Who Makes Mesa Tires

Have you heard about the Mesa tires brand, or do you know who makes Mesa tires? Admittedly, mesa tires is a less renowned brand because it has not been marketed by its owners very often. But this article brings an in-depth look at Mesa tires.

Mesa tires are made by an American replacement automobile and truck tires organization, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. It was founded in 1914. Mesa tires are owned by Big O Tires, North America’s biggest retail tire franchisor. Mesa tires design tires for passenger vehicles, light trucks,  CUVs, and SUVs.

Let’s continue further to find out more about who makes Mesa tires, about their manufacturers; Mesa tires reviews, and Mesa tire company.

Who Makes Mesa Tires?

Mesa tires are manufactured by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company and are headquartered in Findlay, Ohio, USA. The automobile organization specializes in designing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling replacement automobile and truck tires. It has over 60 manufacturing and distributing facilities worldwide.

There are various production facilities of Cooper Tire and Rubber Company in the USA where Misa tires are manufactured. They include Findlay, OH, Tupelo, MS, Texarkana, AR, and Clarksdale, MS.

You will find three different variants of mesa tires, like Mesa AP3, Mesa AP2, Mesa HT. Mesa HT and Mesa AP2 are manufactured for SUV drivers and light trucks. Mesa AP3 is the ideal choice for light truck drivers, CUVs, and SUVs.

Are Mesa Tires Any Good?

Overall, Mesa tires are good. People rate Mesa tires based on their experience. Different variants of these tires are used according to the vehicle type. The best part of Mesa tires is that they work in all seasons, so you won’t have to face hurdles in the middle of your ride and look for mechanics.

However, as all products have some drawbacks, similarly, Mesa tires are not ideal for regular off-roaders. Mesa AP3 tires are designed to function on farmlands and dirt roads, but if you are a regular off-roader, Mesa tires or Mesa AP3 may not be an ideal choice.

All in all, Mesa tires are good in terms of all-season functioning, handling, and comfort. They give a noise-free and safe driving experience and are budget-friendly.

Features Of Mesa Tires

Here are the overall features of the Mesa tires in detail.

1)   Versatile Types

As we discussed above, there are different variants of mesa tires utilized for different purposes. Mesa tires offer versatile functioning as their tires work for all vehicles, including truck drivers, CUVs, and SUVs.

2)   Comfortable Drive

No matter what the weather is outside, rainy or snowy, you can enjoy comfortable and noise-free driving with Mesa tires. You will experience 99% silence with these tires while driving.

3)   Easy Handling And All-Season Treads

Another top feature of Mesa tires is that you can handle them in any situation. They feature all-season treads, which make braking convenient on wet surfaces and icy roads. They also have circumferential grooves on the all-season treads, which ensures that the tires drive well on hilly curves or wet roads.

4)   Affordable Price

The price range of Mesa tires is around $118-$209, which I would say is affordable according to the quality and durability of the tires.

Who Makes Mesa Tires

Mesa Tires Reviews

Here are the reviews of the three variants of Mesa tires.

Mesa Tires Review
Mesa Tires Review

1)   Mesa HT

The Mesa HT tires are manufactured for light trucks and SUV drivers. They come with a mileage warranty of 55,000 miles and are suitable to function in all seasons.

They are crafted with a tread pattern design, which effectively removes water from the tires for better hydroplane resistance and wet traction. With the Mesa HT tires, you will experience long-lasting wear and quiet highway driving.

2)   Mesa AP3

If you own a CUV, Mesa AP3 should be your choice. The Mesa AP3 tires are ideal for CUV drivers, light trucks, and SUVs. These tires work well on all roads, including concrete roads, farmland, and dirt roads, by providing excellent traction. They are made with a zig-zag tread pattern, which impedes airflow, reduces noise, and gives you a quiet ride throughout your journey.

3)   Mesa AP2

Mesa AP2 tires are constructed for light trucks and SUVs operations. They come with a 50,000-mileage warranty. These AP2 tires boast a tread design, which makes them suitable to function in all weather, including wet, dry, or winter seasons.

Mesa AP2 gives a safer and more comfortable driving experience as they ensure that the tires closely run on the road surface by reducing road vibrations and pressure on the tires. They are crafted with wide grooves, which prevent hydroplaning situations, road contact and increase steering stability.

Mesa Tire Warranty

Mesa tire offers a treadwear warranty (mileage) of 50,000 miles. This means their tires can operate for up to 50,000 miles without any wear or tear. Moreover, mesa tire gives a 30-day ride guarantee. If you ride on them for 30 days but are not satisfied with the tires, the company will trade them at full value.

Pros And Cons Of Mesa Tires

  • Mesa tires are affordable.
  • Mesa tires are manufactured with high-quality materials.
  • Their designs are innovative.
  • With mess tires, you can enjoy smooth and noise-free driving.
  • Mesa tires are strong and durable.
  • These tires are not suitable for regular off-roaders.
  • You may experience medium to just okay functionality of the tire’s grip sometimes.

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Q. Who makes Mesa tires?

Cooper Tire and Rubber Company, an American replacement automobile and truck tires organization, makes Mesa tires. The company is headquartered in Findlay, Ohio, USA, and has over 60 manufacturing and distributing facilities worldwide. They are dedicated to designing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling replacement automobile and truck tires.

Q. Who sells Mesa tires?

The sellers of Mesa tires vary according to different places. Some sellers of Mesa tires include Mesa or Cooper dealers and your local Tire sellers or motor mechanics.

Q. Where are Mesa tires made?

There are various production facilities of Cooper Tire and Rubber Company in the USA. For example, the Mesa tire designing and manufacturing facilities of Cooper include different states in the USA, like Findlay, OH, Tupelo MS, Texarkana, AR, and Clarksdale, MS. Mesa tires are manufactured at one of the facilities of Cooper Tire Company. Moreover, Cooper truck tires are also made in Hangzhou, China.

Q. Are Mesa AP3 tires any good?

Mesa AP3 tires work great for all vehicles, including SUVs, light truck drivers, and CUVs. They are made with an all-season tread design that quickly releases water from the tire in rainy or snowy weather and provides enhanced wet road grip.


So that’s all about who makes Mesa tires. Mesa tires are owned by Big O Tires and are manufactured by an American organization, Cooper Tire and Rubber Company. There are three variants of Mesa tires, including Mesa AP2, AP3, and Mesa HT. These tires are designed for light truck drivers, CUVs, and SUV owners. Mesa tires work in all seasons, whether it is snowy or rainy. Mesa company offers tires that are convenient in handling, noise-free on the road, and comfortable while driving. 

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