Who Makes Kirkland Toilet Paper

Have you ever wondered who makes Kirkland toilet paper? Let’s read further to find out. Toilet papers are one of the essential and most required products in your personal-use items. It’s obvious that you will need it every day, no matter what the situation is.

Hence, if you choose to buy any specific brand of toilet paper, you may want to know about the product quality, its owners and manufacturers, and whether they are worth your money. If you are looking for high-quality, low-cost products, Kirkland can be your brand.

In this article, we will discuss every detail related to Kirkland toilet paper. From their manufacturers, the pros and cons of Kirkland toilet paper, and some of its best products available in the market, we have covered even much more. So without any further ado, let’s get into it.

What Is Kirkland Signature?

Kirkland toilet paper is commonly known as Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue. The trademark private label brand of Costco is Kirkland. Costco is among the top sellers of Kirkland products, including toilet paper.

They collect them from different Kirkland toilet tissue manufacturers and sell them to customers in various branches of their Costco stores. The history of the Kirkland brand is interesting. Costco thought of starting the Kirkland Signature brand after realizing the need for budget-friendly toilet tissues of good quality.

Who Makes Kirkland Toilet Paper?

The exact names and identities of the manufacturers of Kirkland toilet papers are not disclosed by Costco. This may be because of the massive competition in the retail market for tissue papers.

As this is the most in-demand product required by customers hence all markets are willing to manufacture it. However, we still have some predicted information about the manufacturer names. One of the most hyped manufacturers of Kirkland Toilet Papers is Clearwater Paper Corporation.

The predicted names of the manufacturers of Kirkland toilet paper include:

  • Proctor and Gamble
  • Kimberly Clark, Georgia Pacific.
  • Clearwater Paper Corporation

Is Kirkland A Good Brand?

Yes. Kirkland is a good brand. Similar to every product, the Kirkland tissue paper has its pros and cons. In this section, we will highlight the most-liked features of the Kirkland toilet paper by the customers and the ones they didn’t like.

Advantages Of Kirkland Toilet Paper

The pros of Kirkland toilet tissue are:

  • They are affordable, hence an excellent value for your money. The affordability makes buying in bulk easier.
  • Kirkland toilet papers are comfortable to use.
  • You can find it in all Costco stores easily.
  • It is septic-safe.

Disadvantages Of Kirkland Toilet Paper

The disadvantages of Kirkland toilet tissue are:

  • They are thin in comparison with some other brands.
  • They were rated “Ok” in terms of absorbency and softness.
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What Is The Source Of Kirkland Toilet Paper Wood Pulp?

The tissue pulp of Kirkland toilet paper comes from coniferous trees in the Southeastern US, the Boreal forests of Canada, and Aspen trees.

Does Costco Own The Kirkland Label? About Costco

Yes. Costco owns Kirkland Signature private Label. Kirkland is renowned for providing quality products at a low cost. Costco does not manufacture, produce, or package Kirkland products but covers selling, renting, and advertising Kirkland toilet paper.

Apart from tissue papers, you can get various other items of Kirkland products from Costco stores, including olive oils, cashews, bacon, laundry detergents, and many other grocery items.

The Best Kirkland Toilet Papers

If you are wondering how there can be the best ones among tissue papers, let me tell you that the features of all Kirkland toilet papers are similar.

The difference is in the number of rolls and sheets you will get in each package. Below we have gathered the best package offerings of Kirkland toilet papers.

The Best Kirkland Toilet Papers

1. Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue, 2-Ply

In the Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue package, you will get 30 tissue rolls along with 425 tissue sheets in each roll.

Each sheet is 4×4.5 inches with two layers to maintain softness and absorbency. Additionally, the tissue is biodegradable and eco-friendly. Customers liked this product with good ratings for its softness.

2. Kirkland Signature HaDH Bath Tissue 2-Ply

On number two comes Kirkland Signature HaDH Bath Tissue. It contains 30 rolls in each package, with 380 sheets per roll. If you want small-sized tissue rolls, you can purchase this one. It also has a two-layered thickness which increases its absorbability and softness. The ratings and customer’s experience of this product are also good.


Q. Who makes Kirkland Toilet Paper for Costco?

The exact identity of the manufacturers of Kirkland toilet paper is not disclosed by Costco due to the high market competition of tissue manufacturers. However, some predicted Kirkland tissue manufacturers include Proctor and Gamble, Kimberly Clark, Georgia Pacific, and Clearwater Paper Corporation.

Q. Is Kirkland Toilet Paper worth buying?

Kirkland toilet papers are best in terms of affordability and bulk buying. But you may get average to good results in their tissue thickness and absorbability compared to some other brands. All in all, customers have rated that Kirkland toilet tissue is soft but average in terms of strength or absorbability.

Q. Which stores sell Kirkland products apart from Costco?

Apart from Costco, you can purchase Kirkland products from TJ Maxx, Amazon, and Marshalls.

Q. Where is Kirkland Toilet paper manufactured?

Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue is manufactured in the United States and Canada. They are also locally made in the areas where they are sold.

Q. Is Charmin toilet paper better than Kirkland?

Charmin toilet paper may be softer and thicker than Kirkland, but Kirkland toilet papers are more affordable. Kirkland tissue papers are also thick as they have two layers for better absorbancy and thickness, but Charmin is more thicker compared to Kirkland.

Q. Why is it called Costco Kirkland?

Kirkland is a city in the United States of Washington. One of the previous headquarters of Costco was located in Washington, Kirkland. Hence, the name of the brand was chosen according to the location.

Q. Why is Costco’s toilet paper a trade secret?

Costco’s toilet paper is a trade secret because tissue paper’s retail market is highly competitive. Hence, the manufacturers of Costco’s toilet paper wish to keep their names hidden.

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Who makes Kirkland toilet paper is not disclosed by Costco due to business reasons. Costco is among the top sellers of Kirkland toilet tissue. However, most people predict that one of the manufacturers is Clearwater Paper Corporation.

Kirkland is one of the most affordable toilet tissue brands that gives great value for your money. Mostly you will get 30 tissues with 380-425 sheets per roll in each package consisting of a double sheet layer to maximize absorbability. That’s a lot you can wish for in affordable price ranges.

Many people compare Kirkland with the Charmin tissue brand and wish to know which one is better. Kirkland is more affordable compared to Charmin. Nevertheless, Charmin is softer than Kirkland.

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