Who Makes Thomson Freezers

Do you want to know all about who makes Thomson Freezers? Then this article has got you covered. Thomson Freezers are manufactured, distributed, and sold by Curtis International Ltd. Thomson sells some of the best upright and chest-design freezers.

But before purchasing any freezer, knowing about the brand, manufacturers, features, and pros and cons of the product is crucial. Otherwise, making your purchase decision will be a challenging task.

In this article, we have included all details about Thomson Freezers and their manufacturers. Let’s get started.

Who Makes Thomson Freezers: All You Need To Know About The Manufacturers

Curtis manufactures and distributes Thomson Freezers. Curtis markets their equipment under the name of various brands, including Proscan, Curtis, RCA, Sylvania, and Igloo. Thomson freezers are made in China and come with a one-year warranty.

Thomson Curtis. International Ltd. manufactures a wide range of electronics and home appliances using the latest technology at affordable prices, like freezers, fridges, water coolers, microwaves, television, telephones, DVD system, MP3 players to many more.

Advantages Of Thomson Freezers

Let’s look at the advantages of Thomson Freezers in detail.

1)   Versatile And Easy To Store

Thomson freezers are versatile and can be used for home or office use. They require less space; hence are easy to store. If you have less storage space, you can purchase a Thomson Upright freezer.

2)   It Comes In Various Designs

Thomson Freezers come in various designs and sizes, which gives you vast options to choose from according to your needs.

3)   It is Easy To Organize

Thomson’s removable wire shelves or baskets make it easier to organize your fruits, vegetables, and meat in the freezer.

Overview Of The Features Of Thomson Freezers

Do you want to go through all the features of Thomson freezers before purchasing them? In this section, we have gathered all the features Thomson offer in its freezers.

the features of Thomson freezers

1)   Adjustable Shelves

Whether you purchase Upright or chest-style freezers, you will get adjustable shelves or baskets within the freezers. This makes storing foods easy, neatly organizing your items and creating room for bulky items, such as watermelon.

2)   Frost-free

All freezers of Thomson are frost-free. The frost-free feature is something everyone desires to have in a freezer. It prevents ice accumulation at the backside of the freezer and keeps your freezer in a clean and good condition.

3)   Adjustable Legs

All Thomson freezers come with adjustable legs, keeping your freezer balanced and sturdy on the floor. This will prevent the freezer from falling or breaking.

4)   Temperature-Controlled

Thomson freezers consist of an interior thermostat that helps you monitor and change the temperature to your desired level.

To make the temperature of the freezer cooler, you can turn the thermostat up and increase the power.

5)   Versatile Design

Thomson freezers come in various sizes and different designs; chest and upright style. So, you can choose according to your needs.

6)   Reversible Doors

After the frost-free feature, this is the second-best characteristic of the Thomson freezers we love. They have reversible front doors, which means you can open the freezer to the right or the left. If you have limited space in your kitchen, this is the ideal feature you can wish for.

The 3 Best Thomson Freezers

The three best Thomson Freezers are given below:

1)   Thomson 7.0 Cu.ft. Chest Freezer

If you are looking for a chest freezer with ample storage capacity and versatile storage design, the Thomson 7.0 Cu.ft. chest freezer can be your right choice. It provides a large capacity to stock foods, ice, and meat and comes with adjustable leg leveling.

Additionally, you can organize your food easily as they provide a spacious area boasting internal shelves and removable baskets. However, you may need a proper space in your house for storing the freezer, but you can enjoy stocking large amounts of food.

How much food can a 7 cubic foot chest freezer hold?

2)   Thomson 6.5 Cu. Ft Upright Freezer

Here is another Freezer from Thomson having a large storage capacity with an upright design. It comes with three wire shelves which make organizing your food easier and quicker. The bright LED light lets you access the food items in the dark. Its adjustable legs help to keep the freezer balanced and steady on the floor.

If you want a freezer with an upright and free-standing design that is easy to clean, you can choose the Thomson 6.5 Cu. Ft Upright Freezer.

3)   Thomson 5.0 Cu. Ft TFRF520 Chest Deep Freezer

If you want a chest freezer with a little less space or occupying less storage in your house as compared to the 7.0 chest freezer, you can go with this one. It is compact in design but has enough area to store all your foods and fit in small spaces in your house. The best part is the freezer comes with a 1-year warranty and a 2-year compressor warranty. It consists of a wire storage basket where you can neatly organize your food.

Its defrost drain allows water to drain out quickly in the back of the freezer. Cleaning the interior of this chest freezer is hassle-free, and it comes with a vinyl-coated shelf with an adjustable thermostat.


Q. Who makes Thomson chest Freezers, and where are they manufactured?

Curtis International Ltd manufactures and distributes Thomson freezers and Thomson chest freezers. Curtis sells their products under the names of various brands, including Igloo, RCA, Curtis, and Sylvania. So, you may find Thomson products being sold under any of these brands. Thomson products are primarily manufactured in China

Q. Where can I purchase Thomson freezers?

You can purchase a Thomson freezer from your local electronic home appliance market or online from Amazon, E-bay, or Thomson Freezer’s website.

Q. Why choose Thomson freezer for your home?

Thomson produces reliable and high-quality freezers. They come with full-extension drawers and Thomson chest freezer baskets to provide enough space for keeping your food trays. Additionally, they have a warranty and are budget-friendly. Thomson chest freezer reviews and experiences from customers about the product are also amazing.

Q. How big is a Thomson upright freezer?

Thomson Upright Freezer 6.5 Cu ft has the largest and best storage capacity to store a large amount of food. It can be placed in the garage, dorm, or basement, and its free-standing design is easy to clean.

Q. What are the features of the Thomson chest freezer?

Thomson Chest freezers are frost-free. They have adjustable baskets, are temperature-controlled, and have adjustable legs for keeping them balanced and sturdy on the floor. They come in various sizes, so you can choose according to your needs.

Q. Which RCA Thomson freezer is the best?

Thomson 5.0 Cu. Ft TFRF520 Chest Deep Freezer and Thomson 6.5 Cu. Ft Upright Freezers are the best. The 6.5 Cu. Ft upright freezer comes with LED lights for easy access, adjustable shelves and legs that keep the freezer balanced, and sufficient storage capacity for storing ample amounts of food. Thomson 5.0 Cu. Ft chest freezer has a compact design to fit in small spaces. Moreover, it comes with wire storage baskets for organizing food neatly, and a one-year warranty.

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We hope that you have found all the information related to Thomson freezers and their manufacturers. Curtis International Ltd manufactures Thomson freezers. You will get a one-year warranty with them and guaranteed reliable results. You can choose the freezer type and design according to your needs. The best thing about Thomson freezers is that they are affordable and contain all the features a good freezer must have.

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