Who Manufactures Empava Home Appliances

Do you know who manufactures Empava home appliances? Well, the answer is simple and lies within your query. Empava, an American brand that specializes in manufacturing home and kitchen appliances, makes its products.

So, Empava manufactures its products alone, without the coordination of other household equipment manufacturing brands, and Empava appliances are made by Empava. Empava manufactures a wide range of home and kitchen products, including ranges, stoves, wall ovens, cooktops, bathroom and kitchen products and fixtures, and other home appliances.

Empava offers a variety of options to suit different cooking needs and preferences. Their gas stoves and cooktops provide precise heat control, feature smooth surfaces, and come with easy-to-use controls.

So, are you interested in finding out more about who makes Empava appliances, where the Empava brand is made, who owns Empava appliances, and the top features of Empava products, including their reviews? So, let’s continue to find out.

Who Manufactures Empava Home Appliances?

Empava, an American home and kitchen appliance brand makes Empava appliances. Empava is headquartered in California and aims to provide high-performing and reliable home appliances with modern features and technology that are designed to deliver efficiency, convenience, and style to every kitchen.

Whether you are a simple home cook or a professional chef, Empava makes top-notch kitchen appliances to suit everyone’s needs.

Where Is the Empava Brand Made?

Empava is an American home appliance brand but only some of its products are manufactured in the USA. Because of economic reasons and low labor costs, Empava makes most of its appliances in China and Italy.

The parts or components of Empava appliances are made in China, while some burner parts of the Empava brand are manufactured in Italy. Some products like Empava built-in single-wall ovens and induction cooktops are also made in the USA.

Empava appliances are manufactured in China and Italy, while its products may be assembled in the USA, as Empava is an American brand, and its headquarters are in California, Don Julian, USA.

Are Empava Appliances Any Good?

Overall, Empava is a high-quality home appliance brand that offers household products with sleek designs and competitive pricing. They are known for producing aesthetically appealing and modern-looking appliances. Most Empava appliances are made of glass surfaces and stainless steel finishes. They also come with a two-year USA-based manufacturer warranty.

However, there are some drawbacks of the Empava home appliance brand, for example, they may have limited availability in some regions or countries, making it challenging for everyone to find their products. Moreover, there have been some reports about the durability issues of Empava appliances occasionally.

Generally, Empava household equipment delivers reliable and efficient performance and is built to provide functionality and convenience for every home, kitchen owner, or chef. You will find a wide range of products from Empava, including home and kitchen fixtures and household appliances, like cooktops, ranges, and beverage fridges, & more. So, if you are looking for affordable and stylish kitchen appliances that enhance the look of your kitchen, Empava may be your brand.

Empava Appliances Reviews

Let’s check out some top Empava appliance reviews.

1)   Empava IDC12B2 Horizontal Electric Stove Induction Cooktop

If you are looking for a USA-made, compact, and built-in modern design cooktop made of the black ceramic glass plate that takes minimal space under your kitchen counter, then you are at the right place.

This Empava horizontal electric stove offers 9 heating levels from 300W to 1800W power, so you can meet different cooking needs, including slow cooking, steaming, simmering, deep frying, grilling, and boiling.

It also features timer functions, from 1 to 179-minute options that automatically shuts down the stove to avoid overcooking. As the cooktop features induction cooking, it stays cooler while cooking, so you won’t feel additional warmth when you touch the cooktop. Moreover, it also comes with a child control lock feature that adds safety and prevents unintended activation.

Empava Appliances Reviews
Empava Appliances Reviews

2)   Empava Stainless Steel 24″ Built-in Single Wall Ovens

This Empava multifunctional electric single wall under-the-counter oven comes with a 23-Cu ft cooking capacity, 5 rack positions, and a baking tray to provide ample space for baking and cooking your meals. With this oven, you can enjoy the modern appearance of your kitchen, timer functions, high-power heating, and easy-to-clean and maintain features.

