Who Makes Kucht Appliances (Manufacturer, Reviews,& Brand Comparision)

Do you know who makes Kucht appliances? A US-based company headquartered in New Jersey, Kucht Professional, designs and makes Kucht appliances. Kucht is a kitchen appliance brand that specializes in manufacturing professional-style appliances designed to meet the needs of cooking enthusiasts and home chefs.

Kucht Professional produces a wide range of commercial-inspired ranges, including freestanding and slide-in ranges, range hoods, and dual fuel ranges combining gas cooktops with electric oven features. They primarily focus on manufacturing high-quality range hoods and stoves, as ranges are their core product that comes with different models, features, and configurations.

So, are Kucht ranges worth buying? Are they long-lasting? Do they offer any warranty? In this blog, we will discuss everything about who makes Kucht appliances, their manufacturers, is Kucht a good brand, whether they are worth your money, and much more. So, let’s get started.

Who Makes Kucht Appliances?

Kucht appliances are manufactured by Kucht Professional. Kucht Professional was founded in 2007, and its headquarters is in Clifton, New Jersey, USA. Kucht Professional is a product line offered by Kucht Corporation, an organization known for manufacturing kitchen appliances.

They manufacture world-class professional ranges and kitchen appliances, focusing on producing equipment with three things in mind; quality, functionality, and attractive design.

Kucht appliances, range, and range hoods come with a wide range of user-friendly features, like precise temperature control, powerful burners, spacious oven capacities, different sizes and colors, high BTUs, gas and electric cooking options, and stainless steel construction.

Kucht Appliances offers the following types of ranges and range hoods:

  1. Ranges
  2. Freestanding dual fuel ranges.
  3. Freestanding gas ranges.
  4. Slide-in dual fuel ranges.
  5. Slide-in gas ranges.
  • Range Hoods
  • Wall-mount range hoods.
  • Island range hoods.
  • Under cabinet range hoods.

Where Are Kucht Products Manufactured?

Kucht appliances and products are manufactured and sourced from all over the world. Their country of origin is the USA, but they are also manufactured in other parts of the world. The most common countries having vendors where the components of Kucht appliances are sourced and manufactured include the USA, Italy, Germany, Spain, and China.

Is Kucht A Good Brand Range?

All in all, Kucht is a top-notch brand of ranges as they specialize in producing ranges and range hoods of various types and models as their core product. They are known for quality and durable construction and are designed to withstand heavy use, along with offering a long lifespan.

Kucht appliances come with professional-grade features, like digital displays, stainless steel exteriors, built-in lighting, remote controls, range hoods with adjustable fan speeds, electromagnetic technology to heat cookware directly, and much more. Their ranges and wall ovens offer convection cooking functionality that circulates the hot air within the oven using a fan, leading to even and efficient cooking in less time with consistent results.

The heavy-duty handles, knobs, and control panels ensure the longevity of ranges and ease of use. According to customer reviews, some users reported very good performance of Kucht ranges and stated that it was worth every dollar. Users also experienced that the Kucht burners and ovens were very easy to use and worked great.

In addition, some customers reported low performance of Kucht appliances. This shows that overall Kucht is a good brand of ranges, but customer reviews can vary according to individual experiences, preferences, and how they use it.

Kucht Vs. Zline – What Are The Differences And Similarities?

Kucht and Zline are both well-known brands in the kitchen appliance industry. Here is a comparison of both brands.

1)   Price 

Comparing the prices, Zline offers more affordable products than Kucht. Kucht is a slightly expensive brand, and may not be ideal for the ones on tighter budgets.

2)   Warranty

Zline offers a warranty of 1 year on their ranges, while most ranges from Kucht come with a 4-year warranty with unlimited lifetime online support. Hence, Kucht offers a better warranty than Zline.

3)   Reliability

Talking about reliability, there are some reported issues about the long-lasting performance and functionality of the appliances of both brands from a few customers. So, both Kucht and Zline appliances are not perfect in terms of reliability.

4)   BTU Ranges

Both Kucht and Zline offer high BTU output and have burners and ovens that come with large BTU ranges that are up to 22,000.

5)   Advanced Features

Both Kucht and Zline are equal in offering numerous advanced and professional-grade features with their appliances, like stainless steel design, powerful ventilation system, convection cooking, durable and sturdy knobs, gas and electric cooking and baking options, digital displays, and more. Some users take time to get adapted to the extra power and features offered by Zline and Kucht.

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Kucht Appliances Reviews

Let’s discuss the top 3 Kucht appliances reviews.

