Who Makes Arctic King Freezers

If you are willing to purchase Arctic King Freezers but don’t know all details about the product, its brand, and its manufacturer, then you are at the right place.

In this article, we have covered everything about who makes Arctic King Freezers, details about this brand, along with the three best Arctic King Freezers.

The appliances of the Arctic king brand are manufactured by the Midea Company, which is the parent company of the Arctic King.

About The Arctic King Freezer Manufacturer: Essential Details You Should Know

Midea Company specializes in manufacturing air conditioners and home appliances, including refrigerators, freezers, washers, AC units, dishwashers, dryers, microwaves, electronics, and many more.

Midea is headquartered in Beijiao, Southern China. The company’s products are manufactured locally in other countries as well as in China. Midea’s products extend to over 195 countries, including the United States, and have benefited the lives of millions of people and families.

The Arctic brand is US-based, but when Midea took over the brand, they started to manufacture Arctic King Appliances. Now the Arctic King brand is owned by Midea, and because of their guidance and supervision, the brand is recognized and flourishing across the Globe, locally and internationally.

Who Makes Arctic King Freezers?

As we discussed above, the Midea company makes Arctic King freezers in China as well as in other countries.

Is Arctic King A Good Freezer?

Yes. The Arctic is an American brand, and after its connection with the Midea Company, it became popular among many customers. Arctic King uses advanced technology and provides innovative and unique models according to the customers’ needs.

The brand started producing air conditioners and gradually extended to manufacturing various home appliances.

The Essential Features Of The Arctic King Freezers

In this section, we have compiled all the essential features of the Arctic King Freezers, so you can decide whether the features are suitable for your needs.

Essential Features Of The Arctic King Freezers

1. The Types Of Arctic Freezers

Arctic freezers come in two designs: chest and upright freezers. However, the chest designs of the Arctic King Freezers are more well-recognized in the market compared to others. But you can choose the type of freezer according to your needs.

How To Select A Suitable Freezer Design?

Here is how you can select a suitable freezer:

For example, if you are looking for ample-sized freezers with sufficient storage capacity designed for small spaces and with removable storage baskets, the chest freezers would be your right choice.

And if you want a freezer with a shelf design but a little less storage compared to chest freezers, you can choose the upright design. On the other hand, if you want a fridge for your room or for storing occasional items, you can go for the single-door mini-design Arctic King Refrigerator.

Chest Freezer vs. Upright Freezer

2. Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of Arctic King Freezers depends on the type of design you are purchasing. You will find storage options from 3 to 21 Cubic Feet. Arctic freezers come in the following storage capacities:

  • 3.0 Cubic Feet
  • 3.5 Cubic Feet
  • 5.0 Cubic Feet
  • 7.0 Cubic Feet
  • 8.3 Cubic Feet
  • 21.0 Cubic Feet

3. Adjustable Thermostat

Arctic chest freezers come with an adjustable thermostat so you can adjust the cooling according to your needs.

4. Easy To Clean

All Arctic King Freezers are made of smooth doors with sleek designs, which makes their walls easy to clean. The interiors of the freezers are also made of top-notch materials making their interior cleaning hassle-free and fast.

The 3 Best Arctic King Freezers

Now let’s look at the 3 Best Arctic King Freezers.

1. Arctic King 3.5 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer

Arctic king 3.5 Cu Ft Chest Freezer comes in black color and is perfect for small spaces. If you want a freezer with medium storage capacity and small space, this one can be your ideal choice. The freezer consists of removable baskets, which makes organizing your food items easy.

Moreover, the removable baskets allow cleaning of your freezer simple and access to your items hassle-free. Its adjustable thermostat is located on the front, so you can keep a check on the temperature and modify it whenever you want. The gasket and easy-clean interiors make the freezer easy to maintain.

2. Arctic King 8.3 Cu. Ft. Convertible Upright Freezer

The Arctic King 8.3 Cu Ft convertible upright freezer is ideal if you want a spacious freezer, have a large family or wish to stock food for the long term. It has easy-to-clean interiors and features a wide range of temperatures so you can lock your favorite food for a longer duration. The model comes in white color and has a balanced hinge reversible door design.

3. Arctic King 7.0 Cu. Ft Chest Freezer E-star

If you are looking for a spacious chest freezer, you can choose this one. It has a 7.0 Cu Ft capacity that enables you to store and stock food items sufficient enough for the needs of your family and guests.

The freezer is ideal for large families having enough space for storage. Consisting of removable storage baskets, the freezer is easy to organize with adjustable thermostat control and easy to clean interior.


Q. Who makes Arctic King chest freezers?

Arctic King Freezers or Arctic King chest freezers are manufactured by the Midea Company, which is headquartered in Beijiao, Southern China. It is the largest producer and the world’s number 1 brand of air treatment products, kettles, air coolers, and rice cookers.

Q. Who owns the Arctic King brand?

The Arctic King is a US-based brand, and the Midea Company now owns the Arctic King brand. Other brands owned by the Midea Company include Eureka, Toshiba, and Little Swan.

Q. What does the Midea Company manufacture?

The Midea Company was first recognized for manufacturing air conditioners but has now extended to producing all types of home appliances, including refrigerators, freezers, dryers, electronics, and many more.

Q. Are Arctic Freezers worth my money?

Yes. The Arctic is a renowned brand that manufactures affordable and top-notch freezers. They offer various useful features, including adjustable thermostats, removable baskets, easy-to-clean interiors, and small-sized to spacious options to suit your needs. The Arctic King chest freezer reviews from customers are also outstanding, and many were satisfied with the product and its quality.

Q. Is Arctic King owned by Midea?

The Arctic King is owned by Midea. Midea is the number one brand that produces air treatment products, designed with smart features, giving a stylish interior and exterior look.

Q. What kind of appliances does Arctic King make?

The Arctic King makes a wide range of products, which include air conditioners, kitchen appliances, refrigerators, humidifiers, chest freezers, water dispensers, ventilation systems, and ice makers.

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We hope that you have found your answer to the question of who makes Arctic King freezers. The Midea Company makes the Arctic King Freezers. The freezers are budget-friendly and come in various types and sizes. You can select chest freezers or upright freezers depending on your needs and pick the size suitable for your family. Midea is a well-recognized company that manufactures versatile home appliances, and its products extend to over 195 countries.

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