Who Makes Eastwood Paint

If you are looking for diverse painting options and tools for your project or vehicle, Eastwood provides all. But did you know who makes Eastwood paint? The founder and chairman of the American Eastwood company is Curt Strohacker.

The Eastwood company provides a wide selection of automotive tools and restoration products, including paints, welders, specialty powder coatings, abrasive blasting, and others.

The Eastwood company is an American brand that produces a diverse range of Do-It-Yourself automotive products for car owners. So, if you are an automotive enthusiast and handle your car management yourself, this brand is for you.

In this blog, we will discuss everything about who makes Eastwood paint, the types of products Eastwood manufactures, and whether Eastwood paints are any good. So, let’s dive straight into it.

Who Makes Eastwood Paint

Eastwood paint is an American company that was founded in 1978 by Curt Strohacker. It is a subsidiary company of Kian Capital and is headquartered in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA. The automotive organization functions on two mottos: “Do-It-Yourself” and “Do the jobs right.”

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Who Makes Eastwood Paint

Curt Strohacker started his work as an auto restoration products customization hobbyist. Later he named his service Eastwood. Since then, he is offering various professional-grade automatic tools for automotive DIY workers. Eastwood has introduced nine single-stage urethane automotive paint colors and 19 basecoat colors. The Eastwood company has two other brands, Fairmount and Rockwood.

Where Are Eastwood Tools Manufactured?

The Eastwood company started its business in the USA. Eastwood paints and tools are supplied by different distributors. Some tools and paints of the Eastwood company are manufactured in the USA, while some tools are made in China. For example, Eastwood welders are manufactured in China.

Are Eastwood Products Any Good?

Undoubtedly, we can say that Eastwood is one of the top automotive paint brands that provide the best quality products. We have seen almost no negative reviews from customers about these paints. Eastwood paints come in various colors, types, and categories. They are durable, corrosion and chemical-resistant, and provide good coverage, temperature resistance, and vehicle protection.

Moreover, Eastwood offers innovative designs, like paints with spray bottles for user-friendly applications, and gives a 3D metallic finish to vehicles with their wide range of color options. If you are a DIYer, off-roader, or regular driver who is looking for high-quality paint options, or if you live in cold climate areas, requiring extra care for your vehicle, then Eastwood may be your ideal brand.

What Types Of Products Does Eastwood Manufacture?

The Eastwood company specializes in manufacturing tools and restoration products for Do-It-Yourself automotive purposes. They produce more than 5000 products ranging from:

  • Paints
  • Welding tools
  • Metal fabrications
  • Powder coating
  • Rust preventatives

Categories Of Eastwood Paint Colors

Eastwood paints come in the following types or colors:

  • Single-stage urethane paint
  • Eastwood 2K paint colors
  • Eastwood 3D metallic paint

1)   Single-stage Eastwood Urethane Paint

Single-stage Eastwood urethane paint is the most commonly used category. If you want moderate shine on your vehicle with the paint, this type is ideal. It gives protection to vehicles against UV rays, chemicals, and chipping. These paints also deliver a delamination-free painting to up to 300 degrees temperature and provide up to 125 square feet of coverage. Moreover, they are made in the USA. It has a 3:1 mix ratio. This type of Eastwood paint offers the following colors:

  • Orange
  • Black cherry pearl
  • Night blue metallic
  • Blue Metallic

 2)   Eastwood 2K Paint Colors

Eastwood 2K paint commonly comes in paint gun style two-chamber aerosol spray bottles with nozzle and valves for easy application. They are easy to apply, corrosion, abrasion, chemical, and UV-resistant.

They also have fast dry times and give a glossy finished look. Sunlight exposure is necessary for this paint. Eastwood 2K paints can tolerate up to 300-degree temperatures and provide a coverage of up to 6-200 square feet, depending on the paint type.

3)   3D Metalic Paint

Eastwood 3D metallic paint gives a 3D shiny touch and is resistant to chemicals. It can withstand temperatures of up to 250 degrees. So, if you are looking to give a 3D metallic shiny touch to your vehicle, this category can be the right choice. This type comes with a paint size of 8 Oz and a cure time of 20 minutes. They offer gold and silver metallic colors.

The 3 Best Eastwood Products Reviews

In this section, we have compiled the 3 best Eastwood paints reviews.

1)   Eastwood 2K Ceramic Chassis Black Gallon Gloss Paint

If you are looking for professional, tough quality, and super easy-to-apply paint for your vehicle, then you are at the right place. Eastwood ceramic chassis paint is the most durable, chemical, abrasion, and UV-resistant paint with fast dry times.

The paint can cover up to 200 square feet of metal when mixed. Moreover, it has received positive reviews from customers, who state that it provides good coverage and metal protection to vehicles.

It works great for DIYers, car drivers, racers, off-roaders, and people who live in cold areas. If you are beyond an ordinary or a regular driver, settling for low-quality paint may fade the color of your vehicle within a few days.

The ceramic chassis paint is formulated with nano-ceramic technology, which gives toughness and a finished look to the paint. Moreover, its high-gloss feature protects your vehicle against corrosion, rust, fuel stains, chips, and UV fade, providing a compelling and finished shine to your car. This Eastwood Ceramic paint is made in the USA and comes with a 90-day warranty.

2)   Eastwood 2K Aerosol Spray

Here is the second-best, easy-to-use, and most durable painting spray from Eastwood. It is engineered with a wide nozzle and valve that delivers a sufficient amount of spray and provides complete coverage with a single push, just like a spray gun. The Eastwood Aerosol paint is a high-gloss clear coat spray that gives maximum shine, durability, and perfect masking to your vehicle.

It provides up to 6-10 square feet of coverage that is perfect for refreshing single-body panel paints or painting several small areas of the vehicle. Eastwood Aerosol Spray maintains a clean finish and protects the sprayed surface from fading or minor scratches. It can handle 250-300 degree temperatures without delamination, and its two internal chambers make sure the right ratio is mixed each time you spray the paint on your car.

3)   Eastwood Matte Silver Heat Resistant Paint

If you are looking for paint that can handle or resist high temperatures of up to 1400 degrees, then this product should be your choice. High-temperature coatings act as ceramic insulation and protect your exhaust system from corrosion, rust, UV rays, engine heat, oil, and gases. The high-temperature ceramic coating of this product air dries the paint super fast to a long-lasting, tough, and custom-look finish. You can use this paint to customize particular areas of your vehicle or revitalize old headers.

Who Makes Eastwood Paint

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Q. Who makes Eastwood paint?

The founder and Chairman of the American brand Eastwood paints is Curt Strohacker. The Eastwood company is based in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA, and its products are manufactured in China and the USA.

Q. Where to purchase Eastwood paints?

You can purchase Eastwood paints from various local automotive paint supply stores, Canadian Tires, or Walmart. Moreover, you can also buy Eastwood paints online from Amazon or eBay.

Q. How do you mix Eastwood paints?

Eastwood single-stage urethanes come with a 3:1 mix ratio. This means you have to mix three parts of the urethane paint with one part of the activator.


So, that was all about who makes Eastwood paint. Eastwood manufactures the best-in-class paints for automotive, which are easy to use, corrosion and UV-resistant, and dries up quickly. Their paints work best for DIYers, drivers, and off-roaders who look for durable paints providing a neat, tough, and custom finish.

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