Kucht Appliances Reviews
Kucht Appliances Reviews

1)   Kucht KRT361GU-S KRT361GU 36″ Natural Gas Range-Top with Sealed Burners 

If you have a large kitchen and are looking for an adequately-sized cooking range, then this 36-inch wide Kucht range may be ideal for you. It comes with 6 individual burners, offering two high-intensity 18,000 BTU burners and a 15,000 BTU dual flame burner with simmer, and three 12,000 BTU burners.

The higher BTU rating of this range enables faster and more efficient cooking, precise temperature control, efficient heating, and improved energy efficiency. Moreover, multiple burners offer the convenience of cooking many dishes simultaneously, making it ideal for large families or parties.

It is made of high-quality control knobs and heavy-duty cast-iron cooking grates with a black porcelain top and a 4-inch stainless steel backsplash, offering excellent heat retention and distribution with easy-to-clean features.

The cast-iron grates make the range suitable for versatile cooking, including grilling, searing, and even low-temperature cooking like smoking. Above all, this gas range top comes with a 4-year warranty and 30-day return guarantee, assuring the top quality of this appliance.

2)   Kucht KRH3020A Under Cabinet Range Hood

With regular cooking, especially when the climate is hot, it becomes challenging to keep your kitchen free from humidity, unwanted odors, smoke, and warm air. But not anymore! This under-cabinet hood from Kucht features 3 powerful 900 CFM blowers that emit air that flow from different levels to trap cooking odors and smoke with quiet operation, enhancing proper ventilation with high BTU output and maximizing the flow of fresh and dirt-free air during your hectic cooking routine in hot weather. You can choose the right ventilation speed as per your need with its 3-speed stainless steel push-button control. Moreover, the range hood is also equipped with 2 LED lights and dishwasher-safe battle filters, making it easy to use and clean.

3)   Kucht 3-Piece Kitchen Bundle with 30″ 4 Burner White Door Natural Gas Range, 30″ Wall Mounted Range Hood

Here is an all-in-one appliance from Kucht that will fulfill all your cooking and baking needs in a comfortable large-spaced environment. This gas range is mounted with a range hood that allows you to cook, bake, or cook and bake, while delivering proper ventilation with high BTU, preventing the accumulation of smoke and cooking odors.

It comes with a 22,000 BTU convection oven and a 10,000 BTU broiler, along with a 4 burner gas range that includes two 9000 BTU burners and two 15000 BTU dual burners with simmer, so you can handle fast, efficient, and large amounts of cooking without any hassle.

The convection oven has 4.2 cu. Ft capacity with 5 rack configuration and an extra large oven window, so you can easily bake, access, and view your items as they are cooking. It also features an LCD display with a sensor touch, so you can choose the right speed.

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Q. Who owns Kucht Appliances?

Kucht Professional is the brand, manufacturer, designer, and owner of Kucht appliances. It is a company based in New Jersey that manufactures professional-class kitchen appliances, including gas and dual fuel ranges, cooktops, wall ovens, range hoods, refrigerators, and dishwashers.

Q. Is Kucht an American company?

Yes, Kucht is an American kitchen appliance manufacturing company headquartered in Clifton, USA. The company is USA-based, but they source and design their products from various countries globally, including Germany, Italy, China, the USA, Spain, and others.

Q. Kucht Vs. Wolf? Which brand is better?

Both Kucht and Wolf are high-end kitchen appliance brands delivering top performance. Kucht focuses more on manufacturing ranges and range hoods, while Wolf also specializes in producing other products, like outdoor kitchen appliances, and under-counter refrigeration equipment, such as wine storage, ice makers, and drawers.
Kucht appliances are affordable compared to Wolf, while still offering professional-grade features. Wolf offers more sophisticated and sleek design appliances and Kucht typically features a traditional design, focusing more on functionality.

Q. Are Kucht and Thor the same?

Kucht and Thor are individual kitchen appliance brands, but comparing their product design and quality, they may look nearly identical. Thor appliances are manufactured and owned by Thor Kitchen, a private American home appliance company based in California, USA. Kucht appliances are manufactured and owned by Kucht Professional, an American kitchen appliance company based in New Jersey, USA.

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So, that was all about who makes Kucht appliances. Kucht is a high-end brand that specializes in manufacturing both gas and fuel ranges and range hoods. Their appliances are sturdy and durable in construction, featuring stainless steel design and heavy-duty cast-iron cooking grates with high BTUs, enabling fast and efficient cooking with proper ventilation

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