Who Makes Vulcan Welders

If you are in the manufacturing or construction industry, you must have used welding machines. With that, you might agree that these machines should be consistent, durable, and efficient for appropriate functioning.

Vulcan offers stellar inverter technology with professional-quality welds at affordable prices. But who makes Vulcan welders? Canary Electricals Pvt. Ltd, a market leader in manufacturing MIG welding machines and step-up transformers, makes Vulcan welders.

In this article, we will discuss everything about who makes Vulcan welders, their manufacturers, the 3 best Vulcan welders reviews, and much more. So, let’s get started.

Who Makes Vulcan Welders?

Vulcan welders are manufactured by Canary Electricals Pvt Ltd, a leading Indian manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of different types of welding machines, including:

  • Mig welding machine
  • Spot welding machine
  • Mini ARC welding machine
  • Oil-cooled welding machine
  • Pneumatic Spot welding machine
  • Welding rectifiers
  • TIG (argon) welding machine
  • Arc welding transformers
  • MIG/MAG CO2 Welding Machine
Who Makes Vulcan Welders 1
Who Makes Vulcan Welders

Canary Electricals ensure smooth performance by manufacturing the best-in-class Vulcan welders and welding equipment. Canary Electricals was founded in 1980 by Mr. P. M. Vadalia & Late R. A. Patel.

The company is committed to providing enhanced customer care and service through its assured product range and optimized customer satisfaction.

Where Is Vulcan Welder Made?

Vulcan welders are made by a company, Canary Electricals Pvt Ltd, based in Morbi, India. Its manufacturing plant is located in Sadar Nagar in Gujrat, India. Canary Electricals, or Vulcan, purchases, manufactures and sells its products worldwide by utilizing a Global supply chain.

They source their products from the USA, Asia, and Europe. Approximately 50% of Vulcan products are sewed, welded, manufactured, and assembled based on customers’ requirements and needs.

Hence, Vulcan welders are manufactured and sold Globally in various countries, including the USA, India, other Asian countries, and Europe.

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Are Vulcan Welders Any Good?

Overall, Vulcan welders work well at an affordable price range. Canary Electricals have more than 3 decades of experience in manufacturing welding equipment, which ensures the longevity of their products. Their only major drawback is that they come with a limited warranty compared to their competitors. But you can enjoy all these features with Vulcan welders even if you are tighter on a budget:

1. Portable Design

Vulcan welders feature a portable design and have a transportation handle on the top which makes storing and carrying the machine easy and convenient. This makes operating the welder easy at different positions and in long-hour working.

2. Multiprocess Features

When it comes to multi-process welding, Vulcan welders are the best choice. Whether it is flux-core welding, MIG, or TIG welding, the powerful welding machine can assist any demanding job.

3. Auto-Sensing

Many models of Vulcan welders come with an auto-sensing feature. This lets welders enjoy excellent and accurate welding in challenging conditions, like windy weather, or outdoor welding where the environment is not favorable.

3. Ideal For Heavy And Light Welding

Vulcan welders are ideal for heavy or light welding. Whether you want to perform simple or tough jobs, their welding machines work well for all.

4. Good Wire Feeding Speed

With these welders, you get a range of wire feeding speeds, from 50 to 500 inches per minute, which provides exceptional support to your welding without hassle.

5. Inverter Technology

Almost all models of Vulcan welders come with inverter technology, offering portability, lightweight, and energy-saving features.

6. Dual Voltage Technology

Most Vulcan welders offer dual voltage technology. This means you can choose two voltages for operation, either 120 or 240 volts, according to your welding needs.

Who Makes Vulcan Welders

The 3 Best Vulcan Welders Reviews

Let’s look into the 3 best Vulcan welders reviews.

1. Vulcan OmniPro 220 Multiprocess Welder

If you are looking for an intuitive, powerful, and lightweight welder that can handle any task in your shop or job site, the Vulcan OmniPro multiprocess welder can work well. The welder boasts high power with the highest quality output to assist demanding welding jobs quickly and confidently.

It features dual voltage technology, capable of tackling 120v or 240v with maximum efficiency. In addition, the multiprocess Vulcan welder is easy to use. You just need to set the rod or wire diameter, process type, and material thickness, and you are ready to weld. It can weld various materials with a full-color display.

Whether you want to weld TIG (DC), MIG, stick (DC), or Flux-core, the high-output multiprocess welder can tackle them all. The welder features a 4.3-inch LCD display for advanced control and process selection. You can plug the welder anywhere as it is portable and weighs only 49.00 lbs.

2. Vulcan ProTIG 165 Welder

This welder from Vulcan weighs only 20 lbs with a carrying handle on the top, making it ideal for frequent transportation and fieldwork.

This portability feature makes the welding machine a great fit for on-site maintenance, automotive welding, food/beverage industry tasks, or process piping.

It also features a dual voltage technology that can work well on both 120 and 250 volts. It can weld a wide range of materials, including chrome-moly, stainless steel, and ferrous cast materials. The welder comes with an auto-sense feature, allowing you to weld whenever and wherever you want.

3. Vulcan MIGMax 215

The Vulcan MIGMax 215 welder can tackle ⅜ steel or aluminum in one pass and can function on dual voltage with separate power cords. In addition, it doesn’t need any adapters. It offers inverter technology, a smooth arc start function, and an advanced synergic interface.

You will need to select the welding process, wire, and stock thickness, and the welder will handle the rest of the task for you. Its voltage and wire feed speed are automatically set.

The welder can work well for small to medium-sized shops at an affordable price but is not ideal for people who are looking for an industrial welding machine that can operate all day long. It also has a shorter warranty of 90 days compared to other welders.

The top features of the Vulcan MIGMax welder are:

  • Spoon gun ready
  • Wire feed mechanism
  • Inverter technology and synergic interface.
  • A continuously functioning fan


Q. Who makes Vulcan welders?

Vulcan welders are manufactured by an Indian Company, Canary Electricals Pvt. Ltd based in Morbi, Gujrat. They manufacture various types of welding machines, including MIG and TIG welding machines, and others.

Q. Do Vulcan welders come with a warranty?

Yes, Vulcan welders come with a 3 months (90-days) warranty. The major drawback you will find with Vulcan welders is their limited-time warranty. Other welding companies may offer a 2 to 3 years warranty, which is higher than Vulcan welders.

Q. Does Harbor Freight own Vulcan welders?

There is a misconception that Harbor Freight manufactures or owns Vulcan welders, which is not true. Harbor Freight is only one of the retailers of Vulcan welders, but their owner and manufacturer are Canary Electricals Pvt. Ltd.


So, that was all about who makes Vulcan welders. Vulcan welders are manufactured by an Indian Company but have manufacturing facilities, selling, distributing, and outsourcing supply chain worldwide. Their main plant is located in Sadar Nagar in Gujrat, India. According to Customer Reviews, Vulcan welders are an ideal choice for people looking for a budget-friendly welding machine that can work well for light or heavy welding tasks, including TIG, MIG, or flux-core welding.

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