It boasts a triple-layer tempered glass plus low-emissivity coating technology that uses less energy and prevents your oven from heating up to 250% faster. Additionally, it keeps the outside portion of your oven cool, preventing burns and injuries.

The oven is easy-to-clean and features a stain and heat-discoloration-resistant surface enamel tank that requires only a single wipe at the end of your baking or cooking to ensure a clean, long-lasting, and durable oven. Luckily, this oven from Empava is also engineered and designed in the USA and is compatible with installing under any Empava gas or induction cooktop.

Nothing is more refreshing than having a glass of chilled homemade fresh juice when you come back from the scorching heat, and a quick-functioning juicer is a must-have appliance to satisfy your thirst craving, hydration, and nutrient needs in extreme summer.

3)   Empava Masticating Slow Juicer 150W

Whether you want to enjoy the purest juice from carrot, apple, kale, orange, strawberry, vegetables, or ginger, this Empava 150W juicer can extract 1L juicer cup and 1L pulp cup that is full of nutrients and less oxidation. The best part is no chopping or slicing is required to prepare the juice. You can place the entire fruit or vegetable in its wide chamber and enjoy quick and easy preparation of your drink.

The juicer features 60 RPM slow masticating and grinding, which reserves minerals, vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes from your vegetables and fruits, offering no clogging and less foaming, and without generating too much heat and friction.

It comes with a cleaning brush and is easy to assemble, operate, and clean. The detachable parts are safe to clean in a dishwasher. The juicer is ETL-certified and comes with a 2-year US-Based manufacturer warranty.

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Q. Is Empava made in China?

The Empava home appliance brand originated in the USA, and the company is headquartered in California, but a majority of its products are made in other countries, like China and Italy for economic purposes. Some products, like Empava cooktops, may also be manufactured in the USA. The components of Empava appliances are manufactured in China and Italy, while the product may be assembled, distributed, and marketed in the USA.

Q. Who owns Empava appliances?

Empava appliances are owned by Empava itself. Empava manufactures its products and owns its brand alone, without the association, ownership, or partnership with other home appliance companies.
You will find several home appliance brands that have different owners, like Kenmore, whose company is owned by Transformco, or GE Appliances whose brand is owned by Haier. But up till now, no brand has acquired Empava appliances.

Q. How long have Empava appliances been around?

Empava is not a very ancient brand, it started selling and marketing its products a few years ago and is progressing. Empava Appliances was started in 2015. However, some people say that Empava Appliances was founded in 1999. So, it might be possible that the brand was founded earlier, but officially started functioning and came into the home appliance industry in 2015.

Q. Is Empava a good oven brand? 

Empava offers various types of ovens to suit different cooking needs and preferences, like single-wall, and double-wall ovens, combination ovens, steam ovens, and built-in ovens. Whether Empava is a good brand of oven can vary depending on personal experiences and specific models.
However, Empava offers reliable cooking and baking functions, efficient heating, safety features, and good value for money. People faced difficulty with the oven’s shipping and understanding the operating and installation instructions, but overall Empava is a good and reliable oven brand.

Q. Is Empava a good brand for cooktops?

There have been some negative customer reviews reported regarding Empava cooktops, so we can’t claim that it is an ideal brand for cooktops. However, you will find some useful features, like multiple temperature level settings, gas, and electric fuel types, sleek black finish and built-in design, responsive burners, red LED display, and affordable pricing with Empava cooktops.


So, that was all about who manufactures Empava home appliances. Empava itself makes its products in the USA, China, and Italy. They offer a wide range of models, styles, and types of cooking appliances to suit different preferences and cooking needs.

Overall, Empava appliances are modern-looking, and affordable, and offer several user-friendly features and advanced technology.

We have also received some negative customer reviews about a few Empava appliances, but whether the brand’s products are good or not can vary depending on personal experiences and how the customer handles and uses the equipment.

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