Who Makes Bauer Tools

Have you ever wondered who makes Bauer tools? Harbor Freight, a company known for distributing and marketing hand tools, power tools, and automotive tools, is the owner of Bauer tools. Harbor Freight is the parent company of Bauer tools that manufactures its products.

In this article, we will discuss everything related to who makes Bauer tools, their manufacturers, the product features, whether are they any good, and the best Bauer tools. Hence, if you are interested to know about Bauer’s products or manufacturers, this article has covered everything.

Who Makes Bauer Tools

Harbor Freight makes Bauer tools. They produce Bauer products in competitive factories that manufacture other relatable power and automotive tools and equipment.

About Harbor Freight Tools

Harbor Freight Tools is commonly called Harbor Freight. They are headquartered in California, Calabasas, United States. Harbor Freight Tools is a private equipment and tool retailer that operates in 1000 different locations throughout the USA.

Harbor Freight was founded in 1977 by Eric Smidt, who is the owner and CEO of Harbor Freight Tools.

What Tools Does The Harbour Freight Manufacture For Bauer Tools?

Harbor Freight makes almost all types of power, hand, and automotive tools. Here are some of the major product categories they manufacture:

  • Drills
  • Wrenches
  • Grinders
  • Sanders
  • Saws
  • Polishers
  • Lighting tools
  • Outdoor tools

Are Bauer Tools Any Good?

Yes. Bauer tools are ideal for DIY tool-handlers or professional workers who are searching for power tools at affordable prices.

Pros And Cons Of Bauer Tools

Similar to every product, Bauer tools may have their pros and cons. Let’s see them all.

  • They are affordable.
  • You will find them in the range of $70-$100
  • User-friendly.
  • They are comfortable to use and provide a proper hand grip.
  • They have a low maintenance cost. (However, some tools may have high)
  • Bauer tools are lightweight and have a compact design.
  • They have sturdy construction.
  • Most Bauer tools come with a one to two-year warranty.
  • Bauer cordless tools are also available.
  • They may not be very long-lasting.
  • Handling may cause damage.
  • Some Bauer power tools may need long charging times.

The Top Features Of Bauer Tools

Before purchasing Bauer tools, you might be interested in knowing some of the top features of their products. Here are some of the best features we loved about Bauer tools:

The Top Features Of Bauer Tools
  • Some of their power tools are equipped with sharp LED lighting. This lets you see what you are working on with a clear vision, eliminating the chances of incorrect task operation.
  • Bauer tools feature an anti-vibration handle.
  • They are made from all-metal construction.
  • They provide varying speed selection options.
  • Their drills are fitted with auxiliary side handles, providing proper control over the equipment and easing its use.
My Top 5 Reasons to Buy Bauer 20v Harbor Freight Power Tools

The 3 Best Bauer Tools

If you carry DIY projects alone at your home or workshop, having the necessary power tools with you is crucial so you don’t face any hassle in your work. Here are some of the best Bauer tools you should keep with yourself for performing tasks without hassle. The Bauer tools reviews of these three products from customers are outstanding. You can purchase these tools from Amazon or Bauer tools website.

1)   Hypermax ½ Inch Lithium 20V Bauer Drill

A cordless drill gives you freedom while working and makes handling the tool easy. Thanks to the hyper max Bauer drill, that doesn’t require connecting a power cord when you are using it. The drill assists you in performing both light and heavy-duty tasks with its all-metal construction.

The LED lights boasted on the drill lets you visualize your task more clearly, and from its two-speed selector, you can choose the drilling rate depending on your task requirement.

With its over-mold grip and lightweight, compact design, it fits comfortably in your hand, making your task easier to perform. The drill may require high maintenance costs but comes with a two-year warranty.

2)   1641E-B Rotary Bauer Hammer Kit

Here is a kit that will give you both hammering and drilling options. Additionally, with its anti-vibration technology, you will feel more strength in the hammering and drilling area but less power at its 360-degree handle. This enables fast and precise drilling and minimizes hand fatigue. The best part of this tool is that you can easily switch from drill to hammer and vice versa, which increases work efficiency.

The hammer kit is ideal for masonry as it delivers 3.7 ft. Lbs. of impact energy and 3900 BPM of impact rate, which enables it to handle the most challenging concrete tasks. Moreover, it has a 10 amp variable speed control motor. However, if mishandled, it is susceptible to damage.

3)   ½ Inch 64120 Heavy-Duty Bauer Wrench

If you are a professional tool handler or a DIY tasker looking for a budget-friendly strong wrench to handle heavy-duty and high-impact tasks, consider purchasing this tool. Its torque power is 1050 ft. pounds. The device comes with a high-power motor of 8.5 amp and a heavy-duty hog ring to provide secure socket retention.

This Bauer wrench is made of all-metal gear construction and a rubber nosepiece, giving it the required strength to handle tough jobs. As the wrench is designed for heavy-duty tasks, its high torque power may make it a little challenging to operate this tool.


Q. Who makes Bauer tools?

Harbor Freight, along with other leading tool manufacturing factories in China and other parts of the world, makes Bauer tools. Harbor Freight is a company renowned for distributing and marketing hand tools, power tools, and automotive tools.

Q. Where are Harbor Freight Bauer tools made?

There are two places where Bauer tools are manufactured:

Harbor Freight manufactures Bauer tools in their USA store branches.

In addition to that, Bauer tools are manufactured in other leading competing tool factories in various parts of the world, like China or places where the production cost is affordable.

Q. How much do Bauer tools cost?

The price depends on which tool you are purchasing. But generally, Bauer tools will cost you in the range of $100-$200. For drill kits, the prices range from $60-$70.

Q. Who is the owner of Bauer tools?

Harbor Freight, a company known for distributing and marketing hand tools, power tools, and automotive tools, is the owner and parent company of Bauer tools.

Q. What kind of gear does a Bauer tool have?

Most Bauer tools are equipped with sturdy aluminum gear housing, which is ground-heat treated. This enhances fatigue life and reduces the risk of failure during usage.

Q. How many amps does a Bauer power tool use?

Most Bauer power tools use amps between 8.5-13.

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We hope you have found your answer to the question of who makes Bauer tools. Harbor Freight, a private tool retailer headquartered in California, Calabasas, the United States, in collaboration with other leading tool manufacturing factories, makes Bauer tools.

From drills, wrenches, polishers, grinders, lighting, and outdoor tools, Harbor Freight produces many power and automotive equipment for DIY or workshop use. Their products are affordable, sturdy, and come with a warranty. Other features we loved about most of the Bauer tools are that they are equipped with LED lighting and have an anti-vibration handle which makes t

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