Who Makes Roper Appliances

Roper appliances are pretty famous in the household equipment and technology industry but have you ever wondered who makes Roper appliances? Roper Corporation, also known as Roper appliances, is manufactured by Whirlpool Corporation. Roper Corporation is a subsidiary company of GE appliances.

Roper Corporation produces many household appliances, such as freezers, refrigerators, dishwashers, air conditioners, replacement parts, dryers, and water filtration systems. Among all their products, Roper replacement parts, washers and dryers are the most renowned and excessively sold products.

In this article, we will discuss everything related to who makes Roper appliances and their manufacturers, Roper appliances history, are they any good, and the Roper appliances review. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Who Makes Roper Appliances?

Roper appliances, or Roper Corporation, is also known as Roper technologies. It is an appliance-manufacturing organization and a wholly-owned subsidiary brand of GE appliances, a Haier company.

The Roper Corporation was founded in 1800 by George. D Roper. Roper appliances are manufactured by Whirlpool Corporation in the USA. Whirlpool and Roper’s products are manufactured in the USA in the same facilities. These plants are located in various states in the USA, like Massachusetts, Ohio, Tennessee, and Oklahoma.

Roper Appliances History

Talking about the history of Roper appliances, it was initiated in the year 1800, when they focused on producing only home appliances, pumps, and industrial products. Later, in 1992 they stepped into the corporate acquisition program held by Initial Public Offering (IPO). In 1989, Roper appliances were purchased by the Whirlpool Corporation for their home equipment and appliances. Currently, Roper Corporation is the subsidiary brand of GE appliances.

Who Makes Roper Appliances

Who Sells Roper Appliances?

Roper appliances are sold by Whirlpool Corporation and GE appliances. You can purchase Roper appliances from various local household equipment sellers or online from your local appliance market or order from Amazon.

What Appliances Does Roper Make?

Roper produces various home appliances and cooking products. These include:

  • Washers and dryers
    • Washing machines with dryers. (3.5 Cu. Ft and 6.5 Cu. Ft sizes).
  • Refrigerators and freezers
    • Side-by-side refrigerator.
    • Freezer-on-bottom.
    • Freezer-on-top.
  • Household replacement parts, such as replacement washers or cooktops.
  • Air conditioners
  • Water filtration systems

Are Roper Appliances Any Good?

People rate Roper products according to their experience. Some customers say that Roper appliances are satisfactory and work average, while some buyers report that their equipment is not fancy but is effective in fulfilling household needs.

Roper is more focused on producing good household replacement parts rather than other home appliance products. The Roper washing machines are renowned, but they give average results in removing stains.

All in all, Roper is not a luxury or premium brand and scores satisfactory ratings, but their appliances are budget-friendly, efficient, and easy to use. Roper refrigerators and washers offer a minimum 10-year warranty, guaranteeing good functionality. So, if you are looking for go-to pocket-friendly appliances, you can purchase Roper equipment.

The 3 Best Roper Appliances – Roper Appliances Review

Let’s look at the three best Roper appliances.

1)   Roper 6″ Range Cooktop Stove Replacement Surface Burner Heating Element

Roper 6 Range Cooktop Stove Replacement Surface Burner Heating Element
Roper 6″ Range Cooktop Stove Replacement Surface Burner Heating Element

Here is a 6-inch cooktop stove replacement part from Roper. If you are searching for a brand-new cooktop to fit in your stove, try Roper’s replacement surface burner. It features a universal design and easy installation, which brings convenience for all.

2)   Roper 6.5 Cu. Ft Top-Load Gas Dryer

We can expect rain at any time of the season, which admittedly makes it a hurdle to dry a pile of clothes! A dryer can be a blessing on rainy days or when you are in a hurry to pack your bags, lock your house, and leave for a trip or vacation. A dryer is a must-have product that can dry all your clothes in no time.

This 6.5 Cu. Ft Roper dryer provides ample space to dry all the room curtains, clothes, and bedding of your entire family on a single run. With its temperature settings, you can select your desired temperature according to your workload and preferences.

Roper 6.5 Cu. Ft Top Load Gas Dryer
Roper 6.5 Cu. Ft Top-Load Gas Dryer

The dryer is equipped with wrinkle-prevent and automatic dryness control options, which dries your clothes quickly without heat to prevent wrinkle formation on your dresses. The automatic dryness control uses temperature sensors to prevent overdrying and end the drying cycle at the desired time.

3)   Roper Aftermarket Refrigerator White Door Bin Shelf

If you are experiencing any damage or breakage in your refrigerator door bin shelf, here is a brand new 16.625″ W x 7″ D x 3.875″ H sized replacement white door bin from Roper. It has a curved-style design to prevent your beverages or leftovers from falling or slipping into the fridge or kitchen floor.

Roper Aftermarket Refrigerator White Door Bin Shelf
Roper Aftermarket Refrigerator White Door Bin Shelf

You can attach it to the inside of your fridge door and place anything you want. It is a medium-sized bin and is perfect for placing water bottles, jams, jellies, cheese, leftovers, or small containers.

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Q. Who makes Roper appliances?

The products of Roper Corporation or Roper appliances are manufactured in the USA by Whirlpool Corporation, an American multinational home appliance company. In 1989, Whirlpool brought Roper appliances. Roper Corporation is the subsidiary brand of GE appliances.

Q. Is Roper a good brand?

We can say that Roper is a trustworthy brand as their products are manufactured by Whirlpool, a renowned home appliance company in the USA. Moreover, their appliances are less expensive compared to other, more common brands, such as GE, Whirlpool, or Cafe appliances. However, some customers have reported that the stain removal feature of their washers is lower than average.

Q. Is Whirlpool and Roper the same?

Whirlpool and Roper are not the same; they are individual companies. The appliances of Roper are manufactured by Whirlpool. Whirlpool Corporation owns the Roper appliance company. In 1989, the American multinational appliance company, Whirlpool brought Roper Corporation for their home products.


We hope that you have got your answer to the query of who makes Roper appliances. Roper appliances are manufactured by Whirlpool Corporation, a multinational American home appliance company. Roper appliances commonly produce household equipment and replacement parts such as cooktop stove replacement, washers, refrigerators and humidifier replacement parts, dryer parts, and accessories. You can purchase Roper appliances online from Amazon or your local tool and equipment market.

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