Who Manufactures Gearwrench Tools

Who produces Gearwrench Tools may be known to you, but we are here to discuss all other details about its manufacturers, Apex Tool Group, and the equipment they produce. Gearwrench Tools are made by one of the largest Global hand tool companies, Apex Tool Group, LLC which produces and markets a wide range of power tools, industrial tools, and hand tools.

Offering a wide selection of combination wrenches, ratchets, socket sets, screwdrivers, to various specialty tools, engine tools, and electric tools, Gearwrench strives to maintain the high standards of durability, quality, and performance of their products.

In this blog, we will discuss everything about who makes Gearwrench Tools, their manufacturers, whether are they worth buying, the best Gearwrench tools reviews, and much more. So, let’s get started.

Who Manufactures Gearwrench Tools In 2023? About The Makers

Gearwrench Tools are manufactured by Apex Tool Group, an American manufacturer and supplier of hand and power tools. Gearwrench is the subsidiary company of Apex Tool Group, which also owns several other brands including Cleco, Crescent, Sata, and more.

Apex is the largest worldwide manufacturer of industrial hand and power tools, electronic soldering products, chains, drill chicks, and tool storage equipment. They manufacture tools of various other brands, including Lufkin, Crescent, Wiss, and Gearwrench. In addition, the main owner, designer, and manufacturer of Gearwrench Tools is Apex Tool Group.

Apex Tool Group was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Sparks, Maryland, USA. It has over 20 manufacturing facilities worldwide. Apex manufactures a wide range of ratcheting wrenches, power tools, and hand tools for the Gearwrench company. Gearwrench is a trusted premier mechanics brand that produces tools for professional use and DIY projects.

Where Are Gearwrench Hand Tools Made?

As discussed, the manufacturer and owner of Gearwrench hand tools, Apex Tool Group, has production facilities in several countries worldwide, including the USA, South America, Canada, China, Mexico, Germany, and Taiwan. Hence, Gearwrench hand tools are manufactured in the USA as it is an American brand, along with other countries Globally depending on the product demands and requirements.

Are Gearwrench Tools Good?

Overall, Gearwrench is a durable and reliable brand of hand tools for both professional craftsmen, mechanics, and DIYers. Gearwrench tools come with ergonomic features and innovative designs, for example, their ratcheting wrenches offer quick and efficient fastening in tight spaces. They manufacture sturdy products that have comfortable grips, slim profiles, and long-lasting performance.

With that said, the downside of Gearwrench tools is that they are expensive, and may not be a good option for people on tighter budgets. While their tools are readily available in automotive, hardware stores, and online retailers, some specific models may not be found in every region. Moreover, as Gearwrench tools are made in different locations worldwide, some users prefer only USA-made products, and they may not be found in all countries. All in all, Gearwrench offers excellent quality yet expensive tools that have received numerous positive reviews from customers.

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The 3 Best Gearwrench Tools Reviews

Here are the 3 best Gearwrench tools reviews as per the highest performance and top customer reviews and experiences.

Gearwrench Tools Reviews
Best Gearwrench Tools Reviews

1)   GEARWRENCH 4 Piece Drive 84 Tooth Flex Handle Teardrop Ratchet Set

This ratchet set is made of a full-polish chrome finish that is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. It comes in three different sizes, including, 1/4″, 3/8″, and ½”, and is designed with 84 tooth gear and a 4.3° swing arc, making loosening or fastening nuts and tight screws hassle-free and easily accessible.

The ratchet set is equipped with a flush-mounted on/off switch and teardrop low-profile head, so you can easily reach and lose tight spaces. The tool is engineered to work precisely, boosting a high-strength pawl for added durability.

Its enclosed head design offers exceptional resistance to dirt infiltration. Customers report excellent quality, durability, and functionality of this ratchet set. Users experienced no drawbacks even while using these rachets daily for heavy mechanic work. Overall, this ratchet set is great value for your money.

2)   GEARWRENCH 20 Pc. Phillips/Slotted/Torx Dual Material Screwdriver Set

Are you looking for an all-size 20-piece sturdy and durable hammer set to handle all your household, mechanic, and automotive tasks? Then, here is a package that will fulfill all your needs. This hammer set is made of a dual material handle, so you can enjoy a comfortable grip and higher performance simultaneously.

It is built with non-slip black oxide, and a hardened and semi-rough tip, which fits more securely and precisely in your fasteners, resulting in maximized performance. The screwdriver set comes with a speed zone handle design that allows faster rotations in low-torque applications.  

3)   GEARWRENCH 12 Pc. 72-Tooth XL Double Box Ratcheting Metric Wrench Set

A ratcheting wrench set is a perfect tool that allows continuous rotation in one direction while maintaining contact with the fastener, so you won’t need to remove the wrench for each turn. This is a versatile 12-piece wrench set that allows users to work with different sizes of nuts and bolts, providing convenience with smooth and controlled rotation while performing tough tasks.

It is made of a bright full-polish chrome finish that enables rust prevention, easy cleaning, and conveniently wipes off all the oil and dirt. The ratcheting wrench set is built with a slim profile and 0° offset that offers easy access to the tightest spaces and recessed fasteners. Its XL GearBox design features a longer beam that increases torque and leverage. In addition, the off-corner loading design enables reduced fastener rounding with better grip.

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Q. Is Gearwrench made in China?

Gearwrench Tools are made in China, along with other countries. Gearwrench has manufacturing facilities in various countries including the USA, China, Taiwan, Mexico, and others. Hence, Gearwrench Tools are made in China and other manufacturing facilities worldwide.
Some Gearwrench Tools that are manufactured in China, include electronic torque wrenches, mechanical tool sets, telescoping magnetic pickup tools, and ratcheting combination wrenches.

Q. Who brought Gearwrench?

The Gearwrench brand was founded in 1996, and the Apex Tool Group bought Gearwrench Tools in July 2010. Now, the Apex Tool company designs, manufactures, and markets Gearwrench Tools under the Gearwrench brand name. 

Q. Who owns Apex Tool Group?

Bain Capital, LP, an American private investment firm based in Boston that specializes in investment management, real estate, public and private equity, and credit products owns hundreds of companies, including the Apex Tool Group.

Q. Is Gearwrench a US company?

Gearwrench is a US-based company headquartered in Sparks, Maryland, 21152, United States. Its parent company, Apex, is an American manufacturer of hand and power tools.

Q. Who sells Gearwrench Tools?

Apex Tools manufactures these Tools under the Gearwrench brand, and Gearwrench sells their tools through various 3rd party sellers, like Amazon, Walmart, online retailers, automotive supply stores, hardware stores, and other local tool shops.


We hope that you have got your answer to the question of who manufactures Gearwrench Tools. Gearwrench is a renowned brand that offers high-quality tools and equipment for professional users and DIYers. Their tools come with slim profiles and are comfortable, durable, and sturdy, and can access hard-to-reach places. Customers report that Gearwrench tools are a good investment of your money.

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