordless tools, circular saws, rotary hammers, vacuums, and various other automotive or power accessories.

Hence, if you are a DIY person or a professional craftsman, you can utilize Flex tools with great ease. The first product of Flex was a handheld grinder with a flexible shaft which they developed in 1954. You will find Flex power tools in around 30,000 stores across 65 countries worldwide.


Where Are Flex Power Tools Made?

Flex power tools are manufactured in Germany and China. As we discussed, Flex is a German brand and operates as an independent company under Chervon. Moreover, it has its headquarters and production facilities in Steinheim, Germany, near Stuttgart. Hence, Flex tools come from manufacturing facilities headquartered in Germany. For economic purposes, some Flex power tools may be manufactured or assembled in China.

Who Makes Flex Power Tools

Is Flex A Good Brand?

You may not find Flex as a very prominent brand compared to others, but their power tools are impressive, precise, and professional quality without being overly priced. They can be used by craftsmen, workers, or DIY users for all types of tasks, including light repairs to heavy-duty jobs. Aside from being portable and user-friendly, Flex power tools are durable and extremely comfortable, providing a solid grip while working.

The top features of Flex power tools are:

  • Easy-to-use and lightweight
  • They come with a powerful motor
  • 1-year limited warranty on most of the tools.
  • Flex tools come with corded and cordless designs.
  • They offer varying-speed selection options.

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The 3 Best Flex Power Tools

Let’s look at the top 3 power tools by Flex.

1)   Flex Cordless Multi-Polisher Set

If you are looking for a multi-purpose cordless power tool to handle your automotive polishing and sanding tasks, this tool can be your right choice. Its lightweight design allows easy handling and shines every edge of your car without the hassle. Moreover, it provides comfortable and stable handling with its multiple gripping positions.

The tool is suitable for all types of working conditions and can work at wide-ranging speeds, as it offers 4-speed selection and constant speed control with its rotating head when you are choosing the speed. You also get to enjoy a longer runtime, higher service life, and greater performance with its brushless inner motor.

All in all, if you want to free yourself from the struggle of tripping over cables or requiring extension cords to operate a polisher, this Flex multi-polisher set can be a perfect fit to fulfill your hassle-free polishing and sanding needs.

2)   FLEX CS 40 Wet Tile Saw

This powerful Flex 12-amp motor wet tile saw is ideal for cutting any tough materials, including tile, stone, and glass. The wet tile cutter consists of the best-in-class water-feed system to avoid harmful dust particles in dry-cutting applications.

It comes with a wide handle to provide comfortable and stable cutting throughout your task. With the CS 40, curved cutting applications are made more accessible and safer. This Flex wet tile saw comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

3)   Flex Polisher

If you are looking for a small, compact, and lightweight corded polisher that can easily access hard-to-reach places, consider purchasing this power tool offered by Flex. It is equipped with a powerful 7.6 amp motor that can work on variable speeds of 1300-3900 RPM, along with providing constant speed controls. It is a 3-inch rotary polisher, comes with a spindle lock, and is ideal for precision buffing. Additionally, this Flex polisher is convenient to use on tight spaces and small surfaces.


Q. Who makes Flex power tools?

Flex power tools are manufactured by a Chinese organization, Chervon, working in collaboration with Flex power tools. Flex operates as an individual and independent brand under Chervon. Chervon is a Chinese power tool company founded in 1993. This is not the American multinational oil and gas company known as Chevron Corporation.

Q. Are Flex tools made by Milwaukee?

Flex tools are not made by Milwaukee. They are manufactured by Chervon, a Chinese power tool manufacturing company that is the owner of the German brand Flex Power Tools.

Q. Who sells Flex power tools?

Flex power tools are sold by Flex, the power tool organization based in Germany. Flex tools are being sold worldwide across 65 different countries. You can purchase Flex tools from your local power tool stores, Walmart, or online from Amazon, eBay, or Lowe’s.


We hope that you have got your answer to the question of who makes Flex power tools. Flex tools is a German brand working in collaboration with a Chinese Company, Chervon. The manufacturing plant of Flex power tools is headquartered in Germany, so 90-95% of their tools are made in Germany.

Some manufacturers state that Flex tools are also made in China. Flex produces various power tools, including drills, drivers, polishers, oscillating multi-tools, grinders, sanders, all-nailers, wrenches, rotary hammers, and many other kinds of power tools.

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